Why Do You Need A Pool Cue Case?

Playing a game of pool for both the novice and the expert player is not just having the perfect cue. It is about keeping your cue in good condition for your next game of billiards.

While planning to buy a pool cue, then it’s essential to save some extra bucks for the cue case. Pool cue cases are available in different varieties and design to suit your needs.

They vary as regards to the brand, model, materials used and the quality. They also come in different sizes, and the type of cue case that you chose will largely depend on its functionality.

The main question would be, do you need a pool cue case? Well, a pool cue case is an essential, but its practicality will depend on why you need it in the first place.

Reasons Why You Need A Cue Case

Some pool players will buy it to transport the cues to a game of billiards with their friends, while others will buy it to keep the cues safe in the house. However, the best cue case is the one that will protect your cue and one that will give you value for money.

  • Offers Protection to Your Cue

Stability is the main assurance while buying a case notwithstanding the price. It will safeguard your cue from destruction and also restricts water and humidity from destroying your cue.

While shopping for a cue case with protection in mind, go for one that has water-resistant pads on the inside. Most of these types of cases have hardcover on the outside that do not crack easily even from a fall or when pressure is applied.

The hardcover cases offer not only perfect protection to your cue but also are durable. However, they are slightly expensive. Therefore, this should be in your mind, as you may need to adjust your budget.

  • Transporting Your Cue

Cues cases allow you to carry your cue from one location to the other easily. If you are looking for a cue case for this functionality, it’s essential to select a portable cue case. You may want a light case that can still offer protection to your cue. In this case, a cue case with straps that you can carry on your back or shoulder will be ideal. Its handles should also have extra pads so that you carry it with ease.

Some cases are made from nylon, cloth, vinyl or leather. Some have hard covers. If your cues barely leave the house, then you can consider buying a case that is soft. However if you must carry it for leagues outside your home, you might need to spend some extra cash and shop for the hard covered one.

  • For Aesthetic Purposes

Some pool players will go for a cue case depending on its design or brand. An attractive cue case and one that is artistry is ideal if you want some touch of sophistication. Cue cases are available in different colors and design. Leather cues are long lasting and you can shop for an elegant one. Some designs might be classy but sometimes may not protect your cue from damage.


There you have it, a pool cue case essential for any serious pool player. It will save you the money you use buying new cues every so often. You can find the best cue case here.