Tips on How to Play Consistent Pool

Now, if you take a look at a prowess who is taking that shot, it so looks effortless, and he seems to be enjoying what he is doing right? Well, it takes a lot of consistent to make you a powerful pool player.

Well, when you are new to the billiard game, you might be lucky to make that first shot but you can’t maintain that at the second shot. You might find that even after acquiring the basics still it’s hard maintaining the right shot but if you are consistent in playing at the right way, you’ll soon be play like a pro. Consistence here come along with patience and dedication.


It is not just about practice but the question here is where to focus while practicing. Read the tips below  and improve your game .

Tips  to  help you play consistent pool

  • Passion

You need to fall in love with this sport if at all you want to be a consistent player, you also need to enjoy the company of your fellow players. If you are not passionate about playing pool table you are bound to give up every time you take a wrong move. In other words passion will keep you glued to playing. Even when you fail you will take the next shot better than before.

  • Focus

You do agree that sometimes our mind plays a trick on us, right? You pretty well know that you are supposed to take that crucial shot  and at that very moment is when you find your mind is thinking about other stuff that are irrelevant, bring your thoughts back to the game if you want to be consistent, remember the key to consistent. When taking that shot make sure your mind is on the task and that is on how you are going to take the shot, you will get back at the other thoughts after you are done with your game.

  • Maintain the routine

When you walk towards the table, stand in the right position where you are able to take the shot, once you are focused, visualize where the shot will be heading, again make sure you are in the right position, hold the cue at the right position, after taking a successful shot make sure you maintain this routine over and over again.

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  • Don’t move

It is not as easy as it sounds, people move when making shots and it’s not just the arm that is making the cue to move but their whole body is moving.

Make sure your body is not shaking when taking the shot, for your arm to hit the cue ball, you will need a nice smooth motion. When your body is still your shot will be so much controlled.

  • Practice when you are alone

When you practice alone you are bound to get bored but practicing on your own will add to your consistency, this is the perfect area to repeat the above tips until you are perfect. If you practice enough the above tips will become natural once you walk right up to the table.

When practicing on your own, you can take the same shot over and over again, while doing this you can practice at different angles, find your right position, try to perfect on everything about how you play. Once you have enough confidence you will improve on your consistent level and also your skill level.  Buy a youth pool cue if you find the normal cues less comfortable for your training.

  • Have an attitude of improvement

Sometimes you might try and fail several times, it happens. It is super okay to fail but what matters the most is your attitude after failing, do you want to give up or do you just want to keep on going until you become a pro. What you should have in mind is that for sure it will take several shots before you reach your glory days but if you badly want to improve then you know the steps to take but if you want to lie low, it will take a long time before you become consistent. Yearning for improvement will bring out consistent. Improving your game will land you to becoming a prowess.



  • Turn weakness to strength

The funny thing is when we finally are enthusiastic about  doing something is when obstacles occur, if you are not into it, you are about to just give up…but how about you turn your fears, obstacles into your strength and decide to work with it.

For instance, you want to practice solo but the fact that you don’t have your own pool table pulls you away from practicing, now, here is how you can sought out this problem. First, if your budget allows you, you can get your own pool table and if it’s a bit tight you can always have a word with a friend who owns one to allow you to be practicing for few hours.

Don’t let your fears and obstacle stand in between you and the most enjoyable game to you.

  • Competing mate

This is one of the technique that can really improve your consistent in playing the pool. Try to find somebody who is an amateur just like you, you can always agree to bet with a few coins but don’t go too crazy. A little gambling can help you improve your game.


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Everything is not as easy as it looks like but as earlier mentioned, it takes patience and dedication.

Somewhere along your way of learning on how to become a consistent pool table player, you will meet up with obstacles and probably you will have fears, it is not a smooth journey but it is your duty as a player not to let it get into you.

Don’t practice the whole day without the wisdom on the areas to improve, the few points listed above are bound to make you a consistent player if they are well implemented. At the end of the day playing pool table is pretty fun while also you are enjoying a drink with your buddies.