Throwing Solo: 4 Single Player Dart Games for fun and practice

                Do you have a dartboard at home alone? Are you at your favorite drinking joint? Then playing dart could actually prove to be your greatest pastime for you.

You could be playing with soft angle arrows on an electronic dartboard or metallic tip arrows on a typical bristle board. In this situation, you can come up with different types of solo games and ideas.

If you are seeking to be a dart player then you must be able to master the most popular target numbers. Number 20, 19 and Bull eye is the uppermost numbers when scoring on the dartboard. They are the most common target points in the game of dart.popular easy dart games

To make it more fun take at least 5 shots each at number 10, 20 and bulls-eye. Record the number of times that you will hit the column. keep practicing several times until you acquire the best skill to play the game.

After you have mastered 10, 20 and bull-eye, start focusing on your weak areas. These are those numbers that can easily make you lose the game. For example, some will not be able to close out number 15 in cricket while others will be unable to double out on the 16 on 01 games.

The main aim of playing solo is to reach a maximum of 28 points. But this can only be achieved by targeting cricket numbers 20, 19, 18,17,16,15 and bulls. These equal to 7 numbers and so as to reach a maximum of 28 points you must hit each number 4 times.

As you get more experienced, increase the number to increase your own challenge. You can set a goal number by hitting each number twice.

The following are the 4 single Player Dart games:

  1. Playing 101

If you are just starting out, then this is an exciting solo game. For a new or an inexperienced player, the 101 game is a good way to experiment on your own.

Here you start by doubling in. If you are unable to double in on your first dart, subtract any number you land on and start playing from there.

The main aim of this game is so that you can become familiar with different out combinations under 100. Playing 101 is a great way to challenge yourself and a very effective way to practice 01 games and memorize out combinations.

For a new or an inexperienced player, the 101 game is a good way to experiment on your own.


  1. Solo around the world

Solo around the World is another exciting and easy to play dart game with your friends and acquaintances. It is also a good way to practice on the entire dartboard. It is a great pastime and allows you to get acquainted with the dartboard.

In this game, you go round the dartboard from numbers 1 – 20. You can decide to, start or end on the bulls. You select three arrows to hit each number. You hit numbers in a sequence before moving to the next hit or target.

There are several ways to make this game more puzzling.

  • You can try playing with one dart for each turn. Should you miss the number, you must start all over again from the beginning.
  • If you aim at a double you can then move two numbers onward. If you aim at a triple, then move three numbers forward.
  • Experienced players can try throwing only at the triples for each number.
  • You can make it more exciting and try shanghai each number (single, double or triple).


  1. Solo Baseball Darts


         The solo baseball dart is a simple and exciting way to play a few games on your own. In this game, you aim to get as many numbers (1-9) as possible. If you miss and in number, you get an out number.


When playing baseball alone, you aim to score as many runs as possible per inning with each 3-dart turn. Upon getting 3 outs, or when one round is finished, start again and try to beat your preceding score.


  1. Consecutive 301 games

For new dart players, it might be difficult at first. I will require some advanced level of skill. Its mostly played by players who have participated in leagues.

When playing 301 solo games, the rules are similar to those of a normal game. But you have the option of nonstop play and thus the rehearsal benefits are rather huge.

Play a 301 game and aim to double-out as fast as possible. After double –out, start the next game immediately by subtracting those points. In this manner, you remain engrossed in the approach of subtracting from 301 as professionally as possible with common 3-dart or 2-dart out combinations.

Getting through a 301 game is not an easy task for new dart players. But experienced players and players in competitive leagues are very accustomed to this game.

When playing 301 as a solo, you follow the same rules as a normal game. You have the advantage of continuous play and able to practice more.

Play a 301 game and aim to double-out as fast as possible. When you double-out, begin the subsequent game immediately by subtracting those points.

This ensures you are focused in the approach of subtracting from 301 as resourcefully as possible with common 3-dart or 2-dart out arrangements.


Playing a game of dart is not just throwing random arrows on the dartboard. There are some practices world over that actually make a game of dart more enjoyable and effective. All you need is a bit of creativity and some little encouragement.

It’s important to have some arrangement and some experiment to get the best out of your favorite gamed arts is one of the best games to play solo. Any game of dart can be improved and played solo player mode. Or you can simply spend uncountable hours on your strong numbers, weak numbers, and out arrangements.

The possibilities are endless! Just buy a mobile dartboard stand and enjoy your game anywhere anytime!

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