The Versatility and Many Uses of Bar Stools

When thinking of all of the furniture people have in their homes, many come to mind, most with various uses.  Some furniture is big.  Some is smaller.  Some furniture has multiple uses.  But most of your furniture is probably necessary, no matter how much space it needs.  Bar stools and pub stools, however, are small and convenient, plus they are much more multi-faceted than you may realize.  Obviously, you cannot store your belongings in your bar stool, or pretend its your bed and lie down in it. Still, bar stools are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture out there, with uses covering most of the rooms in your home.

We should begin with the obvious – a bar room, billiard room, or rec room. Since these are a bar stool’s natural environments, uses of bar stools in these settings would be stating the obvious.  Just make sure that you do not purchase too many stools for any one area.  Two to four bar stools for any home bar room is usually plenty, and will add to the decor of the room without leaving a cramped or cluttered aftertaste.  For a billiard or rec room, a couple of pub stools with a matching pub table and Tiffany lamp looks great in the corner, yet should not interfere with any game play or rec room activities.

The kitchen is another more obvious room where bar stools are handy.  Anyone who has a breakfast counter or island knows that a bar stool is usually the perfect height to eat your bacon and eggs before school or work. And when you are done, rid yourself of the stool by easily pushing it under the counter, out of the way until you need it again.  Also, a few extra bar stools lined up along a kitchen wall or in corners can add to the aestheticism and eye-pleasing decor of your kitchen or dining area, while also providing extra seating, if necessary.

Working at your tool bench or in the garage are two more settings where a bar stool can prove useful.  It is nice to be able to sit down while trying to build something at your workbench, and a bar stool will usually be just the right size.  Or maybe a pub stool with your favorite car emblem logo would look sharp in your garage next to your vintage classic car, yet prove to be extremely helpful if you find yourself making vehicle repairs or restoring an old fix-me-up.

Many other bar stool functions come to mind with some mild brainstorming.  For instance, most bar stools operate on a spinning swivel system, which provides plenty of entertainment for children who want to get a little dizzy.  It can also be used as a pedestal for anything you need to constantly spin, especially if you need both hands free to work on something, like when putting icing on a cake or greasing a large, heavy car part. It is much easier to place the object on a bar stool (or something like one) and spin it than it is to rotate your body around the object if it is stationary.

In short, there are a myriad of uses for bar stools, and their height and versatility provide many advantages over many other pieces of furniture, especially seating.  Even folding chairs, although second to none in the “conveniently stow away” category, do not provide any aesthetic value, whereas bar stools can add character to just about any room in your house.  Consider some pub stools the next time you want to add new furniture to your home. Their uses are many,  they are definitely affordable (even for a whole set), and their aesthetic value is always in high demand.