The Best Pool Table Lighting Fixture For The Mancave Review

To enjoy the game to the fullest, the lighting of the club or pool hall should be perfect and so should be the aeration. Truth be told, even the best player will not win in a poorly lit hall. The different games that are played on the table including snooker, billiards and pool table require well mounted lights.

What you are about to read is a detailed review on the best billiards table lights done after testing the many that are available in the market. This article has all the information you need to help you make an informed choice.


Best Pool Table Lights

Welmet 59” Hanging Light Review

These are the perfect lights for a dedicated game room as they have a unique billiards arrangement and design. Any game room beer party or billiards parlor that is fitted with this lamp looks more professional.

These chende lamps come with a strong anti-rust and corrosion resistant material that makes them very durable. By the look of it, the lamp looks thick and beautiful.

This lamp measures 59” long which is recommended for the International standard American pool table and the tournament snooker table. The 3xE26 led bulbs give enough lighting to overcome the balls shadows. However you will need to get these bulbs separately.

The beauty with this lamp is that you can install it in different setups   to give different effects. You can use this lamp as your kitchen lamp, bedroom lamp, dining hall lamp and your game room lamp too.


  • Made of iron
  • Comes in different colors ranging from blue, green, black,  and red
  • Very friendly price


Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Tiffany Style Stained Glass Billiard 3 Shade Light Review

Do you like the antique look in your game room? Then this is your perfect fit. It comes with an antique brass light bar fixed with a chain. This light is 54 inches long  with 3 stained glass shades that are 14 inches in diameter each. The shades are made to match the team colors with the 6 team logos perfectly silk screened on the side of each stained glass shade.

The design of this lamp is next to none. It is hand made in the USA with the use of the best craftsmanship that is available and highest quality materials. With this light, you will definitely get all the positive compliments you have been dreaming of not to mention the awesome brightness it adds to your game room.


  • Customized team logo on the three shade stained glass lamp.
  • Comes with a ceiling mount canopy kit and all the hardware you need to install it.


Kenroy Home 93512BL Dale Lanterns, Medium, Black

This is a perfect light for any ultra-modern home as it comes with a more contemporary style. They come in black color to complement your interior design. However the inside of the three open barn style metal shades is painted to give a perfect reflection of light on the playing surface.

You will get a guide to help you with the fixing of the lamp, however, the manufacturer recommends that you get a licensed electrician to do the installation for you. The lamp has an adjustable chain that will help you determine the pool table light height and the hanging distance from the playing surface. This particular lamp works best on 7 foot and 8 foot tables.


  • Made of steel making it very durable
  • Uses the normal AC Current  of 60 watts
  • Comes with 3 metalic shades
  • You get it in black color
  • Listed as the best seller lamp

CO-Z Antique Pool Table Light Review

CO-Z made this rustic light to meet all customer and market needs for an affordable and elegant light. It uses 3 E26 led bulbs which provide sufficient lighting on the playing surface. You can change the bulbs and use dimmers if you want to use the light as a kitchen light or a bedroom light. It will give a perfect illumination without being too harsh creating a perfect environment for you to enjoy.

The quality of this lamp is unmatched. The lamp is handcrafted and the stained glass is securely fixed in a thick steel frame. The finishing is made of bronze which rhymes excellently with traditionally fitted rooms.

This lamp is very easy to assemble. You will get the 4’ chain on each side which you can easily fix using the given instructions. Finally you plug in the light and enjoy the illumination with a one year warranty.


  • Awesome balanced lighting
  • Strong steel frame with thick glass shade.
  • Great pricing
  • One year warranty

Dale Tiffany TH12406 Review

Do you like going out of the ordinary? Then this fixture has you well covered. It comes with a beautifully intricate, stained-glass with excellent detailing from professional hand crafters. If you are looking for an awe-inspiring light for your game room, then pick this fixture as it perfectly fits that description.

This light looks amazing even when the lights are turned off due to its painstaking copper foiled glass that leaves the patterns to stand out at all times. The framework is on a matte bronze structure that holds the panes securely giving it a stunning dragonfly design finishing.

This fixture has great functionality not to mention its artistic nature. It is perfect to illuminate any 8 foot or 9 foot table with excellent lighting from the 3 light bulbs. The light falls directly on the felt giving you a very clear view.

You will need to get a qualified electrician to fix this lamp on your ceiling due to its weight. It is however very durable and it gives the desired results once it has been installed. It is one of the best investments that you can make for your game room.


  • Awesome design that leaves your guests mesmerized
  • Comes with 4 100Watts bulbs
  • A bit bulky during installation
  • Very stunning and durable.
  • Has a metal base with a dark frozen finish

Trademark Gameroom Guinness 3 Shade Chrome Billiard Lamp

If your game room needs a makeover, or you are setting it up for the first time, then you are at the right place. This shade lamp offers all that you need in a game room and it blends easily with any interior design. The package includes 3 bulb sockets mounted on very durable polyresin shades. To keep it firm on the ceiling there are two extensive hanging chains that you can use to adjust the height of the lamp as well. The three shades are held in place by a brass support structure. You can use your preferred lighting bulbs once you install the lamp, you will need a 110 volt power supply for it to work perfectly.

You do not need to hire an expert to fix it for you as it comes with an easy to fix package and a manual. If you are not confident handling electricity you will need to hire someone to do it for you. The most rewarding part of buying these lamps is that you will save a huge chunk on your budget and get that expensive look in your game room. The lights are also appropriate for the living room.



  • Easy To Install
  • Amazing price to fit your Budget
  • Very beautiful and attractive for home interior design
  •  Perfect size for a billiards table
  •  Easily adjustable hanging chains
  •  Great Value for money



  • The shades are plastic. The product otherwise looks great and you would not know the shades are plastic unless you touch them.
  •  Does not come with light bulbs hence you have to buy them by yourself.


UNITARY Farmhouse Pendant Lights Review 

This is by far the safest set of lamps that you will come across in the lights market. The manufacturer really took their time to ensure all safety aspects catered for. I am very comfortable with my kids in the game room knowing that everything is well covered.

Pendant lamps are mainly made of metal with a black finish painting making have that vintage appearance. It comes with a rod to fix on the ceiling, if you want a specific length depending on your room, you can contact the seller and they will be glad to send it to you. There are three bulb holders and each holds a 40Watts bulb which you will have to buy separately. You can use LED bulbs, CFLs bulbs or incandescent lamps. To save on power, use the 5 W bulbs and you will get a lifelong service as well.

The installation of the lamp requires some expertise for it to appear decent in the room. The lamp is perfect for dining rooms, game rooms, kitchen, living room and any other place where you would like to have them



  • Top quality product with great value for money.
  • Excellent design that fits easily in different room setups.
  • Safe to use after installation.


  • Does not come with bulbs.
  • Require expert skills for installation.
  • It is not easily adjustable.

Iszy Billiard 72″ Pool Table Light – Billiard Lamp  Review

Do you have a 9 foot table and you are struggling to get it all lit up? Worry no more as we found the perfect fit for your board. These lights are professionally made to fit the hall perfectly.

The connection of this lamps can be done directly through the hard wire that comes with the package or you can buy a plug with an adapter to hook it up. For the general set up, all the hardware and the guide are provided and you can do it by yourself. You will however require the help of a licensed electrician if you want to make some modification of your current home lighting system. You can also reach out to the responsive manufacturer on phone if you have some inquires.

The quality of the product is high end with the metal shades made in a way that they focus all the light on the 9 foot pool table or on any other board you are playing on. It gives the room that old time room ambience with its fantastic dimmable feature.



  • Top quality product made of real metal shades.
  •  Great ambience for any room, covers 9 foot pool table perfectly.
  •  Even lighting with zero shadows.
  •  Easy to install.


  • Has to be hard wired.
  •  Does not come with the light bulbs.
  •  You need an experience electrician to make any modifications like installing a plug and an adapter.


Hathaway 3-Shade Billiard Light  Review

Do you want to give your game room an executive look on a budget? This is the perfect light for you. It comes in a package of 3- shade clean lined shades that are finished with a beautiful matte black finish on the outside and a white finish in the inside, a cute sleek metal bar, a ceiling cover and long chains to fit in any type of ceiling.

Fixing this lights is an easy affair as all the wiring has been done for you. All you need is to fix it to the mains. The only downside is that it has no plug or switch meaning that if you want to control the lights independently you will have to buy the fixtures. You will also need to get quality lamps to give you the desired light.



  • Easy to install prewired package with easy to follow guidelines.
  •  Gives the room an executive look.
  •  You can paint the shades in any color you want easily without interfering with the rest of the parts.


  •  They do not come with light bulbs.
  • Does not come with a switch


LIANSHUN 59″ Billiard Light, Hanging Pool Table Lamp for 7ft 8ft 9ft Table

Are you dying to get those compliments in your game room? This is the perfect light for you. It comes in different colors so you can easily choose one that compliments your game room. You do not need an expert to do the installation as the guide is so clear and thorough.

For anybody looking for outdoor lights, this is the perfect bet. The lights are built to withstand different climatic conditions and maintain the quality of the light.  The metal shades gives you all the confidence you need when playing your games. You do not have to worry about your buddies breaking the shades.

For anyone looking for a gift idea for their family, this is a great add-on to the game room. The compliments you will get after installation will last a lifetime. You can use this idea to gift your husband and you won’t regret it.



  • Easy to install with perfect guidelines.
  • Very attractive with different colors to match any décor.
  • Excellent light coverage on the pool table.


  • You need time to fix the metal shades uniformly in one angle for that beautiful look


Best Pool Playing Dogs Lamp

Dogs Playing Pool Hanging Oak Lights Review

These lights are made in the USA specifically for game rooms.  You will need a room with a good clearing as this lamp is hardwired for overhead installation. The manufacturers took their time to hand craft the frame from solid oak which is a hard wood through tongue and groove joinery. To give it a unique look there are vibrant backlit graphics which have been printed digitally directly on the acrylic panels. When fully installed the lamp gives 260 watts of illumination from the four standard bulbs.

Apart from adding the fun of pool playing dogs, this billiard lamp is designed to provide excellent lighting on your table. The lamp is custom made and it measures 42″L x 12″H x 17″D. It comes with a chain kit, a ceiling canopy and a 6’ cord.


  • Beautiful graphics for the game room
  • Maximum lighting on the pool table
  • Made from hard wood giving it best durability


  • Takes some time to be delivered as it is made to order.


Tips To Consider Before Buying Pool Table Lights

  1. Apart from checking the price and using it as your guide, you ought to look at other factors before making that important decision. Consider the quality of the lamp and the designer style used to make it.
  2. Most companies will make appealing designs and neglect the quality of the lamp. Though the general interior design can determine the kind of lamp that you will buy, remember that we are not after beautifying the room. Our main interest is the quality of lighting that will come from the lamp.
  3. High quality fixtures result into better quality lighting with no shadows and dark areas. This is a perfect condition for a competitive gave. There are led lights that match perfectly with your interior design and they product best quality lights. They are the best pick for anyone who is working on a tight budget.

Pool Table Lights Installation Tips and Ideas

1. Don’t always go for cheap

As much as you should have a clear budget on what you ought to spend, let it not limit you when it comes to quality. Many people will go for the used lights just because they are cheap without considering any other conditions. It is advisable to invest in a new light shade set if you have the money. This gives you value for your hard earned buck as it will last longer and you will know how to work with it from the start. You should however be cautious with some brands as expensive does not always guarantee the best quality, go for those from trusted brands in the market.

2. Involve a billiard lights installation expert from the start

To many people the installation of the table canopy lights and bulbs is as easy as finding lighting tips online and following the guidelines. However, you might find it hard to do installations that require you to get in the ceiling and connecting to the mains. You need to engage a professional electrician to do it for you.

When you engage professionals you get valuable advice touching on the lights requirement for your room and the procedure of installation. For example experts advise lights installation should be done before the table installation as it reduces the chances damage on your table.

If you already have the antique billiards table installed and you want to install modern table lights, it is advisable to buy a cover for the table before the work starts. The cover will protect the table felt from the brick dust and plaster that can easily destroy it.

3. Get the right clearance for your lights

You will need to strike a balance in terms of the height at which you ought to install the lights. Low hanging lights will be hit every now and then causing them to damage as soon as they are installed or changed. If you get it too high, you will blind the players.  A perfect position is having the lowest point of the fixture at the level of the player’s nose. Alternatively you can have it hanging at around 65 inches from the ground. You can adjust a few inches up or down to suit your like and comfort.

4. Ensure you get it right at the center

Every time you adjust your lamps, you are reducing their life span. There are people who keep pushing the lights to the right, to the left and all over. Ensure that after getting the height right you also get the center position. Poor positioning will lead to odd shadows and consequent annoying glares off the pool balls not to mention the different angels resulting from the off center light. This results in many excuses for poor shot which is not healthy for the game.

5. Get the right brightness level

The level of brightness will determine the ambience of the room. The room should not be too bright neither should it be too dim. Too much light will lead to irritated eyes due to the glare while the dim lights will affect the view when hitting the shots.

Key Reasons Why You Need To Install Custom Billiards Table Lights

The lighting of the club, hall or the room you choose to setup the gaming table should be enhanced to give a perfect platform for all the players to enjoy the game. The fact that the game of pool requires a lot of precision makes it even more necessary to consider extra lighting fixtures in the room.

A room or hall that has shadows and contrasting light and dark areas gives the players a hard time when they try to aim at the cue ball. This brings about complains against players and it makes the game less enjoyable. A key point to note is that you not only need a well light room, you also need to have a conducive environment in terms of cleanliness and air circulation.

A detailed guide on the best pool table lights.