All You Need To Know About The Snooker Table: Questions And Answers

The game of snooker has continued to gain popularity over the years and many new players are getting in the fold every single day. The game has been accepted by many families and there is an overwhelming increase in the number of snooker tables being bought for family use. The number of clubs that allow snooker as part of their competitive games has continued to grow. This article will focus on the snooker table and how it affects the game directly and indirectly. Valuable cleaning tips are also included giving you every reason to read to the very end.

A family snooker table is accessible to all

Get the best snooker table for your family

Many families play snooker as their past time. Most parents encourage their children to learn the game from an early age or they just admire watching their parents play and it gets into them. To make the game tenable and appreciated by all members most families opt to buy the snooker table and its accessories for their homes. This makes the game accessible to all in the family, there are many ideas that have been incorporated in the new snooker table designs in such a way that they can be turned into dinner tables or multipurpose tables.

How to install snooker table

There are many snooker tables that are custom made for home. They are made in such a way that they occupy the least space in the house and the in such a way that they can be stored easily. The most common are the easy to set up tables that can be dismantled. There is always a guide on how to install the snooker table and how to dismantle it after used packed with the table from the manufacturer. It is worth noting that you will only get problems when installing the table for the first few days they you will be an expert and you will take the least time after mastering it.

After installation of the actual table, you will need to think about pool table light installation as well. To play the game efficiently, you need proper lighting in the game room and on the pool table. Incorporate the two installations to make your work easier.

Learn how to level the snooker table

After installing it, you should learn how to level the snooker table. Sometimes it can be problematic as you can hardly make a perfect shot as the balls keep rolling in different directions and at time at different speeds. This make the experience of playing the game unbearable. You can however correct this easily by yourself.

There are many causes of uneven tables ranging from uneven floor surfaces, a bend or a droop on the  slate surface, a loose leg among others. Leveling is particularly important for tables that are dismantled from time to time or those that are used for multiple activities.  You can avoid cases of your table bending, warping or cracking by ensuring that you move it in the right way. For a fully installed billiards table use a lift or a jerk and lift it at the center to ensure that the playing surface remains consistent.

Tools you need to level the snooker table

  1. Metal or Wooden shims (get a good length and a at least four)
  2. Two medium screwdrivers
  3. A level
  4. A user’s manual for the product.

Steps to follow for a perfectly leveled snooker table

It is clear that not you cannot use the same tricks on different tables and in different situations. The first thing you ought to do is get your snooker table manual and read it exhaustively.  You will know the pool table leveling accessories that are included in the manufacturer’s package. You will know if the metal shims are included and available for your snooker table, look under the table, in the leg area and in the bags that comes with the manual.

  • The first to do is to check the level of the table by placing the level right at the center. Proceed to place the level on the opposite corners and identify the side that has slanted. Check to see if the floor is even by placing the level on the surface it is lying on. If this is the cause of the imbalance, you can easily know which area needs a little raising. A carpet can be the cause of the imbalance hence you can remove it and see the effect. If this is not the cause, you can proceed to the next step.
    In Case you don’t have the metal shims, Use the wooden shims and they will work perfectly
  • If your table has the metal shims, then you can use them now. This are metallic wedges that are made to provide incremental support. Just place the shims under the leg or legs. The more you push the shim under the table, the higher it will raise. You should always aim to add the shims on areas of your snooker table that are lower than they should be. In case you miss out on metal shims, do not panic, you can get wooden shims are use them instead. The only con with this is that they are not very steady and neither are they very durable. After doing all that, get your level and see to it that the table is well leveled.
  • There are billiard tables that come with adjustable legs. With this kind of tables, it is very easy to level them. Just identify the leg that requires some adjustment and go ahead to adjust it. In most cases, the adjustable legs are held firmly by screws, and you will need to unscrew them to adjust them. Finally, you will need to check whether it is well aligned by using your level.

The tips you got above will help you to set up the snooker table at home. This skills come in handy if you have a snooker table with folding legs or a snooker table without legs since they will require regular assembly. You need to keep an eye on the table to ensure it is level at all times as a small indentation can cause a disaster. Don’t be surprised to find that the leveling will be required from time to time.

If you want to have perfect shot and an enjoyable game, you have no option but to ensure that your table is level. Even will have an unkempt table if it is level you will still enjoy your game to some extent. All the best as you handle this challenge.


Tips on How to Clean Snooker Table

Do not be like many people who do not care about their environment when it comes to sports. You can have a very clean household and a very clean office and end up contracting strange diseases and conditions as a result of dirty snooker tables. You should be particularly careful when playing snooker, pool or billiards in clubs. Ensure you check the cleanliness of the table including the cloth before starting the game. Cleaning  the felt with QWKC Quick clean spray can gets all the chalk dust off the felt and  it will take just a fraction of your time. If it is your home table, cleaning it and doing regular snooker table maintenance will ensure that you have your investment serving you for a longer time.

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Benefits of cleaning your snooker table

  1. The bed cloth will last longer and it reduce the wear and tear.
  2. You will save money as your table will last more years with minimal or no repairs
  3. You enjoy a smooth game as the surface is clean and smooth
  4. You play in a clean safe and conducive environment.
  5. You will invest less on pool table cleaners compared to a new felt.

Key tips on how to clean and iron a felt table top

Brushing the table daily. This is an activity that will just take your three minutes so you do not have to worry about doing it daily.

  • You will need to get a special brush designed to clean pool and snooker table felts. You can first start off by bringing all the debris and lint around the pockets and at the edges to the center of the table,

    then brush from the D end to the spot end and brush in sharp short strokes. Lift the brush at the end of the table and release the dust after every stroke. CAUTION! Do not use circular motions on the felt.

  • After you have gathered all the dust and debris at the end of the table, get a soft cardboard or a dust pan with pliable rubber edge to collect it. Ensure the dustpan has no hanging edges on the under that can snag or tear the felt accidentally.
  • If you are going to use a vacuum cleaner, use it with caution! You can use it to clean the pocket but ensure that you do not use it on the felt cloth if you do you risk stretching the cloth which affects the play and makes it less durable.
  • Daily brushing of the felt is recommended not only to prolong the life but also to maintain the performance of the felt.

Remember to only use the recommended brush on the felt. Other brushes are very abrasive and can cause harm to the felt. The pool brushes have special soft bristles that work gently on the felt.

  • After brushing the table, you need to block it, and this should always be done before ironing

The main aim of blocking is to remove all the cue stab marks on the felt and remove excessive dust. This is a key step in the preparation for the ironing hence it plays part in answering the question on how to iron snooker table.

To block the table, wrap the brush with a dampened cloth, turn it upside down and run it over the surface of the cloth in the similar pattern you did the brushing.

Ironing the felt cloth

After brushing and blocking, it is now time to iron the snooker felt cloth. Regular ironing keeps the table at optimum speed and ensures maximum nap effect on the table. It also prolongs the life of the felt cloth. Follow the outlined procedure to iron the felt cloth perfectly;

  1. Get the felt iron and plug it in (CAUTION! do not use your domestic iron)
  2. Leave the iron to heat to the recommended temperature. This depends on the type of material that has been used to make the felt cloth.
  3. Start ironing the table from the D towards the spot end.
  4. If possible maintain the iron paths from the last ironing session to minimize the tram lines that are caused by overlapping iron paths.
  5. Lift the iron at the edge of the table at the end of every run.
  6. Do not bother ironing the cushion as it has no effect on them. You should be careful with them as they can easily burn.

There are many products in the market that have been branded as felt cleaners. Unless recommended by you manufacturer, it is advisable to use them cautiously. We recommend the use of tried and tested felt cleaners at all times. Do not use soap on the felt reason being that soaps will leave marks and residues on the felt.

To maintain a clean and a dirt free felt, we recommend that you ensure that you chalk your cue away from the felt. This should be a rule for you, and all those you are playing with as the fine grit of chalk wears the felt away easily.

It is also advisable to cover the surface of the table or the table as a whole when not in use. There are some pool tables that come with their covers if your does not have one just buy one from your local store or get it online. It is worth every cent you will spend on it as it gives more life to your table.

After cleaning the felt cloth, ensure you clean the snooker balls too. This ensures that the balls do not bring back the dust on the table soon after you have cleaned it. There are many products that have been made to clean snooker balls and you just need to pick one that is highly rated in the market or one with numerous positive reviews.

Keep your drinks or other stuff off the table. You will find people placing their ashtrays, kid’s toys, cleaning product, electronic among other items on the table. Get shelves or stools where you can place these items. If your snooker table has a dining table top, only use it as your dining table after placing the top.



A clean pool table is appealing to look at not to mention that it has a longer lifespan. We cannot over emphasize on the need to have a clean and dust free felt. You enjoy the game more when you are in a conducive environment, and you will not shy off to invite your friends to join you. Keep watching out for more information packed articles on snooker.