QWKC Quick Clean Spray Can Review

When the table gets soiled, it becomes completely impossible to play the game. The dirt may come from the chalk in use or just a drink spill. You need to regularly clean the table with the quick clean spray can to ensure that the felt is well maintained and clean at all times. This is the solution you have been looking for to handle soft and heavy soiling on the table cloth.

QWKC Quick Clean Spray Can has been used and recommended  as the best pool table felt cleaner to use during all Derby City Classics and US open tournaments all over the years.  With this spray you do not need to use any brush or vacuum cleaner, you just need a simple spray on the table followed by a wipe. For the best results you can use the Micro fibre wiper or the Quick Clean Towel.

The greatest advantage is that the Quick Clean won’t stain or dampen your table cloth. It also works perfectly on cue wraps resulting to a new look on the table.  With this product you are assured of a longer life of your felt cloth not to mention that it increases the lifespan of your table in general.

QWKC Quick Clean Spray Can

You should not worry any longer about playing on your table continuously or with many player using different cue chalk brands. You can easily clean the table from time to time and continue enjoying the game. Actually some players say that the table gets back to the new state.

  • Very nice and easy to use
  • No need to brush the felt as quick clean lifts all the dust
  • Instant results
  • Works best on all table cloths perfect on the Simonis Cloth
  • Best table cloth maintenance solution
  • Recommended for most tournaments
  • It may not remove hard stains that were on the table for a long time


If you are looking for a quick solution to the chalk problem on your pool or snooker table, look no further. The qwkc quick clean spray can was made for you. You will get a sparkling clean felt for many years to come. Spare yourself the cleaning stress, buy one can and enjoy your game comfortably  with this pool table cleaner.