How Much Room Do I Need For Pool Table?

Many people tend to ask this question, well, first of all you need to know the size of the room you have. Pool tables vary to a great extend in size from small sizes to extra-large sizes. When you think about setting up a pool table, space should be the first thing on your mind, it is crucial for the room to have enough space for players to maneuver.

The size of the room will determine the size of the pool table to purchase (that can fit in). It is recommended to have at least 5ft of cueing space on every side of the table to allow the players to have enough space while taking shots. Pool tables requires a lot of space, not just the physical space it occupies but also the playing space, it is very essential.

Pool Table Room Size

Choosing the right size cue is the next thing to consider, the most common sizes are 57” and 48”…though 48” is the standard cue and it is the most preferred one. 57” is used by taller players. All sizes depend on the space you have, also it all depends on what you feel is best for you. For our consideration we will use 57” cue size as it gives us more flexibility.

Horizontal Room

Pool tables ranges in different sizes but mostly they ranges from 7foot, 8foot or 9foot sizes depending on the make and design. 7foot size is mostly used in the local pubs. Below are different sizes of the pool table.

6ft x 3ft- You will find this in most bars or at homes where the space is limited.

7ft x 3 ½ ft- Pool table leagues.

8ft x 4ft- American pool table.

9ft x 4 ½ ft- Full sized American pool table.

10ft x 5ft pool table.

12ft x 6ft- Full tournament sized snooker table.

There you have different sizes, with this you can be able to choose which one you are most interested in depending on the size of your room. If you have a 7’x 3’6” pool table in size, you will require 16’x 12’6” of a room size in feet, 2.14 x 1.07 table in meters and 4.9 x 3.8 room size in meters.

If you have 8’ x 4’ pool table in size then you will need 17’ x 13’ room size in feet this is equivalent to 2.44 x 1.22 table size in meters and 5.2 x 3.96 room size in meters.  For a  9’ x 4’6” pool table in size will require 18’ x 13’6” room in size feet, which is equivalent to 2.74 x 1.37 table size in meters and 5.5 x 4.1 room size in meters. For a 9’ x 4’6” pool table will require 18’ x 13’6” room size in feet equivalent to 2.74 x 1.37 table size in meters and 5.5 x 4.1 in room size in meters. The 10’ x 5’ table will need 20’ x 15’ room size in feet equivalent to 3.05 x 1.53 table size in meters and 6.1 x 4.6 room size in meters. For the extra-large 12’ x 6’ table will go for 22’ x 16’ room size in feet equivalent to 3.66 x 1.83 table size in meters and 6.7 x 4.9 room size in meters.

The room measurements above are ideal when you are using the standard cue which is commonly used.

However, if you would go for a 3.5’ x 7’ pool table size and you are using a 58” cue then the actual playing area should be 39” x 78” while the ideal space should be 16’ 2” x 13’ 1”. If you are using 4’ x 8’, the actual playing surface should be 44” x 88” and the ideal space should be 17’ x 13’ 4”. 4.25’ x 8.5’ table size will require playing surface of 49” x 92” and ideal space of 17’ 4” x 14’, while a table size of 4.5’ x 9’ will need an ideal space of around 18’ x 14’ and the actual playing area will be 50” x 100”.

Pool Table Room Size Chart

Don’t forget that this measurements are for when you are using 58” 2 piece cue, the longer the cue the larger the room. There are smaller cues such as 36 inches in length, mostly this is for tight space or small kids. This measurements will depend from one person to another, distance, height and the comfort level you may like.

If you are using 7ft table size with a 36” cue then you will need an ideal space which should be 93width while the length should be 12’ 6”.  You can determine the amount of space you will need to set up the pool table by mocking up the space you will need to put the table. For example if you are setting up a 4’ x 8’ pool table you will need to mark the area where the table will stand then take your standing playing position over the area, in that way you will be able to know whether you have enough space for your proposed pool table or not.

Those that do not have enough space to play with standard cues, they can always go for the selection of shorter cues. The short sticks are also great for the game if you happen to have limited space in your game room.

As you consider all these sizes remember that a game room is never complete without accessories that compliment it. You will need some space to accommodate attractive storage structures to hold your extra cues and balls among other accessories. Consider having some space for a wall mounted rack or a free standing floor rack.  You will also need some space for the scorekeepers and triangle racks.

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Vertical Room

While as many people are very keen on the horizontal room, it is also very important to look at the vertical space that you have in your game room. This is the space that is between the floor and the ceiling of your room. An ideal room will have enough space to allow you move your cue stick easily without having to worry about hitting the ceiling. It will also determine the room available for other accessories.

You can have the best pool table light but fail to install it because the rooms’ height cannot accommodate it. An ideal Game room should be at least 10 feet high.  Always consider this aspect before making a final decision on where to house your game room. A higher room will always be better as it will be spacious and well ventilated.


You might want to set up a pool either at your home , your office or if you have a local bar but you find that there are obstructions, most especially space, well, let this not bring you down, you can actually have a smaller pool table depending on the amount of space you have. Sometimes the size of the pool table will depend on the design you go for so if you know your room size is limited  it is better to go for a design that will perfectly fit and also leave about 1.5m for players to maneuver around freely. You need to check the overall size of the best pool table. Playing pool table can be more than fun but don’t let barriers block you from enjoying the game.