How to Clean and Protect Your Pool Table Felt

A pool table is defined as a billiard table on which pool is played. A standard pool table has four holes at the corners, and two on either side. A pool table requires 15 object balls, a triangle rack for arranging the balls in and a cue ball. The cue is a few inches long and appears thinner at the tip.


A pool table is a fun game that can be played at home. The basic idea while playing pool table, each opponent claims a group of numbered balls at the start of the game.

Then goal is to try pocketing your opponents’ balls before they pocket your balls. You win by pocketing all your opponents’ balls.

Today many homes have pool tables. The game is easy to learn, interesting and competitive.

What is a Pool Table Felt?

A pool table felt is the cloth on the pool table. It is a great determinant of speed during a pool game. The quality of the felt is key in determining durability and play-ability. The table felt can be expensive based on the quality of its production.

There are two types of materials available for pool tables felt;

  1. Worsted Material
  2. Woolen Material

Worsted Material

Characteristics of a Worsted cloth

  1. It has tighter weaving
  2. it naturally repels stains and fluids
  3. It is more expensive due to the process of production
  4. It plays faster given its quality
  5. It is long lasting due to its processing and less napping

Woolen Material

Characteristic of woolen material

  1. It is Cheaper
  2. its weaving is not tight
  3. It is Slower to play on
  4. It’s weaving is normal

It is important to choose a good felt for your pool table. This determines how fast it gets dirt and informs the cleaning process.

The speed of the ball is determined by the material of the felt. If you love speed then you look for a worsted material with a higher percentage of nylon. This gives you speed since worsted is faster than woolen. Different felt manufacturers use different combinations of wool and nylon. Different percentages of both wool and nylon give different speeds. Those who prefer speed can go to specific pool table shops that custom make pool table felts.

Process of Cleaning the Pool Table Felt

The surface of the table easily becomes dirty. Chalk and dust accumulate over time; this affects the game as particles pile in the felt.

Items required in cleaning your felt

  1. A brush
  2. A vacuum cleaner
  3. Cloth
  4. Detergent
  1. Brush

There are special bristle brushes made for pool table felts. They are found in pool table stores and sports stores also have them. The quality of the brush is important; it should be soft to avoid damaging the felt.

Begin brushing at the center of the table, brush to the edges. Stroke the edges gently to avoid damaging the cloth. Make sure you brush all the edges until all the dirt is collected.

When brushing the felt, use straight strokes. Brush again several times until the felt appears clean. Don’t use any other motion, brush straight ONLY.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum the felt to remove the rest of the dirt and dust from the felt. Use a vacuum with light suction; use an upholstery tool to pull all the remaining dust. The pockets must be vacuumed to remove the dirt accumulated.

  1. Cloth

Use a cloth to wash off stains on the felt. Different stains should be given different attention.  The ones that easily wash off should be blotted using a damp cloth. The hard stains should be blotted using a damn cloth until the stain is clean. A dry cloth should be used to dry the damp felt.

  1. Detergent

There are specific detergents for pool table felts. One can easily get them in the pool shop or a sports store. Occasional, deep conditioning is required. The paraphernalia for such cleaning can be bought in the same stores. Instructions on how to deep condition your felt should be followed to the letter.

The goal of deep conditioning is to ensure your felt is protected.  Ensure you follow the instruction manual for best results.

Spillage of any kind on the felt should be addressed immediately. Specific felt cleaning products are available to help repel moisture on the surface. They also help spillages and stains clean better. While cleaning, the table should be in a well-ventilated area. After using the specific products the table must be left to dry properly for at least 6-12 hours.

Once your table felt is clean, then protecting it, is the next important thing. This is to ensure it durable and playing on the felt is fun and enjoyable

Ways to protect the felt

There are different ways to protect a pool table felt. They include;

  1. Using a pool table cover
  2. Issuing rules against sitting or standing on the table
  3. Using good quality balls
  4. Restricting food and drinks near the pool area


  1. Using a Cover

Using a cover for your pool table is the best way to protect your felt. A cover is easy to put on the table and also easy to remove. The cover saves you from dust, hairs and particles that are easily blown around. Using a cover sounds easy but it’s something people easily brush off. A cover is important and can help maintain your pool table at a tip top shape.

  1. Issuing Rules Against Sitting or Standing on the Pool Table

The pool table felt is made of delicate woven materials that can tear and wear due to human or pet interference. It is important to warn pet lovers and people who would want to celebrate on top of the table after a good game.

  1. Using Good Quality Balls

The use of good quality balls that don’t interfere with the felt can help protect the felt. Ensure you buy the balls recommended for durability and play-ability of your felt.

  1. Restricting Food and Drinks Near The Pool Area

It is important to have rules in order to protect the pool table. The rules are meant to help players enjoy more games on a clean felt.

Rules that would help can protect the felt can include;

  1. No drinking near the pool table
  2. No foods near the pool table
  3. No smoking near the pool table

Protecting and caring for your pool table felt is important. It saves you money and ensures the durability of the pool table. By taking care of your pool table you will enjoy your game.

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