5 Best Pool Cues for Intermediate Players

Various products require extensive research before purchasing them. A pool cue is one of those items. When it comes to playing pool games, a cue is just as important as the skill. The process can be tedious and can make you throw in the towel if you don’t know factors to consider.

Having the right cue makes all the difference, whether you are jumping or breaking shots. When shopping for a billiard cue stick, you have to know your skill level. It determines the best pool cue for you.

Beginners should stick to the ones ranging from $50 to $150. Any lower than that may be compromised in quality, such as lousy finishing. You can also forget about their durability. As for the intermediate and advanced players, cue sticks ranging from $200 and above are ideal. You won’t have to break the bank to get the right cue stick. Consider upgrading it as you advance in skills.

Another factor to remember is the weight of the billiard cue stick. The average weight usually ranges between 18 -21 ounces. Besides, you may also need a designated jumping or breaking cue.

While the unlimited variety provides a platform to choose from, it can also create confusion in making the right decision. In this review, we have selected five best pool cues for intermediate players, including their features, pros, and cons, to allow you make an informed purchase. These cues are a step ahead of beginner cue sticks in terms of build quality and technology while maintaining lower prices than what you could pay for a pro pool cue.

Best Intermediate Level Pool Cues for 2020

Now that you have risen from being a rookie to an established player, the only more crucial thing to add is the right pool cue! It can either make you or break you as a player. They include:

Purex Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue

Are you working on improving your shots? Then plunge into the competitive billiard games with this cue stick to upgrade your game. It is an excellent addition to your billiard accessory collection and an excellent choice for intermediate players.

It comes with seven weights ranging from 18 -21 ounces to help you get a comfortable shot. The best part is that this stick is customizable and features the HXT deflection shaft to provide you with more power and accuracy. When it comes to the design, the double-pressed Irish linen wrap and stainless steel joints make it more interesting.

This cue stick is manufactured from North American Rock Maple and has further been treated with stabilized Nelsonite and anti-warping epoxy. When you choose this model, you are assured of getting sturdy components parts that guarantee durability.

Not only does this pool cue have aesthetic appeal, but it also designed with state of the art technology. With its Kamul black tip, you are assured of superior spin, durability, and grip.


  • The cue stick has a solid straight shaft
  • It comes with Kamul black tip
  • The model is designed with state of the art technology
  • It features the HXT deflection shaft for more power and accuracy.


  • The tip is relatively soft.


Viper Revolution Spider 58″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue

This model is stylish and made from durable Canadian Maple wood. The tattoo style graphics and stainless steel rings are eye-catching to the overall design. What is unique about this cue stick is the graphics at its tip and nine coats of varnish finishing to prevent warpage.This model is a 2- piece billiard design, thereby allowing secure storage and transportation. You can use the removable scuffer for shaping the tip. Besides, the stick provides an option to add or reduce the weight as you wish with the weight range of 18-21 ounces.

The cue pool impresses with its stainless steel joints that provide you with consistent response during the game. Thanks to the siliconized infused felt wrap, and the billiard cue offers tension free strokes every time. Furthermore, this product is backed with a 3-year limited warranty.


  • It looks amazing with the funky tattoo designs and is perfectly straight
  • It provides smooth, natural strokes
  • Excellent craftsmanship and high quality for the price
  • Nice packaging and fast shipping
  • It comes with a removable scuffer that you can easily twist and use to sharpen your tip.
  • The model provides a firm grip and is easy to store and transport.
  • It is constructed with top-quality Canadian Maple wood


  • You may require to change the tip if you prefer a soft one.


Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick

When you are looking to create a statement in your game, do it with this premium-grade cue stick. It is available in seven different colors, thereby giving you an option of customized look. The Irish linen wrap provides a secure grip to the butt of the cue. More so, you can easily adjust its weight.

You don’t have to worry about the bottom chipping or cracking thanks to the rubber bumper feature. The 13mm leather tip also ensures easy ball control. Besides, the tip comes scuffed and shaped, ready to play. You are always assured of crisp contact with the ball due to high impact ferrule.

The combination of Canadian Maple material and metal threading provides a long-lasting lock, thus durability. When it comes to pool cues construction, Viking is a reputable brand among players. The premium craftsmanship promises consistent performance to the users.


  • The tip is constructed from premium leather.
  • Its weight is adjustable to your comfort
  • The two-piece feature makes it easy to transport and store.
  • It provides excellent grip and feel
  • The components are of sturdy quality
  • This model comes with a lifetime warranty even against warping


  • Not ideal for professionals

Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue

As an intermediate player, this is one classic cue that you can purchase. With its modern look made from quality material, this cue pool is a beauty. What attracts most to it is the American maple wood material, which is one of the top woods for constructing good cues.

Its butt is covered in an Irish linen wrap, thereby preventing chipping and cracking. The wrap also provides an excellent grip and prevents your palms from becoming sweaty. With the combination of 1-inch lyorine ferrule and 13mm tip diameter, you will have a proper spin and focus on the ball’s center of balance. The oak leather tip further holds its shape longer and produces a uniform, consistent play.

Don’t worry about the colors of this pool cue fading since it is covered with a UV gloss finish. The shaft also allows the stick to slide smoothly in your hands. Should there be warping on the product, you have a lifetime warranty to take care of it. Moreover, the stainless steel joint comes with a 5/16 *18 pin that ensures a solid hit. This Player Classic Birds-Eye cue stick assures you of getting value for your money.


  • The 18-21 ounces’ weight range allows weight adjustment of your choice
  • It is backed with a lifetime warranty
  • The double-pressed Irish wrap provides a slip-free grip and smooth stroke.
  • It features triple silver ring sets
  • The construction material is treated to protect the pool cue from moisture and changes in the atmosphere.
  • The tip offers excellent ball control.
  • Its beautiful finish protects against chipping and fading.


  • It may not hold chalk properly.
  • The stick lacks a storage case
  • It is commonly used among intermediate players only


CUESOUL House Bar Pool Cue Sticks

This model is one of the top intermediate pool sticks in the market. The CUESOUL brand offers premium quality and best service. Considering that this model comes in a set of two, the price is worth dying for. Furthermore, the two sticks are packed in a 2*2 hard pool case, a clean towel, cue jointed protector, and on billiard cue glove.

The red cue case includes two shafts and two butts, handle, and adjustable shoulder strap for easy portability.

It is conventional as it can help you to improve your spins within a short period. You can also use it to rehearse before a game. The straightness and strength represent the quality of the maple wood used for its construction. What is more is that this model features painted warp, thread wrap, and decal butt sleeve that provides different grips for your comfort.


·         It boasts of hardwood composition

·         It comes with a case for secure storage and transportation.

·         It is relatively affordable

·         They feel great and are nicely balanced

·         The components are quite sturdy

·         It is stylish and durable in design


·         The model is prone to warping

·         It doesn’t come with adjustable weights



Tips to Buying the Best Pool Cue for Intermediate Player

Are you ready to pick your very first cue stick but still not sure what to do? We have that covered. Read on to find out the tips on how to choose the best pool cue that suits your skill level, taste, and style.

Test and Test More

First, you need to try out different weights and styles of cues. Note how each stick feels in your hands. Is it comfortable to hold and strike with? Do you find it too long or too short? What about the weight? Is it too heavy in your hands?

These are important questions in ensuring a smooth and effective choice of your cue.

The price

Now is the time to consider your budget limit. Cues have ranging prices from as low as a few bucks to as much as thousands of money. When starting out, you don’t need much money since you only play for recreation.

Not only will the price range provide various styles and materials to choose from, but the cues are also better looking than the ones available in bars.


Billiard cues range between 17 to 21 ounces in weight. They also come in different lengths of 48″ 52″,57″ and 60″. While most cues have between 12 to 14-millimeter diameter tip, most stick feature 13mm tip. Some cues feature weight bolt under the bumper to allow weight adjustments during play.

Once you have selected a few that you like, inspect them for any signs of warping, dents, chips, shaft bumps, knicks, or any other flaws. Discard any with visual flaws and test the playability of the ones remaining. Note the aspects that you like and dislike about the performance of the cue to get a more tailored one for your needs.


Cue Maintenance Tips for an Intermediate Player

Regular care and maintenance protect the quality of your investment. not only does it improve your strokes, but it also enhances your cue’s beauty and extends its life. A clean cue glides smoothly. Below are a few tips to keep in mind for proper care and maintenance of your cue:

·         Get a case-a hard case offers your stick more protection against elements that can cause warping. Besides, it provides storage of other products you might need during the game.

·         Buy joint protectors- they secure the vulnerable cue parts from moisture and any other damage.

·         Avoid leaning the cue against a wall-it might cause dents, warping, and even breakage if it falls.

·         No abrasive material on the shaft as it may remove the wood.

·         Carry a clean, soft towel to wipe off the butt and shaft of your cue before storage.

·         Invest in a tip tapper, tip pick, or shapers-they are designed to roughen up the tip to hold chalk better.

·         Occasionally, apply moisture to the edges of the tip to prevent it from mushrooming.

·         Handle the cue with clean hands to prevent sticky buildup.

·         When smoothening the shaft, always remember to burnish after. It will provide your stick with the smoothness that you desire.

·         Never leave your tip unprotected because it is the nerve center of your game. It affects precision, touch, consistency, backspin, and accuracy of a shot.


Frequently Asked Questions About Best Pool Cue for Intermediate Player

Q1: As a non-professional, do I need a 2-piece cue?

A: One-piece cue is okay for beginners and kids playing for recreational purposes. However, a two-piece pool cue is much better. You can easily fold it for more mobility without getting damaged. A one-piece cue tends to bends easily, resulting in the loss of balance if not proper care is not applied.

Q2: Should I buy a case for my cue?

A: Proper care includes keeping your stick in a protective case. As an intermediate player, you need a compatible cue case to protect your rod from chipping and breaking. A good case should have a cushioned interior.

Q3: Why is chalking important?

A: Chalking is crucial in the pool game since it increases the friction between the ball and the tip. There is no alternative for pool chalk, and you should apply it before every shot. It is essential for perfect spins, among others.

Q4: What should I look for when choosing the best cue?

A: There are five vital aspects t consider when you are purchasing a pool stick. They include budget, skill level, performance, style, and weight.

Q5: Are heavy pool cues better?

A: Although a lightweight stick provides for more control over finesse shots, the heavier cues offer more cue ball speed with less stroke effort. Some players also find it easier to keep heavier cues in line.

Q6: Which cue tip do professionals use?

A: Le Pro Tip is the most favored among pros. It is all American made, and the pros that use it prefer a tip density of 88.2 extra hard.

Q7: What weight should I get?

A: The billiard board recommends a weight range of 18 to 21 ounces for American pool g and 17-19 ounces for the English pool.


Final Thoughts

Every brand included in this list has been selected through in-depth inspection and research to help you get the best Pool Cue for Intermediate Player. They contain standout technologies and feature to help you improve your game within a short period.

Although the various models in the market may make it challenging to find the perfect cue to upgrade your game, we hope that this post helps you make a wise choice. Remember that every individual has a suitable cue specific for their needs. The factors and features that the professionals consider are not the same s what intermediate players have in mind when purchasing cues. Furthermore, always try out several cues before making a decision.

After investing in a good quality cue, ensure that you provide proper care and maintenance to extend its life and enhance performance.

Our favorite pool cue based on this review is the Purex Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue. It is made from American Maple wood that is treated to ensure its durability. The HXT technology offers a low deflection, thereby providing more power and accuracy to players.  What is more is the double-pressed Irish linen wrap that prevents warping and Kamul black tip for firm grip, superior spin, and durability.

Happy shopping!