Difference Between Pool Cue and Snooker Cue

If you are new in the billiards world, you may have a problem in differentiating between pool cues and snooker cues. As you get to learn the two games you will have a clear understanding of each cue and you will know which cue to use for which game. Simply put that a snooker cue is different from a pool cue. In this article, we will focus on these two cues and by the end of it you will be in a position to tell which one you need for your next game.

cue stick

Snooker Cue:

This is a special cue stick that is used to play the game of snooker. In a game of snooker there are 15 balls on the table and the different players seek to pot each ball in a given sequence. A normal snooker cue measures 57 inches to 58 inches long, and they come with a tip that measures 9mm to 10.5 mm. The snooker cue tip ought to be a bit larger for a perfect hit on the small snooker balls.

Majority of the snooker cues are made of very durable North American Maple wood that is treated specially to make it very durable. Maple is stable and strong and it feels very comfortable on the hands of a player. Some manufacturers give the cues a decorated outer cover making the sticks very attractive. However the decorations do not have an effect on the playability of the cues. Some cues can be a bit bumpy depending on the type of wood used to make it.

Pool Cue:

These are cues that are used to play a typical pool game. The main difference that make pool cues distinctive is their tip size. For a normal pool cue the tip measures 13mm which is the standard size, it could however be large or smaller. For a perfect game you will need to choose the best pool cue that befits your level of expertise.

A normal pool cue weighs 18oz to 21o. A lighter cue is better for soft hits while a heavy cue does best with strong ball hits. To break the balls you will need a heavy cue since you need to hit strongly.

Pool cues come in two or three pieces.   The different pieces are connected with a screw to make one long straight cue. After use you can easily dismantle the pool cue and store it.  This makes it very easy to carry them around. There are special cue cases to help carry the different cue sticks around.

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With the in depth information above, you can now tell the difference between a pool cue and a snooker cue by getting hold of them. Keep reading more informational pieces and you will soon be an expert when it comes to choosing the best pool cue or snooker cue. Make sure you make an informed buying option to ensure that you get just what you need for your next game. Choose wisely and enjoy a game like no other.