A Beginners Guide To Pool Bank Shots With Expert Tips

Pool table is a great game for players at all levels. It is a great way to spend time with family members and friends too. Finding time to hone your skill is a great experience for novice players and seasoned veterans too.

If you want to grow as a pool player and develop to an advanced player, you need to master a few skill one of which is banking shots.

What are Pool Bank Shots?

Bank shots are shots where you pocket the ball by bouncing it off one or more rails. Simply put, it is the use of a mirror system by using the diamonds on the rails of your pool table as the aiming points.


Pool Bank Shot Tips

Angle In, Angle Out

Angles are the pillars of banking in pool. You need to know how to place your shots so as to hit the banks in excellent angles. The Main Rule states: The object ball bounces off the rail is the same and exact angle as it approached it.  There are many other things to consider but this is basic skill that you need at all times.

The angle may look more drastic with longer distances. To deliver a long bank shot at a tight angle may even be more drastic as the object ball has to move further across the pool table.

Check on the Shot Velocity

The velocity of your shot will be determined by how hard you hit the object ball.  Generally speaking, the speed of your shot has an impact on how the rail affects your angle. The cushion on the rails will bounce back the cue ball depending on how hard you hit it.

Fast moving ball from a hard shot will reduce the angle while a slower ball from a soft shot will increase the angle. When you master the angle and a few other basics like the spin, English and a few other techniques you will fine tune your shots. The angle in angle out principle coupled with the shot velocity mastery is a step into the mastery of bank shots.

Do a Spot Check

Most pool tables have clear makings along the rails in between the pockets. The marking are also known as sights and they help you identify and spot the bank shot angles, giving you a focal point to aim at along the rail. The sights play a huge role when you play bank shots, do not miss to use them.

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FAQS on Banking Shots

  • What is the difference between kick shots and bank shots?

A bank shot is where you hit the cue ball which then hits the object ball then the object ball hits the rail then sinks into the pocket. Kick shots happen when you hit the cue ball into the rail then it hits the object ball that sinks into the pocket.

  • Can I make multiple pool bank shots in a row?

You can play bank shots one after the other, you actually have a choice to do 5 or 10 depending on your level. You need to practice more to perfect the skill and understand how it plays. The bank shots are exciting to play at all times.

Final Word.

Consider what everybody says that practice, practice makes perfect as the gospel truth when it comes to bank shots. You will enjoy your game in future when you practice today.