Best Pool Cue For The Money

Is it that time when you need a new cue stick? We have you covered as we did all the tests for you and identified some of the best billiard cues in terms of performance and value for money. We have an in depth review on the best for beginners, best for intermediate players, best … Read more

Best Re-Tipping Kit Reviewed

Every once in a while when you are enjoying your game, you will realize that your tip is unstable or shaky and it needs some maintenance for excellent performance. Don’t be like many people who wait until the tip falls off. Get the basic maintenance tips and do the fixing all by yourself when need … Read more

How To Use a Mechanical Bridge in Pool.

The mechanical bridge is one of the accessories in the billiards sports table which is comprised of a stick similar to the one in the cue stick and has a bridge head fixed on its end. The purpose of the bridge head is to support the shaft of the cue stick which replaces the normal … Read more

Billiard Shot Planning and Leave Placement

Billiard shot planning is an extremely important aspect of a billiard match if one desires to become a better player. After the break has been completed, the shooter should inspect the entire layout of the table, reevaluating the layout with each new shot taken. Look over the table for any sequences that will allow easier and … Read more

How to Play 9 Ball Pool: A Quick Guide

There are many pool games. Some of them need first-hand skills to play. However, 9-ball pool is not a difficult game to play. You can easily play it even if you don’t have any experience. If you arm yourself with the right set of equipment, you can follow a few instructions and the game will … Read more

Eight Ball 101: An Overview of 8-Ball Pool Rules

This is a call shot game which is played on a flat pool table which is normally covered with a cloth and is secured by rubber cushions. It is a game which is played with a cue ball and fifteen object balls which are usually numbered from number one to fifteen. One of the players … Read more

Tips for Playing a Defensive Shot in a Pool

A defensive shot is where the shooter deliberately misses, so as to pass his turn at the table to his opponent. It is also a shot where there is no intent by a player to pocket a ball of his category. Examples of defensive shots are; Leaving your opponent with a long difficult shot. Forcing … Read more

Bumper Pool Rules: An overview

If you have never played a bumper pool game, then you are missing out on something very important. This is a game you can enjoy playing with friends or anyone else. Bumper pool is not the same as the traditional pool, the presence of bumpers makes all the difference. These bumpers serve as a barrier … Read more

Bumper Pool Table: Octagon Vs Rectangle

Pocket billiards have become popular that even Shakespeare cited it in one play. But what happens when you love the game but lack the space to keep the traditional pool? Worry not, we have a solution for you. The bumper pool is an excellent alternative to enjoy billiard games with your loved ones. Its small … Read more

How to Assemble a Pool Table

Assembling a pool table can be done so easily by a professional. This is his job and so he is conversant with the assembly instructions plus has the right tools for the job. Being a pro, he does this safely, correctly and saves on time. This does not mean that one who is not a … Read more