Best Outdoor Pool Table Reviews

Do you like enjoying family games but limited by the space available in your home? Worry no more. With the best outdoor pool table you can enjoy as many games as you can in your patio or on your deck. There are numerous tables that have been made to withstand severe weather conditions including water and rust.

Many companies have embraced the idea of having a recreational facility in the work place as it comes with numerous benefits. A billiards table is one of the many options that will keep employees relaxed and productive. Getting some space outside makes it accessible to everyone. Getting an outdoor table is a great idea to get kids out of the house away from the screens. They enjoy nature and learn a thing or two about the game. Truly speaking there is no fun greater than enjoying a game outside surrounded by family and friends.  Before you do the installation, read through our professional reviews and get real value for money.

5 Best Outdoor Billiard Table For 2020

Outdoor Pool Table

1.Fusion Table and Dining

If you are a family that likes enjoying their meals outside, then  you have  an  opportunity to include a game in that  list with the fusion dining table. This table comes with unique benches that can hold up to ten people around the table. Dining Fusion Pool TableThe benches slide under the table and the top opens to give way to an awesome pool table with ample playing space.

To adjust the height of the table you just need to touch a button and it adjusts to your preferred height. The sleek European design comes with all the accessories you need for the game. Surprisingly the table acts as a storage for the accessories when not in use without anyone noticing what is underneath. The pockets are made from a hi-tech nylon stretch cloth and ball slides that allow for ball storage without stretching out of the pockets.

  • Awesome accessorized benches and stools that match the color of the table.


Outdoor Pool Table

2.EastPoint Sports 84” with Table Tennis Top Review Best Waterproof  Billiards Table

When you decide to go outdoors you have unlimited options with the EastPoint sports table. You can use it as a pool table or transform it to a tennis table and enjoy some tennis as well. You just need to change the table top and you are good to go.EastPoint Sports 84

This table is 84 inches and it comes with sturdy and strong legs. It is very stable and you can play on it whenever you want. The table is made of resin material which is waterproof and resistance to different weather conditions. To make it light and easy to move around, it is made of aluminum stands.

You will get all the accessories you need to enjoy your first game when you buy this table. You also get an all-weather cover to protect it when not in use. It is advisable to leave the table covered after every game as this increases its durability.

This table gives   you unlimited options to enjoy outdoors with your family. It adds elegance to your patio not to mention that it is sleek and stylish indoors as well. You get real value for every cent you invest in this table.

  • All weather sturdy aluminum frame for ease of movement and stable playing surface
  • All weather beautifully hand woven resin material
  • Heavy duty Sunbrella billiard cloth that withstands all extreme weather conditions.


Outdoor Pool Table

3.Playcraft Extera Outdoor Billiard Table with Playing Equipment Review

Enjoy the fun of the game room outside with the Playcraft Extera Outdoor Billiard Table. This table has been constructed to endure all environmental conditions while maintaining a sleek look with the sturdy extruded aluminum frame. To give it extra protection, it is treated with anti-rust giving an edge over moisture in highly humid areas.playcraft extera

The weather resistant  and UV-resistant polytech cloth stands up to any moisture while adding unique style color and protection. Playing on this table feels like you are already an expert with the K66 profile cushions.

This is a lifetime investment and it plays as such. You can use it outdoors as it levels perfectly even on uneven grounds. Enjoy years of awesomeness with your family and friends.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Comes with all playing equipment you need.
  • Withstands areas with high humidity.
  • Heavy to move around, requires up to 4 adults


Outdoor Pool Table

4.Imperial 7′ Non-Slate Outdoor Pool Table Review – Best Under $2000

Do you like something classy? This is an amazing option for the patio, porch or backyard! This   table is 7 foot and it comes with a waterproof board and cloth to give you an awesome outdoor experience. The sunbrella fabric keeps the cloth playing and looking great even after being in use for several years. The frame of this table is made of aluminum making it very durable and of unquestionable quality.

To get the surface level, this table comes adjustable leg levelers.  The K66 rubber cushions provide for a great rebound surface to make the game enjoyable.

With this table, you will have an awesome outdoor experience. You can use it for your next barbecue party or friends and family get together.

  • Made from aluminum frame and anodized aluminum rails which makes it tough enough to withstand outdoor environment.
  • Comes with waterproof and fire resistant playing surface.



Outdoor Pool Table

5.Fat Cat Pockey 3 in1 Review

This is a compact three in one game table that allows you to play table tennis, pool table and air hockey. The pool table surface is made of a green tetolon cloth giving it an appealing and smooth playing surface. The beauty of this table is that it has an in built rack for all the accessories that you need to play the three games. You do not have to worry about finding the cues or the balls when you start the game as you  know where to find them.


fat cat pockey

Key Tips To Check on Before Buying a Billiard Tables For Outdoor Use

For me buying time is an exciting time that calls for a celebration. If you are like me, you need to be extra careful before making any purchase else you will find yourself with a huge junk of unwanted items. Billiard tables are expensive and you need to be sure of what you want to buy before you get excited. Check the following areas before buying any table for exterior use.

Construction Materials

  • When picking table that will be exposed to all weather conditions it is important to ensure that the materials used are easy to clean at all time. Stay away from those that are made with glue as they can turn to be stick when it rains.
  • The frame should be made of aluminum or pressure treated wood to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. The frame should be able to withstand rainy days and sunny days alike without losing its shape or rigidity. The table should also be light to ease of movement from one point to another.
  • The felt should be made of a waterproof material and one that is sun resistant which ensures that it does not easily fade. The felt fabric should have a scrim surface that offers a nice texture for the balls to roll without sliding due to the friction of the felt surface.

What Happens When The Table Gets Wet?

You can easily wet the table with a drink or get it wet after a heavy down poor. When the table gets wet dry it off with towels or a leaf blower. It is not advisable to play on a wet surface as it will spoil the felt. Luckily most outdoor snooker tables have unique drains in the pockets to drain any water that on the felt.

Can You Waterproof the Pool Table and Its Accessories?

The best thing to do is to buy one that is already waterproofed. Alternatively you can buy a waterproof cover and use it to cover the table when not in use. Most accessories will react with water and direct exposure to sunlight. However some pool cues will get to their new condition after drying up from a rainy day.

Cleaning The Table

The major dirt you will get on an outdoor pool table is dust and pollen from the nearby trees. This can be easily wiped away with a blower and a light cleaner. If the table is heavily soiled, you can use soapy water and rinse it off. Always cover the table when you are not using it.


With a nice outdoor pool table, you do not have to worry about your small house. You can enjoy your games with your family and friends outside. You may miss out on the weight and the craftsmanship of the indoor tables but you get a good asset that fits the bill. We recommend the Imperial 7 foot out door table as the best outdoor table with a huge bargain on the price. Hope you will enjoy your next outdoor adventure with a pool table of choice.