Optimal Sizes for Billiard Room Bar Stool Heights

When choosing bar stools or pub stools for your billiard room or game room, you must factor in a number of things, but one of the most important elements you should consider is bar stool height. A bar stool size is measured in seat height, specifically the height from the floor to the top of the seat. There are generally only two or three sizes, or seat heights, of bar stools, with a couple more common, custom sizes in the mix, as well. These sizes generally range from 18 inches all the way up to 36 inches. Some of the more common uses of these different sizes, including billiard room uses, are explained below.Barstool Height

An 18 inch bar stool height is typically the shortest size available, as shorter heights would be too small for practically anything other than a stepping stool. 18 inch bar stools are typically used in areas where your countertop, desk, or table is approximately 30 inches. These bar stools are common in bathroom vanities or used for make-up tables. You may also see them in theater dressing rooms and out in full force at casino slots and video poker machines.

24 and 26 inch bar stool heights are relatively new to the market and are designed to be used at a counter height of 36-39 inches. These stools were designed and manufactured specifically for kitchen counters in homes, specifically where no extra room exists for the conventional table-and-chair set. They can also be used at kitchen islands, provided the island is the same height as a regular-sized kitchen table.

A 30 inch bar stool size is the best height, and most common, for personal home use. 30 inch bar stools are designed primarily for bars and counters that are approximately 40-45 inches tall. They work great as pub stools in your bar and come in handy around your billiard room and game room, as they not only add to the ambiance and atmosphere of your activity area, but also provide a spot to “take a load off” as you wait for your next turn. This size pub stool also is great for garage work and repairing things at a tool bench or work area.

A 34 inch bar stool height does exist, but is a custom made size. Typically, there is no specific use for this bar stool size unless you own a bar with a height of 46 inches. Otherwise, practical purposes for this bar stool size are very uncommon.

35 and 36 inch bar stool heights have come to be known as spectator stools and are commonly used in billiard rooms around pool tables and in other recreational areas. These pub stools can also be used in front of extra tall 47 and 48 inch counters, as well as taller pub tables. Obviously, spectator stools sit higher than others so its user can spectate, or watch, the activities at hand.

Before you make any other decisions, determine what size pub stools you need by measuring the height of your bar, kitchen countertop, desk, or whatever else you may be needing bar stools for. From there, you can decide on other desirable factors, such as backs vs. no backs, arms vs. armless, wooden vs. metal frames, swivel or non, and upholstery vs. solid wooden or metal seats. Bar stool height is most important for comfort and usability, whereas other factors primarily focus on not only comfort, but aesthetic value, as well.