Learn Cue Ball Control Skills: Play Snooker Like An Expert

There are many people out there who want to learn how to play the game of pool all over the world. The greatest motivation has been seen to be people looking for new hobbies and people who want to compete in other sports. This article has great cue ball control tips that are useful to both newbies and gurus. Keep reading and get the hang of it and use it as a resource to improve your skills.

The History Of Snooker

Before learning how to play, let’s dig a little deeper into the history and understand this game. It has been said and proven that the game of snooker was invented by Sir Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain in 1875 when he was an officer at Woolwich Military Academy. He basically combined the billiards pool games pyramids and the black pool.

Through his postings after college, Chamberlain was able to introduce the game all over India. In Madras city, the game became so popular, and most of the snooker rules were designed implemented and detailed here. The game spread to the rest of the world when John Roberts who was a world Billiards Champion learned it and introduced it to England. Since then the game has been appreciated all over the world.

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Cue Ball Control Basics

Every time you watch an expert snooker play, you will be amazed not at his damning skills to hit the ball at very hard angle, but by his ability to find simple shots throughout the game. They seem to have what many people miss out, the basic cue ball control skills.

You can also adopt their gaming skills. You just need to ensure that you make medium distance shots and ensure that you make the next shot as easy as possible. This should go on and on until the whole table is clear. This is the damning secret that all snookers have been keeping away from you! The key to succeeding in pool or snooker is basically keeping everything as simple as possible.

To get the most from position play, you need to have a decent stance. This will give you a high chance of successful shots. A great stance is where your whole body is stable, you are relaxed and your grip on the cue stick is firm. For the best result you will however require the best quality balls for the game.

One of the most asked questions among most beginners is; how do you hold the pool stick? Once you get the answer to this question, you are good to go. The first thing is getting a perfect balance and managing your body posture to ensure you are stable and comfortable, next is ensuring that you have a good bridge and your cueing is straight to give that clean straight stroke. Essentially, in the cue action, your head should be steady and you should hold the cue stick gently but smoothly and cause your arm to move without moving any other part of the body. Get up after the ball stops.

As you start learning the game, your first aim should be mastering the white ball and its movement before anything else. The next thing to master should be your shooting arm and your perfect stance. After mastering that you will easily turn into a master snooker.

The Cue Ball Movement Control

To fully control the movement of the cue ball and its directions too, the first thing will be to master your shooting arm and the effort required to for every shot. Learn the basic shots like shooting across the table and pocketing at the end pockets. Once you perfect this pool table skills, you can easily move to the next stage of controlling the speed of each shot in the game.

Learn the 90-degree rule that will help you that predict the cue ball moves down the tangent line in all the stun shots. The 30-degree rule states that every rolling cue ball will head in its natural angle direction. In a fairly full hit, any ball with a fraction larger than ¾ the cue ball will always deflect three times the cut angle ad for a fairly thin hit with the ball finding less than ¼, the cue ball deflects 75% of the angle in between the tangent line and the aiming line.

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You can improve your game greatly by watching snooker best shots on YouTube ad see how the champions play. As much as you may read and get the hang of it, watching will paint the whole picture in your mind and you can easily emulate them. You will get numerous pool table skills that you can use in future.




How to Be a Better Pool Player: 7 Tips

Here is a checklist you ought to look at if you want to be a better pool player

  1. Always keep your head straight. This ensures you have the full view of the shot, when you tilt your head you will get a side way view of the shot with a bias to the dominant eye.
  2. Always keep your back  swing slow and smooth as this is your hand to eye coordinator. Remember that every time you pull back your hand fast you miss out on a precious moment that helps in focusing on your target.
  • Ensure your bridge hand is secure at all times. You can do this by digging your fingertips slightly into the pool table cloth which ensures that the bridge hand does not budge when the cue moves to strike the ball.
  1. Analyze all your misses and know what happened as this is the only way you can make a correction the next time.
  2. Keep off tension by ensuring that your back is loose and relaxed. With a lot of tension, you will hardly get a straight shot
  3. Walk around the pool and see where you want to place the cue ball next and you will get all the right places.
  • Keep your calm at all times even when you have bad breaks. This ensures that your next shot is composed and tension free making it more successful.


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