Top 10 Cheap Jump Cues Sticks in 2020

We have reviewed ten great jump cues that we got hold of easily. Though getting the best among them is subjective, these reviews will offer a great head start.

Top 10 Affordable Jump Cues in 2020

McDermott NG01 Stinger Jump Pool Cue – Best Professional Jump Cue

This is a professional jump cue that is crafted from the best North American hard rock maple. The production process involves hand picking the tree and looking at the smoothness of the fibers, getting the optimum moisture content and ensuring that it is white in color.

The McDermott NG01 Stinger Jump Break Pool Cue has an exclusive control ring that takes care of impact made from polymers.  The final product is a perfectly smooth cue made through braiding of the Irish flax, winding it and pressing it twice for an excellent polished look. The process gives out a perfect cue that absorbs the moisture, protects the cue and gives the player a perfect and secure grip.

This cue comes with 5 Urethane layers of high gloss making it highly resistant to scratches. The bumper is made of soft polymer composition that allows for maximum protection. It is very easy to do balance and weight adjustments.

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Dufferin D-951 Striped Canadian Maple Jump Cue

Dufferin is establishing itself as a leader in the manufacturing of billiard cues and other accessories. They have made themselves known for their development of very innovative technologies. They have in store a series pool cue sticks including those designed for jumping.

With this cue, you can jump at different angles and get great levels of impact and accuracy. Many players love this stick for its comfort as they get full control of the game.

If you want to be in control of the game and at the same time enjoy your comfort, then get the Dufferin D-951 Striped Canadian Maple Jump Cue and overcome all your obstacles.

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Action Jump Series Zebra Wood Pool Cue

This is a stick with two roles, you can use it as a jump cue. It works best as a jump cue and many players like it after several uses. It comes in four flavors to rhyme with different player needs. The 18 ounce is commonly used for break shots and it performs pretty well in that area.

Action Jump Cue

The 19 ounce is the standard cue and it is great in all round performance. The 20 Ounce is a great cue for beginners who want to experience the different playing styles. Finally the 21 Ounce gives more spin and it works perfectly. Generally most players like this jump cue because of its great phenolic tip that gives awesome jump shots.

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Has a great phenolic tip giving you  successful jump and break shots
  • Comes with quick release joints
  • Very nice cue jump for a beginner
  • You can use it a break cue
  • Comes in a very beautiful zebra wood.
  • The jump section is heavy, you need several games to adapt to it.

McDermott 58in Jump Pool Cue Review – Best For Beginners

If  you are looking for a durable jump cue made of  rock maple construction then this was made for you. This three piece jump and break cue is 58 inches long and weighs 19 ounces. The joints are wood to wood with a very stable heavy gauge stainless steel pin that gives you a great stable cue.

This cue is straighter than we thought and gives great and solid hits during breaks. For its price you are simply getting real value  for your money as there is no other jump cue that will give you the service of this jump cue at that price.

  • Very durable and strong jump cue
  • Can be used  as a break cue comfortably
  • Very budget friendly
  • The tip needs an upgrade to a better quality one.
  • Does not come with joint protectors

Lucasi Custom Jump Pool Cue

Lucasi Jump Cue is an awesome cue that is made of two black and white genuine Irish Linens that are double pressed giving it a classic, slip free grip.


The technology use in the making of this cue gives it a great hit with awesome breakdown. The two joints are made of stainless steel and they lie perfectly each wood on wood contact.

This cue comes in different sizes ranging from 18 ounces to 21 Ounces with a half-ounce increase on each size. This is a top quality jump cue with the manufacturer giving a lifetime warranty against warpage and other conditions. This cue plays great and is recommended during competitions. Buy it and  improve your game tremendously.

Read other reviews on the best break cue and do a comparison. But remember that Lucasi is always the best.


  • Comes with a quick release joint
  • You get a lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Beautiful sleek warpless handle
  • It is a jump break cue and it serves both roles perfectly


  • Require a decent budget to buy.

The Best Quality Jump Cue

Players JB5 Midnight Black Jump Cue Review

Players have been known over the years as the leading pool accessory manufacturers. This jump cue meets every detail that you would want in a great cue stick.

The implex and wood to wood joints come with two turbo-lock quick release pins that ensure a smooth transfer of energy.


With this jump cue, you get a solid grip that is slip free as it is wrapped with a genuine, double pressed solid black linen wrap. You can get it in different sizes ranging from 18 ounces to 21 ounces.


When you buy this jump cue, you are assured of a long life of stress free pool games as they give you a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against chipping and cracking.

  • You get top notch quality at a reasonable price
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Would play better with a better quality tip


Poison VX4 BRKR  Jump Cue

This a jump cue for professional pool players made by the Predator Group a leading manufacturing company for billiard accessories. Predator uses some of the best innovative technologies to come up with several series of poison VX cues. In the series you will get the universal 3- component sticks that have been designed for rack breaking and doing jumps.

The VX series has its trademark of having the revolutionary GTXTM  winding over different girth zones. This means that you can rotate the cue when playing to the most comfortable position for a strike.

The Poison VX4 BRKR Break Jump Cue comes with a special shaft that is made from quality Canadian maple. You can also detach a part from a tourniquet making it very easy to make stokes from different angles.

This is a cue stick for professional players who want to have the full control of their is also recommended for adventurous players who want to make strokes from different positions and angles of the cue. With this model you can easily overcome obstacles and change the whole game.

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Predator Air 2 Jump Cue Review  – The Experts Jump Cue

If you had an experience with the original predator air version, then this is an awesome addition for you. The generation Air 2 came to replace the retired traditional air and it comes with very decent specs.

The cue comes in a 3- piece construction made of Matte Black finish giving an beautiful look and feel.   The main joint is made of a mini –radial pin that  is uni-lock and the back joint is a standard uni-lock quick release joint. These two joints gives the cue and optimal balance between sturdiness and a great feel.


The awesome design ensures a front end that is light in weigh t giving the cue ultra-fast movement. The tip is phenolic giving the cue a great energy transfer to the ball. With this cue you  have a high level of accuracy on the balls. It is recommended for all players regardless of their expertise.

  • You get a  Predator sleeve and joint protectors for the listed price
  • Plays great with beginners and experts
  • It feels very light without the back extension and gives you room to do the close jump shots.
  • Requires a decent budget to buy.
  • The Matte black finish may not appeal to everyone who likes the stick.

Cuetec 3-Piece Jump Fiberglass Billiard/Pool Cue

Do you love impeccable designs and top notch quality cues, then this is your pick.

The Cuetec 3-Piece Jump/Break Fiberglass Billiard/Pool Cue is made from handpicked North American maple trees that are just suitable for cue production. Its top is covered with a fiberglass layer that protects it from all the effects of humidity and temperature changes.

This cue gives the player a solid tight and confident grip. This ensures that the player is in control of the game. This is an excellent cue for home games and commercial pool too.

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Jump Cue Buying Guide

Many players have shifted and they no longer use the general purpose house cues  to break and jump. The moment the phenolic tip found its way on the break stick, everything in pool changed and rarely will you see any player using the hard leather tip to break.

Just all other good things that people like to buy, there are numerous jump break cues in the market today that are worth the money. Just about every company that produces cues also produces jump and break cues. We came up with some factors that will help you buy one that will feel great in your hands. Keep reading and gain some insights before making that important decision.

  • Look at the General Outlook Of the Cue

As much as this is the least of the points to consider, it is important to ensure that you are comfortable with the appearance of what you are buying. Experts will tell you that decorations will bot add anything to the playability of the cue, however, this is a lifetime investment and you do not want to live and play with something you do not like. You should however take note that the extra decorations come at a price.

  • Consider the Joint Structure

If you like playing fast-paced games, you need a joint with a quick release pin, however if you want a very reliable and durable cue, go for the radial joints. The least in reliability are the uni–lock quick release joints.

  • What is the shaft made of?

Just like any other cue, the jump cue shaft can be made from different materials. You have an opportunity to choose between wood which is highly recommended due to its high flexibility and graphite or fiberglass which are modern alternatives. With good maintenance, wood cues last the longest and they keep their quality shots, however, they can easily bend out of sharp and chip.

  • How Hard is the Tip?

You need a hard tip that will allow for high energy transfers from the stick to the cue ball. A hard tip also gives high levels of spin and greatly helps in the execution of the shot. A good jump cue tip will be made from phenolic resin or other harder materials. Though these materials do not hold chalk as leather tips do, they have the highest impact when it comes to jump shots and break shots.

  • Consider the Length and Weight 

The minimum length allowed for a tournament play jump cue is 40 inches, this has guided most manufacturers. An average jump cue is 40-41 inches and it is lighter and shorter than the regular sticks. They come with two joints with one above the wrap line to allow you detach the bottom part. This reduces the weight drastically to up to 50% which increases the swing speed and force which facilitates easier jump shot execution.

  • Other Functions

Most jump cues are used as break cues since they are light and easy to swing at a higher speed. For experienced players, the break cue is always different from the playing cue. The moment you buy a jump cue, you will have added a break cue in your arsenal and it will save you money.

  • Budget

The final stage of the buying process is looking at the budget you have. To most people this is usually the first stage which is not advisable as it limits your choice options. It is better to first consider all other features then think around the price at the end. Rarely will you get a jump cue that goes below $100 due to their superior quality and durability.

  • Other Accessories

Always try and figure out the accessories you need before you go spending. The most important thing that you will need for this investment is a good cue case to help you carry your cues around and protect the sticks. Other accessories can  follow as you can manage without them.

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A quick walk through in a pool bar or a game room will reveal that the times have changed. The jump and break cues you  will get will give you a sneak peak of how technology can change things for the better. Today most jump stick manufactures have embraced technology and they advance it every other day. New materials like phenolic tip, carbon fiber and metal reinforcements have been embraced to produce amazing pieces of art. You will simply enjoy using them and they are incomparable with the traditional jump sticks.