Everything You Need to Know About Human Foosball


Are you having trouble deciding on the perfect game for your team building?   Do you need a simple game with simple rules??  If the answer is yes, human foosball will be your ideal choice.   Home Foosball is an exciting sport which has become popular in recent times.   It binds a team together and is both thrilling and exciting.   It has no strict rules, and anybody can catch up with minimal training.  At a low cost, you can have hours of leisure and is also good for pass time.


It is similar to soccer as the ball is directed towards the goal using your feet and the field has two goal posts.  Two teams compete against each other to score the highest goals within the specified time.   It’s composed of at least ten people and a maximum of 14.   The size of Foosball field is 32 feet length and 16 feet wide.  The rods are fixed across the field where players position themselves by holding on them to give them a comfortable position while playing.

A brief history of human foosball

It is not clear who invented the game. However as it progressed and advanced with time, it became famous.    Its characteristics stem from regular foosball that is played on tables.human foosball

Best time to play human foosball

Human foosball can be played in families’ get together, birthday parties, office team building, retreats, and other social gatherings.    It requires a large group, so before embarking on its plan, you must first establish the number.    You can also play it in gyms as a physical exercise, an outdoor activity or for entertainment.

How do you play human foosball?

For sanity in every game, there must be guiding rules to adhere. The ball must always remain below the foosball poles. Players are not allowed to jump, lean or climb over the foosball poles. Players are supposed to hold onto the bars every time they are in play.

There must be space between the players to allow room or swaying sideways to kick the ball.   Playing continues until a penalty occurs, the ball is out of reach of any player, a goal is scored, or the ball is kicked out of the field. You can change goal posts after a particular time set.

Where the ball is kicked out or put through the goal, it is placed back into play, and the game proceeds.  The floor can be marked using chalk to guide every player his playing area.   He can only move about his marked area while still holding the bar.

Types of Human foosballs

Human foosball is classified into three categories; Unenclosed, custom built, inflatable and facility rentals.


In this type is easier to set and is most popular.   You set up cones for the goals, fix PVC pipes where players hold on.   It is played without barriers.   It can be set up at home for family use.

Custom built

It is enclosed using wood, netting, and cardboard depending on your budget and suitability.

Inflatable and Facility Rentals

You may be planning to go for camping in an open field and engage in a foosball game.   You can shop around from the companies that offer portable facilities for hire or have built-in human foosball fields.   You give them the number of players for them to decide the best field for you and to your specifications.   They will set it up for you, and once the event is over, they will dismantle it and carry it away.   This will give you comfort at the venue of your choice.

Booking early

Some companies have well-built permanent fields within their establishments.  They require booking to make a reservation for you.  They will allow you to choose the field that will suit you. It is embarrassing to go to a venue only to be disappointed you cannot get facilities you need and the members had prepared for a tournament. It is therefore advisable to book early for reservations.

Design of the foosball table

You should take into consideration the standard and design of the human foosball table.    The bars should be of strong material that can support the weight of the players.    The finishing should be fine and offer a firm grip of your hands without causing any injuries. Most fields are made up of wood and construction nets.  In rural set up you can use hay bales to support the bars.

Importance of selecting the right bars for the field

For an enclosed foosball the bars should be light but able to carry the weight of the players.    The cumulative weight of the players should be established to know the suitable weight of the bar.  Weak bars can cause injuries during the tournament, and this should be avoided. Usually, the game runs for about 10  to 15 minutes.

For enclosed human foosball it is apparent to focus on the sliding motion. The wooden bars covered with PVC pipe are the most ideal as they enable the player’s hand to slide and sway sideways easily without losing the grip of the bar.

The hand grip is crucial for the player’s stability and safety while playing the game.  In the alternative, a strong corded rope can be inserted into a PVC pipe where it is anchored into the ground on the outer side of the wooden pallets to reinforce them and make them stronger and tight.


Take your budget into consideration.  How much money do you intend to spend?  The cost of assembling materials differs with the type.

How to refresh the game

Foosball can be thrilling depending on how much fun you pump into it.   Here are some tips which can help you to make the games more entertaining.

(1)    Can you imagine while blindfolded trying to hit a ball which you do not see with your own eyes?   You imagine there is a ball only to kick the air with the crowd cheering.   Try this one in your group, and the pomp and fun will be unimaginable.

(2)    Allocating each group of players with different colors of costumes.  This will appear very beautiful and more interesting to watch rather than when each player comes in various shades of costumes and boring.    Players can wear masks to disguise themselves to the cheering crowd. You can also use your imagination to face paint the players to give them a funny look.

(3)   If a group is large, consider increasing the number of balls to spice up the game.   The confusion in what ball to strike and the mayhem adds flavor to the game.

Closing thoughts

You can be creative to achieve more fun in the game by playing music and lighting the field.   High stakes can be created to the winning team with a kind of ‘humiliation’ to the losing team.  The losers can have their faces smeared with cake’s icing creams.