How To String A Tennis Racquet In 12 Easy Steps

Strings are what makes a racquet, without them it’s almost impossible to hit the tennis ball.

Strings often breaks depending on what kind of style you play, it is pretty much essential to learn how to string your racquet by yourself. Taking it the shop to be stringed will cost you an extra coast.

Stringing your racquet frequently is one way of maintaining it, this will prolong the life span of the racquet. It also helps in leveling your game.

tennis string knot

However, stringing a racquet can be quiet a challenge especially if you don’t have any solid knowledge about it. In this article, we are going to learn how to string the racquet in 11 simple steps.


What You Require

  •  Tennis Stringing Machine

This is a basic requirement, this helps in tensioning the strings

If you are a frequent player, you ought to invest in a good tennis stringing machine.

You will need a string machine in order to string the racquet yourself. There are gazillion of string machines, you can choose which fits you.

  • Tennis String

There are many varieties in the market such as:

–           Natural gut

–           Nylon

–           Kevlar

–           Hybrids

–           Polyester

–           Synthetic gut

These all have different materials and there is also a difference in their durability. Ensure to choose which works best for you.


  •  Tennis Racquet

You will need an unstrung racquet for this procedure.


  •  Awl

This is a needle used for sewing. You insert it in to the blocked holes to give way for strings go through.


  • Pliers

It can be quite a hard task pulling the string using your bare hand. The pliers makes the work more easier by pulling the strings and also tying knots.


  • Cutter

A cutter in this procedure is used to cut the string.


Set Up

– While using your cutter, ensure the racquet is clear from any old strings.

– Ensure the racquet’s grommet are in place, if they are not install new holes to avoid damages on the frame.

– Put the unstrung racquet on top of the stringing machine, the grommet holes are not to be blocked by the clamps. You can refer to the stringer’s manual for instructions on how to set up. Two-point and six-point mounting set up are done differently, ensure you follow instructions.

– Set the string tension on the string machine.

– Check the smoothness or any sort of damages using your fingers, if there are any damages or bumps get a new string.

–  If two piece string set up suits you best then use the cutter to cut two 20ft length of the string, one for vertical string and the other one for the horizontal string.

– Ensure that your string is set to a good and desired tension on the stringing machine. Undesired setting causes in comfort-ability since it looks like being forced into it. Also make sure that you inspect your string for any damages. This is done by running your fingers through the string. If any damage is notified, it is advisable to get a new string for excellent performance. For a two piece stringing pattern, ensure you cut two 20 feet length of the string. One for vertical and the other one for horizontal.

Know your knots.

Make sure your knots are firm and neat. This will help in stability and durability too. The knots should be made in a simple pattern that is easy to undo if need be. This does not exclude the firmament character out.

Stringing the mains.

  1.       Always start with the two holes located at the middle of the racquet head. The put both ends of the strings inside the holes from the outside. Next step is to pull them through the opposite holes. It is advisable to always position the clamps close to the holes.
  2.      Take the other side of the string and pull it as you would desire it to be or where you are comfortable. From there thread the string back down the racquet.
  3.      Repeat the process for several times. This is one way of preventing undried strain of the flame.
  4.       Finally after reaching the edges, make sure you tie the string on both side. This is good for security, it helps to minimize the damages of the string coming out of the hole oftenly.It also saves time and energy.

Stringing the crosses.

You will need the following guide lines for stringing your tennis racquet in crosses.

  • String Adjustment.

This is done where there is a need though it is optional. Put the second piece of the string through the grommet tie the string vertically tight.

  •       Take the nearest open lateral grommet.

Push the cross string though it from the outside. Thread it over and over again continuously until you reach the opposite side. Push the string to the opposite hole making sure the tension used matches the one used in the main string. This is basically to ensure uniformity that prevents unnecessary damages.

  •      Complete the remaining crosses by working down, tightening and clamping every string touched. This should be done carefully to avoid damages such as notches.
  •      Look  for a grommet that fits both the strings and use the awl to create space if needed.
  •        Go through the work you did to ensure no deformities or careless mistakes in it.


If you are a frequent player, it is mandatory to learn how to string your tennis racket. At the end of the day it will save you a few bucks. However it is also an added advantage for a newbie to learn how to string the racquet. You don’t have to spend much time next time. On the other hand you can now make as many as you required for business or for use. Ensure you take good care of it to make it durable. You can also help someone with the tips either for free or at a cost. In short your time was well spent and hence no regret.