Learn How To Make a Pool Cue case: Step By Step Guide

The thought of buying a new pool cue case can be hectic considering the amount of money that you are going to part with.  Over the years many people have opted to learn how to make the billiard cue case with their own materials as opposed to buying the ready made expensive cases.

With all the materials and some determination, you can easily put up a cue case in 1- 2 days.  A word of caution though if you do not have any experience with handy work or construction. This can prove to be too difficult for you.

Before starting off, ensure you have bought the following materials from the nearest hardware store.

What You Need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Small screws
  • Circular saw
  • Thin wood
  • Hot glue
  • Wood glue
  • Paint
  • Cue case catches
  • Small handle
  • Felt (Thin soft material will do)
  • 2 small hinges

Step 1: Map the dimensions of your cue case

Considering that this is your personal project, you can be creative with the size of the case that you want to make. You can set the length of the pool case to be about 65 inches. This will allow you to hold most cue sticks as they measure 57- 59 inches. The length will also allow room for fitting some other accessories like chalk and the cloth.

When it comes to the width, consider the number of cue sticks that you have. For a standard case you can set the width to 8-10 inches. Don’t make it too high as the idea is to keep the cue sticks tight and minimize their movements in the case.

Ensure you leave enough space to allow you install the cue case catches at the end. Get wood pieces that have little more girth at the top end.

Once you figure out what you want in your mind, go ahead and draw the blue print of your pool cue case.

Step 2: Cut the Thin Wood to Your Desired Dimensions

Now that you have the blue print of the case you want with you, it now time to make it happen. Use the circular saw to cut out a basic frame for the case. Once you get the box frame ready, cut the thin wood pieces to be used as pool cue separators. The extra thin woods will also be used to make extra pockets that you can store the accessories.

Depending on you cue stick lengths cut the cue separators at 60 inches, this will allow you some room to create an extra pocket.

Finish up by fixing  an exterior to each of the sides of the case.

Step 3 : Glue The Case Together

Now that you have all the parts cut to size and ready, it is now time to fix the case together. For the best results glue the wooden case with approved wood glues.

Don’t be tempted to use nails as they will split the thin woods.

Start by fixing the bottom of the case and installing the separators. Next craft the pockets to your desired size.  Once it is all glued together, leave it to settle for 10-12 hours to allow the glue time to dry before moving to the next step.

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Step 4 :  Install the Cue Case Felt

Now that all the glue is dry, it is now   time to fix the felt or the soft material that you bought. Ensure that all the edges are covered to prevent any grinding against the separators or rubble as you carry them around.

This is a tricky part as it requires precise measurements. With some caution and creativity you will get a beautiful case interior. Use the hot glue to fix the felt on each part and leave it to dry before moving to the next step.

Step 5:  Paint the Case to Detail

To this point the case has a beautiful interior. It is now time to make the outside beautiful. Paint using your favorite color.  You can be creative and use stencils to add your name and any other writings. You can also use paint brushes and make it look as beautiful as you can.

This is the stage that makes the cue case different from any other. It personalizes it to your liking hence you should take it seriously. Ensure that the catches and the handles are installed before finalizing the painting as they may cover your paintings.

Step 6:  Fix the Catches and the Handle

This is the final step and we are off with a beautiful cue case. Since everything is set inside, its time to fix the catches and the handle on the outside.

Ensure that the catches are spread evenly on the case. They allow for easier opening and closing. If you like it with hinges you will need two catches on one of the long sides.

Use the screw drive to carefully fit the small screws. Be careful not to split the wood pieces especially when using a driller.

Make sure that the case opens and closes easily. Finally install the handle to help you move the pool cue case around.

When everything is done, you are ready to use you homemade cue case. This is an easy DIY project that you can work on and keep your best billiard cues safely for the next game.