How To Clean Pool Balls

It is inevitable for pool balls to get dirty, Right  ? However, removing dirt from pool balls can be a pretty easy process. We have a guide that will help you clean off stains, chalk marks and the yellowing off  of your balls easily.

There are two alternatives to get it done.

  • Soap and Water – To remove normal chalk marks use water and detergent.
  • Professional Polish – You can use polish solution to remove stubborn stains, polish brings back a soft glow on the balls.

Detergent and Water

If the pool balls are slightly dirty, just use soapy water.

CAUTION : This procedure is for only plastic/phenolic resin balls. Do not use it on balls made of wood or ivory!




  1. Take one bucket add water up to 110 degree, mix it the soap.
  2. Soak the balls for 5minutes. With a larger bucket you can soak all your balls.
  3. Add cold water (Room Temperature) to the other bucket.
  4. When the 5minutes are over, take a microfiber cloth and wipe each ball for 30mins or so. You can always add more soap to the cloth for polishing.
  5. Wash off the soap from each ball by using the other bucket with cold water.
  6. Take the towel and ensure that you have wiped the balls till they dry completely, leaving them wet can cause damages to the glossy finishing.

You can use other cleaning materials designed for plastic e.g Brillianize or still you can use an identifier ball cleaning solution   if your soap is not getting the job done.

Brillianize Cleaner


Alternatively you can use the professional cleaners discussed below;

Using Professional Pool Ball Cleaners.

Cleaning the yellow balls with the regular cleaning solution might not do the job, if you happen to have the yellow balls you can use either Aramith identified pool balls cleaner or the QWKC cleaner that doubles up as a felt cleaner.

We will first go through the procedure of using the Aramith Pool Ball Cleaner and Restorer set.

Please note that the product is made for phenolic resin balls and it is very strong, be cautious when applying it on cheaper pool ball sets.


  • Aramith Billiards Ball Cleaner
  • Aramith Billiards Ball Restorer
  • Microfiber Cloths


Aramith Billiard Cleaner and Restorer Set



  1. Shake the bottle of Aramith pool ball Restorer before use, then apply the first ball with a spot of it.
  2. Take a microfiber cloth and polish the solution for close to 30seconds or so.
  3. Take another dry microfiber cloth, clean until the ball is dry and no restorer can be traced.
  4. Next shake Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner and apply some cleaner. Polish the ball gently and wipe it clean using a clean cloth.
  5. For the next ball, repeat the same procedure till you are done cleaning all the balls that require to be cleaned.

Ensure to first apply the restorer, it is a very strong solution, it helps in removing tough stains by breaking them down making it very easy for the cleaner to clear it leaving the ball with a glossy finishing.



Hopefully, this article helped you to get rid of unwanted stains from your pool balls. Now you know how to clean yellow pool balls with your homemade billiard ball cleaner or a professional polish. Clean your balls will give you a cleaner pool table felt and increase your tables life.

If you have any trick to help on how to clean billiards balls without damaging  them, don’t forget to leave us a comment below.