How To Clean And Protect Your Pool Table

Owning a pool table is a long term investment, it can also be lucrative when installed as business, but only if the billiards table is maintained well. Treat your pool table with care, it is of a great value, so you ought to maintain it for it to last for a lifetime.

Pool Table

Both the player and the owner should handle the pool with care for longer lasting performance. The felt is the upper cloth on the pool table, which is very imperative to take very good care of it, it makes a difference in both playability and durability. Though, the felt is very fragile it must be cleaned with extra care. When cleaning it ensure you strictly use a brush that is meant for pool tables. Below is how to protect the pool table for longevity use.


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Pool Table Protection Tips

  • Pool table care; prevention

 Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, invest in a good cover and make sure your table has a cover whenever it is not in use, the cover will protect the felt cloth from dust, kids, pets, and from damages of the sun. Also avoid any form of mishandling, let the players know the rules. It is wise to have some simple rules put up on the wall.

  • Good table position

 It is advisable to keep the table away from sunlight, it should also not be anywhere near any window opening, the sun rays may damage the cloth and the wood can fade.

  • No nothing on the table

Keep anything that is not pool related off the table. No drinking nor smoking on the table. Spilled drinks will stain the felt cloth, you can always find another place to put your drink while shooting the pool. However, any spilled liquid on the table should be cleaned immediately using a clean moist cloth, make sure you don’t rub the stain

instead let it absorb then use a dry cloth to dry any remaining wetness in the cloth felt.

Don’t chalk over the table. Make sure the table room has shelves for people to put up their stuff, it won’t be bad if you had an ashtray too.

Allowing cigarette ashes on the table means that pretty soon you will be buying a new cloth.

Don’t confuse the pool table with a couch, don’t sit on the table , The rubber cushion rails can drop down, causing the legs and base to move and get unstable, in such case, the game won’t be fun anymore.

  • Play safe

Ensure to give good protection to your pool table by taking into consideration its condition when enjoying the games, try to chalk the tip of the cue less frequently and do away with it.

While playing don’t play wearing loose jewelry, watches or ornaments, may potentially “clutch” the cloth.  Just a tiny pick can eventually grow into a sizable hole, if it happens this way you’ll have to re-felt the cloth. You have spent a lot on the table so it is your obligation to protect it.

For more stubborn stains on the table, or for occasional deep cleaning, you can use QWKC a product that specifically meant to clean the pool table.

 How to clean the pool table

 It’s very easy to learn how to clean the pool table, though it is a very fragile process, it is supposed to be handled with a lot of care.

  • Cleaning the wood.

The wooden supporting the structure should be preserved just like any other quality furniture. Any visible dirt or spills should be wiped off immediately with a soft clean wet cloth.

From time to time, rub the wood with only a citrus polish using a soft cloth, it will have a smooth surface. The number of times that you are going to repeat this process is based on how heavily used is the table.

  • Cleaning the cloth

Dust will always be on the felt so it is wise to clean your cloth after every session. It is advisable when chalking cues, don’t place the chalk on the cloth felt, chalk dust is fine and abrasive, so chalking away from the table means protecting the cloth. When you are cleaning the felt, use a specified brush that is only made for pool table, they are made to brush softly the felt. Brush heading one direction, from one end to the other towards the pocket.


  • Vacuum the pockets

Wipe the pockets  gently with a soft wet cloth, most pockets are made of leather if yours are, wipe them after a period of six months or so using oil conditioning product to keep the leather flexible.


  • Cleaning the billiard balls

You must agree with me that the balls are more responsible for tracking dust. After every session, take a bowl of water and detergent, dampen a soft cloth then gently wipe each ball, then wipe them with a dry towel so they would dry off completely.

The felt will be in a good condition if the balls are always clean.


  • Cleaning the frame

 Removing dust from the frame is quite easy, use a soft brush to clean the area under the rail, the legs and the cabinet.


A well maintained pool table will last and it will play better than a neglected one. If you want your pool to last for long then you must know how to maintain it, the rules are pretty simple to abide with. Invest in a good cover, always put the cover on when the pool is not in use. Also have a place where people can put up their stuff away from the pool table. Having shelves and ashtray for smokers in the room can be good thing. Make a point to maintain a pool table and you will always enjoy the game.

Should you notice something is wrong with the pool either, scratches on the wood or, holes on the felt, make sure to call a professional to fix it for you, don’t try DIY you might end up messing.