Game Room Seating Options

Once in a while you need to find time and relax your mind with a game or two. A pool table is a great investment for this and it can be installed at home or at the working place. Having some time out of the norm relaxes the mind and you excel in the tasks you were doing earlier.

After buying that exquisite pool table, you need to show it off to your family and friends by inviting them to try it out. But you need somewhere for your guests to sit when they are not playing. We dived into this situation and came up with possible solutions that you can use.

Billiard Room Seating Ideas

You need to first plan the seating arrangement considering the number of people who will be playing and watching the game. We start off with two people as it is the minimum number of players. In such a scenario you just need one spectator chair where one person will sit as they wait for their turn to play. Remember to get a specialized chair for the game room that comes with a section where you can rest your pool cue too and better still if it has place where you can set down your drink.

If you are privileged to have a big mancave and many of your friends want to come and hang in right there, you need to equip it for the event. A perfect idea that is practical is to have a pub set. The pub set is a perfect entertainment point as it will be positioned near the billiard table where you can easily access both locations.

Don’t worry if you have a small room, there are pub sets that are designed for small areas. You can get a 30-inch table that comes with two bar stools as a complete set. There is an option of having a 36-inch diameter pub set for medium game rooms. The set comes with 4 barstools and it is adjustable to hold 6 barstools. The different bar sets have different heights ranging though most of them are 40 to 42 inches high.

The type of table you buy will determine the type and height of stools to buy for your mancave. We recommend that you buy a 36 inch high table for small and medium game rooms as it gives you an excellent playing environment without interfering with the pool cues during play. The 36 – inch table goes well with 25 inch high stools while the 40-42 inch high table will match with a 30 inch high stool.

There are also very specialized benches that you can add to the game room for your guests to sit on. They come with a cue resting point not to mention that they are high enough for you to sit comfortably as you wait for your turn to play. You can have the bench customized to match with the color of your pool table and create a color harmony in your game room.

Final Words

With such seating setups you are sure that your friends have a nice place to relax when they come over for a match with you over the weekends. If by any chance your game room gets jam-packed, consider getting a home bar set and you will be good to go.