Foosball Passing What You Need To Know

A good player is one who plays as a team but not as a sole goal scorer.   Passing the ball from one player to another gives maturity to the game and ensures the control of the game and gives an opportunity to every player to feel they are a part of the game.   Beginners tend to slam the ball forward from the defense as much as possible.   Moving the ball forward with short calculated passes becomes very easy.

In any game, your opponent is not aware of your next move. He keeps on guessing and this offer you the perfect opportunity to methodically move the ball forward in a better scoring position.  Below are some ways every player should adopt while making a pass.

Wall pass

The wall pass is the most efficient and easy move. It entails passing the ball forward to your three rods.   You start by first controlling the ball on the inside edge of your number 2-5 man.   Position a three-man forward against the wall.   Now slide the ball to the wall with your five men and quickly slip it through to your forward. It is easy to implement especially for a new player.

Lane pass

This pass prevents your opponent from just positioning his five-man against the wall to prevent you from scoring.  You start by first establishing a space before the wall and slide the ball from the inside edge of your players.

Bounce back pass

In this strategy, your opponent may have noted and marked your intention to make a wall pass. He may seem to be aware of your every move, which may not be the case after all.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that, whatever his assumption he is not sure of your move.  However, all may not be lost since you can outsmart him by switching back the ball in another direction to your number 2 five men and then quickly pass it to your forward which should be positioned about 2 ball widths from the wall.

Re-direction of your pass

You can pretend to be making a wall pass and start sliding the ball to the wall only to change and make another move suddenly.   In this way, your opponent is caught unaware and will be thrown off guard as he haphazardly tries to organize himself.

Dribbling with your goalkeeper  

This is a method where space is created if your opponent is in the constant movement of blocking your shots or passes from the defensive end.   In this process try as much as possible to play with the mind of your opponent by passing the ball back and forth between your two man defense and your goalkeeper.  Be cautious not to score your own goal as you make those moves.    Without wasting much time allow the lane to open up and once you are satisfied quickly slide the ball forward to your five man rod.

Pass from defense  

Inexperienced players usually hit the ball forward from the defense.   Shooting the ball forward is okay but may never achieve maximum benefits.    It should be short and well calculated to organize your team.  Try a wall pass, lane pass or bounce pass instead of making this move.   This will advance your ball from your two men to your five man rod.