Do you Really Need a Breaking Cue?

Many players choose for a breaking cue to escape wear and tear on their playing cues. More often than not, breaking cue needs some more force and will have a greater effect on the pool cue’s tip more so if it is a leather tip. With regular breaks, the leather tip of a nice cue will flourish over time.
In many instances, recurrent tough breaks can damage the pool cue tube and to the intersections. Breaking has been proved as a significant aspect of playing a game of pool. Most players struggle with the breaks hence the need to break cue.
An important question that might come to your mind is, what necessitates having a cue that will just be for breaking. Or whether it will really be necessary to have an addition to your rising assortment of field pool cues.
Most players are usually in a dilemma as to whether they need a breaking cue to improve their pool game. Pool cue can have a big effect on the excellence of your breaks.

  • The following points should guide you on whether you may or may not want to break a cue in your pool cue collection.
  • A robust and powerful break is the primary signal that your opponent is a good player. Starting of a fast, clear-cut and commanding break will set you up for successes in your game of billiard balls.
  • Using a special breaking cue will actually help you crunch the rack.
  • A regular playing cue can help you achieve results with diplomacy, wrist action, swiftness, and authority.
  • Breaking cue can actually make you a good player. The extra heaviness and evenness of the breaking cue can add a ton of speed and accuracy to your breaks.
  • The end on the slide of your cue shall be extra fine and the handgrip covered in a power producing grasp.
  • It helps to store your other playing cues in a better state for a long time. A perfect breaking cue will make you want to play more.
  • Making the correct investment decision to have a break cue will go a long way to make you a better player

Factors To Consider When Picking A Breaking Cue

For you to have a good cue, then you need a perfect set of billiard balls. Breaking cue rest on a number of factors and differ from one player to another

Cue weight

Breaking cues are generally weightier as matched to normal playing cues. The average weight of a normal cue is approximately 20oz. On the other hand, breaking cues average 24oz. The heavier the cue the more powerful the break.

The speediness of the stroke

For you to have an authoritative break, you must be able to balance between the speed of the blow and the heaviness of the cue. Losing the speed of a heavier cue will result in a weaker break.
You can experiment with different weights starting with normal cues. As you increase the weight of the cues, you can make a judgment as to whether an increase or a decrease in speed will affect break.
Breaking a cue will principally be your special judgment as it depends on how exclusive stroke practice, method, and speed interconnect with the weight of the cue.

Damage to the pool cue shaft and joints

A breaking cue will not result in a wear and tear on your playing cues. This is because a breaking cue needs more force and this a great impact on the tip. You can replace the tip over time thou it may prove to be a costly affair.

In the long run, repeated tough breaks can destroy the pool cue shaft and links. This may require you to buy a breaking cue that is made of hard-wearing materials and features such as holder wraps and joint shields.
You might also be worried if breaking cue will because of warpage.

Warpage is a situation where the shaft becomes bent or twisted out of shape. This could occur as a result of unequal absorption of moisture. Warpage should not worry you because it is not associated with the vibrations and firmness as a consequence of using the cue to shoot with.

The main question should be whether you can afford to have the tips changed more often. However regular maintenance to the shaft is necessary. Making an investment in a break cue will reduce the aging of your playing cue by a large margin.

 Style of play

Your style of play will determine as to whether you require a breaking cue or not.8 or 9 ball play needs a lot of force to scatter the rack. Repeated breaks will damage the cue. Therefore a breaking cue is quite indispensable here.

With correct weight and swiftness, a breaking cue will set the game into action and enable you to win more games.

Player Rank

If you are a new player, you will probably go for the normal cues. However, you might need some added weight at the back of the stroke to get their pace and control going. Extra weight will deliver more spin and some smoothness,

On the other hand, if you are an expert player you might want some more spin and swiftness every now and then. Here you need control over the velocity so as to achieve a powerful break. You will go for the heavier cues and stroke with speed in order to have a powerful break.

The composition of the cue

Break cues need extra hard tips and shafts. Avoid cheap cues as they might be made from materials that are not long-lasting and may overall wreck your game.

Final Word

A break cue is a necessity as it will sharpen your skill and enhance your experience in the game of billiards. Your game will be more fun.

The break cue will help your playing cue remain steady and avert mushrooming and premature aging of the tip. Adding a break cue to your collection of will help a great deal.