Dartboard Maintenance: 5 Ways to Make Your Dartboard Last Longer.

Generally, dartboards need to be well maintained for them to last longer. As long as you have invested in a good dartboard, then it is of great importance to take good care of it through various ways of maintenance . This will in turn save you both money and time.

There are several ways of maintaining your board for its lengthy lifespan as explained below;


a.) Regularly rotating your board.

Some areas of the board are likely to wear out faster compared to other areas especially those that soft darts are often aimed at. For this reason, rotating your dartboard frequently is highly recommended since it ensures that this disparity does not occur. Remove the metallic number marker and rotate the board in a clockwise motion till the next black segment. This means that the number 12 will replace the number 20.dartboard maintenance


b.) Get to know the capacity of your board.

Secondly, it is also important to take note of your dartboard’s capacity. This is because different dartboards are made for different number of players. This therefore means that making your dartboard go beyond its capacity will greatly contribute to its wearing out.


  c.) Keep your board away from water or any other liquids.

While some people advise that one can use water to clean their board, it is actually recommended that you keep your board away from water or any other liquids. This is because the board is made of fibre components which should not be exposed to water or any other liquids. This means that exposing your board to liquids will cause the fibre component to eventually get soaked and eventually leading to the wear and tear of your board. It is also of great importance to ensure that the board is not left out in open areas so as to prevent it from coming into contact with rain.

    d.) Use of the recommended dart points.

It is important to note that the use of too sharp or blunt dart points will quickly wear out your dartboard. A very sharp dart point is likely to destroy the fiber in the dartboard by tearing it off when pulling them out of the board. Hooked dart points are also likely to damage your board with time by pulling out the fibers from the board. However, the use of smooth, sharp and well rounded dart points will give your dartboard a longer lifespan. It is also important to be cautious of how you remove your dart points from your board because that too will either make your dartboard to wear out fast or increase its lifespan. Dart points shouldn’t be forcefully pulled out from the board instead, it is recommended that you twist it from the board. By so doing, you will be certain that your board will last longer.


    e.) Proper dartboard set-up.

How and where you set up your dartboard will determine how long it lasts. It is important to ensure that your board is set up in a secure area and it is also well secured to the wall or on a firm dartboard stand. You can fix it securely with a back board to ensure that your wall stays in great condition. The fixings should also not be heavy since this is likely to create pressure on your board. Too much lighting also causes your board to wear out fast which therefore means that you should set it up in a place that has minimal lighting.


In conclusion, as seen above, maintaining your board ensures that it will last longer and it will in turn save you from incurring the cost of replacing it and time as well.

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