Did you know that your standing posture is one of the key aspects when it comes to your darts game! Consistency is key when it comes to improving your darts stance. Truth is, for you to be good and consistent in your darts stance, it will take you a lot of practicing and work. playing darts

Darts if taken seriously is like any other sports that requires one to be dedicated and put in a lot of practice so as to get to the point of being competent. The right dart stance determines how rhythmic your entire game will be since it is one of the main aspects to starting off on a high note during the game.

How good your stance determines how comfortable you are and in turn the results. As long as there is shakiness and inconsistencies in your stance, then the entire game is bound to fail greatly.

There are several ways in which you can improve your darts stance and they are;

  • Lining up centered with the dartboard.

How you line up is on of the important aspects to consider when trying to find the right stance when throwing your darts. Ensure that you are lined up in such a way that you are centered with the bristle or electronic dartboard when throwing your darts. While most skillful players tend to opt for a spot either to the left or right, this mainly occurs after practicing for a long time.

When setting the right stance, it is paramount to look at your bull’s eye after which you need to draw an imaginary line in your mind’s eye from where your bull’s eye is to the floor and eventually to the throwing line where you are standing. As long as you ensure that you line up in this position when throwing your darts, your consistence will be continuous and of accurate throws each time.

  • Standing at the line

There are several ways of placing your feet on the throw line among them the forward, angled and finally the side stance. The side stance is ideal for having your eye and your throwing arm on the same line thereby preventing your arm from making unwanted moves which in turn hinders your accuracy.

Whereas the forward stance enables the toe of your front foot to be in contact with the throw line, the side stance on the other hand gives way for your front shooting foot on the throw line. The stance in the middle of the forward stance and the side stance is the angled stance which is ideal for players with a balance and are okay with both stances. So as to control your darts throw, ensure that your elbow is inwards and your back foot is behind the front foot. However, the most recommended stance happens to be the forward stance which allows your controlling foot to be in the front and pointing at the bulls’ eye while the other foot is behind you and placed slightly on the side thus giving you the comfort, balance and control you need. This means that all the weight is held by the right stance foot while balance is made possible by the other foot.

You will get a perfect stance when your shoulders and the dartboard are in a 90 degrees angle while the back foot, forward foot and the oche are in a 90 degrees angle as well. See to it that your shoulders are parallel to the ground while your spine is straight and arms are fully relaxed. With much practice, you will eventually get to know which stance is most comfortable for you.

  • Balance your weight.

Another aspect to consider when trying to improve your dart throwing stance is how you distribute your weight when playing. The front foot stance is supposed to carry more weight compared to the back foot as long as your feet shoulder width are apart.

While your base is the front foot, how balanced you stay is determined by your back foot. However, it is perfectly fine if your balance will be enhanced by lifting off the toe of your back foot. Finding the perfect balance between your feet is paramount so as to ensure that you do not get fatigued and to also enhance how accurate you are in your dart throwing stance.

With enough practice, you will eventually be in a position to get your most comfortable stance thus the right distribution of weight. While slightly leaning forward when throwing your darts is natural, too much leaning is highly discouraged since the more you lean forward, the more weight you are putting on the front foot thereby putting strain on more muscles when throwing your darts making it strenuous to your back as well. It will also reduce the weight from your back foot thus making you unstable since the back foot mainly provides the balance.

  • Ensure that your body is calm.

How still your body is, is another key aspect that determines your darts throwing stance. When starting off to play the game of darts, most players make the mistake of making too much movement when throwing darts. This is mainly from them leaning forward too much or moving the upper part of the arm and shoulder when throwing the dart. It is important to ensure that your shoulder remains firm when throwing the dart while your spine remains straight and still and your arm should be relaxed.

  • Standing with your throwing side first.

Finally, it is important to note that how you place your feet can be a challenge when for a beginner dart player. While some players stand having placed both of their feet even on the toe line and their body leaning towards the dartboard, this posture only looks natural but it can do so much injustice to a beginner player. It is however recommended that you stand with your throwing side first to mean that if you are a right handed, your right side should be towards the dartboard while your right foot on the toe line.

In conclusion, the above tips if followed keenly will help improve on your dart throwing stance and with enough practice and consistency, you are assured that your dart throwing stance will go to a higher and a better level.

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