Best Pool Table and Snooker Cue Tip Glue

If you have been having a hard time trying to replace your cue tip, then you need try new tricks. If your tip keeps falling off or it does not stick on for long then this article is for you. My family and I felt like we had turned into career tip changers due to the many times we had to change the cue tips in a year. We thought everybody was experiencing the same until decided to change the glue we were using.

The results were instantaneous and the tips now last longer. You could be thinking that the tip is the problem while in the real sense the glue is what is causing you all the trouble. We are going to show you different types of cue tip glues that you can use to make your game time memorable. We did actual tests with my buddies in the local club after sharing my experience with them.

If you have been using glue for some time, you may have noticed that most of the times we end up throwing away lots of it as it cannot be used for a second time. This simply means that you do not get value for your money. One of the key factors we considered when reviewing the glue brands is the ability to use them for a second time long after using them. Unlike the common super glue that hardens soon after the first use, we found a product that you can use again and again to the last drop. Be cautious though with the storage as it determines the length of time you can store your glue for.

We have a list of the 5 best cue tip glue brands in the market. We actually visited the known cue stick sellers and asked them what they use and what they think of the different brands. Did you like your original cue stick tip? You can get a replacement that is as good as that one with the best glue.  We recommend Loctite Ultra Gel glue for all your billiards repairs and other home use.

Read through the comparison table showing the best glue for snooker tips and read the reviews and buyers guide for each of the brands.

Top 5  Pool  Cue Tip  Repair Kit Glue



Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue -Best Glue for Snooker Tips

This cue stick glue has proved to be the best in the market so far in all aspects. Its price is unbelievable compared to the quality of joint it delivers. If you want to complete the re-tipping in a few minutes, then this should be your choice. The glue sets in a few seconds and the bond is permanent. This glue works best with all leather and plastic tips and it delivers a first class result. Commercial cue stick producers use it all the time and it was voted as the best by three leading cue stick suppliers

This glue easily bond leather, wood, metal, ceramic, card board, fabric, rubber, PVC, hard plastics. This makes it very appropriate for all your domestic use. You do not have to worry about broken utensils any more as this is a perfect solution. It also fixes toys perfectly. However be very cautious when using it near kids.

The greatest discovery that makes this glue unique is the special squeeze feature that allows you to easily apply the glue on the surface of your choice. It comes in a 4 gram bottle that has an easy to use tip and it is very easy to apply. When applied the glue sets in 10 to 15 seconds hence it gives you time to align the tip before it takes hold. The good thing is that it sets without clamping with a clear outline making it perfect for sensitive items like ornaments.

The sole purpose that makes this tip cement a winner is the fact that it is resistant to low temperatures and moisture and it can withstand harsh conditions. When used on the tip, you are sure that you will enjoy your game to the end without having to worry about the tip peeling off. Everyone who has tried it said that it is ideal for outdoor use and it can withstand exposure to extreme climatic conditions.

It is advisable to store the glue safely and in a dry place. Always replace the cap after using the glue. Though it does not dry easily, you could be unlucky if you store it carelessly.


  • It bonds what other glues can’t you can literally glue your wall back
  • It has a special squeeze to apply feature that works perfectly


  • Comes in a 4 gram container which is not sufficient for huge jobs
  • The tip keeps closing


Tip Repair and Replacement Tiger Glue

Do you play league matches? If you do, you surely need this glue. Though it does not set off as quickly as you would want, it holds permanently thereafter and you can enjoy the tournament to the end. This glue works great with a good pool cue tip repair kit and a tip repair and replacement clamp.

The best thing with this glue is that you can use it for other works in your home. If you do crafts and other DIY activities that require fixing, this is the perfect glue. Some buyers say that it works better than super glue. We recommend it for the fact that you can use it more than once and it can be used to repair several tips.

A word of caution is that you should not let it come into contact with your fingers, neither should you leave the container open.



  • Works great and the tips stay on for a longer time
  • You can use more than once
  • Sticks relatively quick


  • It does not set off easily compared to other glues


Gorilla Heavy Duty Ultimate Construction Adhesive, 9 Ounce Cartridge

This is the all-time favorite glue for any home use and game room use. It has been specially made to stick on multiple surfaces including metal, plastics, ceramic, stone, fabric, rubber and paper. The beauty of it all is that it works great on vertical surfaces without smearing or running off.

If you want a glue that dries in seconds and maintains its grip then this is it. It dries in 10 -45 seconds and retains its gorilla toughness all through due to its unique rubber particles that enhance its resistance and strength. The anti-clog cap keeps the glue in reusable condition for a longer period after the first application. Just ensure that the cap is airtight.

Most people who have tried this glue are amazed with the results. Who would imagine that the glue would hold broken mug handles? But it does exactly that. The glue works great with cue different cue tips and it is highly recommended if you do not have the time to let the cue stick to set off. It also works great for hobbyists, craftspeople and artists.


  • Easily applicable on vertical surfaces
  • Very strong joint formation
  • Can bond on different surfaces
  • Quick setting from 10 seconds
  • Specially made anti-clog cap to prevent drying out.


  • Many people complain that the glue dries off easily when left open.


Super Glue 15187 , 12-Pack  Review

Super glue has been a house hold name for many years. Many people trust this brand more than any other glue in the market due to its awesome results. The glue sets in seconds forming an instant bond and works best with non-porous materials like rubber or metal.

This glue will work on almost any surface. Just ensure that the surface is smooth and apply a small amount of the glue and fix it. This particular package has 12 tubes which means you can use one today on all your projects and have some more for other projects in future. The outer box is reusable and easy to pen and lock for the security of the glue.

The glue easily sticks on different materials, however it is not perfect on wood and ceramics. You can test with anything special that you want to fix, it doesn’t work go for something else to avoid disappointments.



  • Comes in a reusable package
  • Sets in seconds
  • Bonds on multiple surfaces


  • Does not bond on ceramics



Best Art Work Glue

Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA)

This is the perfect glue for you if you use a substantive amount of glue at a go. It was perfect on the Lego building projects we had. The good thing with this glue is that there is a thicker version if you do not want it smearing all over the project.

If you want to use this glue on your cue, you will need to give it time to dry and form a solid bond. It works on all odd surfaces including glass, vinyl tiles, plastic and cardstock. It gives you enough working time without having to get worried that your hand will be stuck on the surface.

Many buyers have complimented this product for the amount of glue you get compared to the price you pay. This notwithstanding, they maintain the high levels of quality. It comes with an easy applicator ensuring that you do not get the glue all over. It works great with wood.


  • Easy applicator for precise application
  • Quick bonding
  • Long shelf life and reusable
  • Works great on different surfaces
  • Fixes wood perfectly


  • The glue is not as instant as you would think. You need at least one minute for a solid bond


Cue Tip Cement Comparison Table



Buy the best cue tip glue for your jump  cues, break  cues and playing cues and enjoy the game. With the right equipment, you are set to go. Your pool cues will play  like a new set again.