Best Billiard Cue Cases Review

Just like any other investment, your cue sticks need some form of protection from extreme weather conditions and simple vices like dust. Unlike the cues that are limited in quality brands and materials of make, cue cases come in different designs, materials, cost, and durability among others.

For gamers who like exploring the world and playing championships in different clubs, nothing comes in handy like a high quality cue case. The case not only makes you look classy and professional, it also provides a safe storage and transportation for your expensive cue sticks.

Best Pool Cue Cases For 2020 Reviews

1×1 Pool Cue Cases

The Best The Money

Iszy Billiards 1×1 Pool Cue Billiard Stick Carrying Case

Iszy billiards has made a name on pool table accessories all over the world. They made this cue case to match their awesome cue sticks to give players a relaxed mind during their buying spree.

The case is made of a hard vinyl covering and it comes in different colors ranging from brown, black, blue, red, pink and gray. The inside of the case holds 1 shaft and 1 butt comfortably. It has a cloth divider that separates the butt and the shaft.

This case comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it easy and comfortable to carry around. It measures 31 ¼ inches in length and it can hold a 30 inch shaft or butt comfortably. It has a single zipper pocket that you can use to store your chalk or cloth. With this case you do not have to worry about the storage of your cue stick before you buy a cue rack.

  • Very affordable
  • Has a great finishing making it elegant
  • Has 2 inner compartments one for the shaft and the other for the butt    which prevents scratching
  • It cannot carry a full cue stick that is not divided into two.
  • The pouch is too small to handle several accessories made only for chalk
Best Rated Hard Shell Case

Cuesoul Two Tone 1×1 Pool Cue Tube

This is a hard shelled case that comes with a solid hard inner core for maximum protection. The outer design has been made perfect by the textured PU Leather material that makes it look like original leather. It is very easy to maintain and clean as you require just a cloth  to wipe the scratch and scuff resistant material clean. It is very durable with 2 compartments to hold the shaft and the butt separately.

For an easy carrying, this case comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. It also has a small removable pocket by the side which gives room for chalk and cloth storage.  If you are out of gift ideas for your gaming friend, then this is a perfect fit. They will simply love it and you as well!

  • Gives more protection than a soft case
  • Perfect side by side design for easier handling.
  • The removable pocket is risky as you can lose your accessories.



The Best Traveling Cue Case

Casemaster Deluxe Billiard Stick Case 1 x 1

If you like traveling a lot without bothering on where or how you keep your cues, then this is your case. This is a hard case with a sturdy exterior from viper. It has a hard textured leatherette outer covering giving it a classic look. It is also very easy to clean and hardly does the outer surface get scratched.

The interior of this snooker cue case is fully lined and padded to provide the vital protection against accidental drops or pressure from the top.  The case comes with a secure locking mechanism to safeguard the cues. It comes with a handle at the side to help in carrying it around.

  • It is hard shelled and padded inside for maximum cue stick protection
  • Looks elegant
  • Has a 90 days Warranty
  • Carrying handle not convenient when carrying other items
  • Does not come with a pocket for accessories


2 x 2 Cue Cases Reviews

Top Choice

Billiard Depot 2×2 Billiard Stick Carrying Case

Billiard deport has a variety of 2×2 carrying cases to choose from.

The materials used to make the cases are similar with a difference in the design and model.  The beauty of it is that the cases come in different colors and they all have side pockets that are big enough to carry your tips, chalk and other accessories.


The cases have an inner dividing tube that goes all the way to the bottom making it a real hard case.  The only downside with these designs is that the cases are not padded hence the but s and the shafts keep moving inside the case. They are however elegant and easy to clean not to mention that they are highly durable.


  • Most cases have 2 pockets giving you ample room for storage
  • Easy to carry around with the adjustable shoulder strap
  • Not padded hence sticks keep moving inside the cases
Budget Friendly Cases

2×2 Iszy Billiard Stick Carry Case

When you buy more than one cue sticks, you will need somewhere to store them safely. You will also need a case that will help you carry them to your preferred game location.

This 2×2 Billiard Stick Carry Case from Iszy Billiards offers exactly that and at a very budget friendly price. This case has room for 2 butts and 2 shafts with storage tubes running all through the length of the case. It is also the most favorable to carry your jump cues.

This hard case comes in 11 different colours that you can choose from depending on your preference. However, some colors have a different hole layout hence you might find the design to be different. The outer material is made of a vinyl covering making it elegant and very easy to clean. You can carry this case around using the shoulder strap or the handle. With this case you will never run out of extra storage space as there are 2 pockets that you can use to carry your accessories.

  • Has 2 extra pockets giving you extra space
  • Has a handle and a shoulder strap making it movement friendly
  • The case does not hold the cues tightly which can lead to wrapping
  • Not very durable
Top Hard Case

Casemaster Pool Cue Hard Case

If you love premium products at a low budget, then this is your case. It holds 2 butts and 2 shafts perfectly and secures them throughout the journey or storage period. The outer design and feel makes it super amazing as it is made from a textured leatherette covering. It has 2 accessory pouches to help you carry your tips, chalks and other accessories you need for the game.

The exterior is hard to give all the protection the sticks needs during bumps and scratches. The inside is fully lined to give the much needed cushion to your cue sticks whenever the case drops. Rarely will you get incidents of wrapping with this case. For safe carrying, the case comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. To crown it all you will get a 90 days warranty when you buy it which shows the guarantee on quality.

  • Spacious pouches to fit all shooting accessories
  • Holds cues tightly inside
  • Very strong and nicely made pouches with excellent zippers
  • The red dot cue balls do not fit in the pouches


2×4 Pool Case Reviews

Pro Combo Case

2×4  Pro Combo  Cue Case

This is a multi-pool cue holder case made by billiard deport to serve all players who love carrying along some extra shafts. You get to carry 2 butts and 4 shafts with this case.

The beauty of this case is that is fully spring loaded for your butts. You do not struggle to get them out of the case any longer as they spring out for you.

This case comes with two extra pouches to help you carry your accessories wit

h you. Surprisingly the larger pouch is large enough to hold your jump cue butt which means you have more options to play from.

  • Easy to carry around with the handle and shoulder strap
  • Very spacious pockets to carry jump butts
  • Very elegant
  • You spend a few extra dollars compared to others in the market – It’s worth it though

3×5 Pool Cue Case Reviews

Best 3×5 Cue Case

Billiards Deport 3×5  Pro Combo Case

This case is an improvement of the 2×4 discussed above. It has some extra storage to hold 3 butts and 5 shafts. All the other features remain including the 2 extra spacious pockets on the side. You get real value from this leatherette case made just for you.

Vagas Action Case

Vegas Action 3×5 sport series cue case

A wonderful case made of heavy duty black vinyl material that makes it long lasting not to mention the luxurious look.

It can carry or hold 3 butts and 5 shafts comfortably and you can get an extra jump butt can be carried in the extra-large pouches. The side has 2 molded pockets and surprisingly they come packed with goodies that include an 8 ball towel, a shaft polish/ burnisher, blue diamond chalk, a chalk holder, pool gloves and tip tool all at no extra cost.


Moving around with this case has been made easy with a center strap coupled with a non-slip shoulder pad that provides for flexible movement and extra comfort.

  • Comes loaded with amazing accessories
  • Easy and comfortable to carry around
  • The price is a bit high



3×6 Pool Cue Case Reviews

Luxurious Kamui Chalk

Billiard Depot 3×6 Pool Cue Case

This is a hard black vinyl quality case that holds 3 butts and 6 shafts enough to play throughout the tournament.

It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that is firm enough to carry the weight of the case and the cues. The extra-large pouches provide for accessories storage.


Though not spring loaded it holds the butts safely with the heavily padded bottom. The soft padding ensures that the shafts are not damaged and they minimize any movements.

  • Very good looking
  • Ample space for cue sticks and accessories
  • Could be better with a well-designed handle considering the weight


4×8 Pool Cue Case Reviews

Hard Tube Pool Cue Case

Billiard Evolution Hard Tube Pool Cue Case

When your cue collection grows, you need a larger storage space and a larger case to conveniently transport them. This case from billiard evolution will do exactly that, it has room for 4 butts and 8 shafts. It has tubes that keep the shafts and the tubes separate to avoid collusions during movement. It is 32 inches long hence it can hold almost every cue stick.

The case comes with two outer pockets that carry all your accessories comfortably and safely. The handle is reinforced to withhold the weight and an adjustable strap that helps in carrying the case.  You can use it as your cue rack as well.

  • The pockets are extra-large you can carry maintenance tools comfortably
  • Top quality zippers
  • Does not have the top handle as shown on the photo
  • Cannot carry shafts longer than 29”
Billiard Evolution Cases

Billiard Evolution 4×6Hard Tube Pool Cue Case

This case is similar to the 4×8 case discussed above. The only addition is the extra storage for shafts. This is an awesome addition for a bar or home game room and it helps store the cue sticks safely. It also makes it to the top gift ideas for men who play board games.

Best Leather Pool cue Case

If you like elegance and durability, then go for the pure leather cue cases. We did a roundup of the best leather cue cases as detailed below

Elite Cases

Elite 2×4Shaft Prime Leather Pool Cue Case

This is a top quality genuine leather hard tube case that can hold up to 31 inch shaft or butt.

It comes in an exquisite design that makes it adorable not to mention that it is very durable. The 2 external accessory pouches makes it a preference for many considering that the large pocket can hold a jump butt.

Elite Leather CaseThe case has a top flip lid that comes with a quick release latch. For ease of movement, this case comes with a carrying handle and a shoulder strap.

  • Made from genuine leather
  • Very long lasting
  • The top pocket zipper can drop items when open.


Best Leather Case

Pro Series LC5 Premium Soft Brown Leather Pool Cue Case

This is a 4×8 soft case made to hold 4 butts and 8 shafts.

It comes with a very unique design made of pure leather with top precision to make it elegant. It has external pockets that have enough room to accommodate all your accessories and a jump butt. The interior is made of a soft moisture wicking fabric that keeps the cues in a perfect atmosphere inside the case.

The case comes with a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy of movement. This case comes in brown color and it rarely gets dirty. You however need to maintain it in great shape by polishing the leather regularly.

  • Excellent workmanship on the product
  • Great pricing for the quality
  • Some pockets are so small to fit your hand


How To choose the best pool cue case

Consider the size

To be in a position to choose a cue case that will fit you perfectly you will need to know how they are classified in their sizes and the naming structure. The classification of cases hugely depends on the number of cues it will be holding. A good example is the 1×1 case holds one case and it mean that the case can only carry one Butt and one shaft.  The first number represents the number of butts (Cue stick handles) and the second number refers to the shafts (thin end).

For many beginners a 1×1 snooker cue case will do as they will generally carry one cheap cue stick. As the player advances however, they learn to use different sticks for different purposes. There are players who fancy cue sticks with more than one shafts hence they require a custom made case to fit in the extra shafts. A 2×4 case for example has room for 2 Butts and 4 Shafts making it a choice for a good number of players.

Which is Better Between a Hard Case and a Soft Case?

A hard case is one that easily stands on its own with or without the cues. A soft case will appear flaccid at times without the cues. The choice between the two is generally determined by the amount of travel and distance you want to carry the cue sticks with you. The hard case is preferred by many due to its standalone characteristic that makes it a temporally cue rack. Hard cases are preferable when you are traveling short distances and weight is not a factor to consider.

The soft pool cue case is a great option for traveling players especially where there are weight restrictions. You will have an extra room to carry a few more shafts and chalk for your game on the weight you save from the hard case. The soft billiards cases also give maximum protection to your sticks and you should never be worried when travelling around.

Extra Storage Space in Pouches and pockets

You can get Unique pool cue cases that come with some extra storage space. They allow you to carry a box of cue chalk, a re-tipping kit, a cue stick towel and any other small billiard accessory that you may need for your game.  Some people carry their wallets, money and even valuables like cameras in their cases and they avoid having so many bags with them. This however makes the case very heavy for regular movements.

You can choose a case that has a pouch that accommodates most of your gaming needs. Pouches with zippers are known to last longer not to mention that they are easier to mend in case of breakages. Be keen on the straps too. The side straps are more comfortable and easier to carry around compared to the center straps.

Check the Case  Material

Consider the material used to make the  break  cue holder before making your final buying decision. Custom leather pool cue cases are known to be very durable though a bit expensive. You can also get other materials like nylon, vinyl and cloth sided cases not to mention the hard shell cases.


The main function of the cue case is to provide maximum protection to your cue cases at all times during travel and during the game. They provide for a safe storage when the sticks are not in use for some time and keeps them in their mint condition. You will find a case for you depending on the function you want it to play, its cost and your taste. Each case its aesthetics depending on the material used, design and color, pick one and enjoy your game.


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