How to clean ping pong paddle : The Definitive Guide

You must be having a whale of time with your new ping pong. It is obvious you got yourself the ping pong solely because of your enthusiasm on the game. Ooh and the ping pong paddle, it’s awesome. Its firm and it delivers accurate shots. Well, that’s great! But one thing to keep in mind is that you should maintain it for it to lasts for more decades.

cleaning a ping pong paddle

Cleaning the paddle is one of the way to maintaining it. It will keep up the quality of the rubber on your paddle and besides, cleaning the paddle after use can deliver merit results. As a player of this sport you ought to know beyond the shadow of doubt how to clean the paddle.

Sometime you might keep the paddle for quite sometime without playing and using it. Well, ensure to clean it before you play. If the paddle has a lot of dirt it might be difficult to remove it. You should abide by the rules of cleaning the ping pong paddles. There are several ways of cleaning the paddle, you just have to identify which one works for you. Below are some of the methods of cleaning ping pong paddle.

Water and sponge or a soft cloth

This is the most cheapest way of cleaning your paddle.Take a dish, fill it with warm water, dampen the sponge or the soft cloth. The sponge doesn’t need to be that wet just a little wet. Wipe the surface until you notice all the dirt and any other particles are completely off.


If the dirt and particles are still stuck you can scrub using the sponge or better soak it after the moisture paves in, after some few minutes wipe the rubber. When done let the paddle dry off.

There are proposed sponges made particurlary on cleaning out table tennis paddle. They deliver remarkable results but it can cost a pretty penny if you are on a shoestring budget. The regular sponge will still work as well.

Rubber cleaning solution

There are several brands out there that help in cleaning the paddle. This solutions are either forms or sprays. They are more fast in cleaning than plain water, so in case the first method did not work…you can try out this one, it works tremendously. Though, other players who use this method claim that this method destroys the paddle. If you decide to move with this method, check properly on label then find a solution that will provide softly cleaning and the light conditioning residue remains as this will help in protecting and maintaining the rubber from aging and been oxidized. Some of the proposed cleaning goods that might help you are:

  • Butterfly rubber cleaner

This is a product that doesn’t contain any perfume. It is used in the cleaning of the rubber. It is made to provide the tackliness back to the rubber.

Using this cleaner will help keep the paddle in good condition. The best thing about it is that with any kind of paddle, you can use this cleaner.

  • Slurplex sponge

It is also known as Absorb ‘N Vacuum Sponge Black. It is used in cleaning the paddle and it works best with water.

It is small in size and it stored in a cointainer, it keeps it moist and clean.

Use Detergents

When choosing this method, you need to be extra careful with the kind of detergent you choose. Some detergents are very harsh and abrasive.

Add a few drops to the water, wet the sponge using that water then wipe the paddle.

Use your own breath



Well, your breath consist of water vapor. What you need to do is breath on your ping pong paddle then use your hands to wipe it. It’s super easy. However, do this when you have no other solution available because practicing out this solutions means you will be changing the rubber often.

Using a toothbrush

You do know that you are supposed to replace your toothbrush after 3-4 months…right?

Whats happens after replacing? Do you throw them away or?

Well, here is one way of how you can still put it to use. You can use your toothbrush to clean out your ping pong paddle. Wet the toothbrush using cleaning foam and then clean the paddle. This method will help to maintain the rubber tips and pimples and this delivers a good grip to the player when using the paddle.


When using this procedure, you need a soft cloth, alcohol and a nylon brush.

The first step is to take the nylon brush and remove every debris from the paddle. Pour a small amount of alcohol on the soft cloth, denatured alcohol is the best.

Then wipe the racket gently to remove all the dirt in it. Ensure to do it gently.

When done, you can leave the paddle to air dry.


Players who use antispin or long pimples, don’t see the essence of cleaning  the rubber, since they believe a dirty surface will be more effective on the paddle. Theoretically, when the rubber has changed from the original playing features, it is illegal to use it.

 Using Commercial Cleaners

These are products that are made specifically for this job. You just need to apply it on the racket and  clean it off with a sponge. Most manufacturers package these solutions in either spray or foam type  which makes it easy to clean the rubber. In most cases the commercial cleaners give the rubber its natural coarse state.

Butterfly 8181 Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

Most tennis lovers know this kit as they use it daily to clean their rackets. The product comes in a 150ml bottle that contains 5.0721  US fluid ounces. When used after every game, Butterfly 8181 keeps the rubber clean and alive not to mention that it gives it a longer life. If your paddle is soiled with dust  and other debris on the surface,  you can clean it easily with this solution. it keeps the racket looking new and shiny not to mention that it gives a better grip with resounding great shots.

In the package you will get the cleaning solution, a rubber care sponge and some cleaning tips. Cleaning is easy with this solution as it foams up immediately. You will clean with the yellow side by squeezing off the paddle using the blue sponge.

This is considered to be the quality  racket care kit




It is pretty much vital to keep your paddle clean and when you are not using it ensure to keep it covered, this will keep it in perfect condition. Store it out of the sun and both hot and cold environment. Leaving it uncovered can cause faster breakdown. It is advisable to cover the paddle with plastic protective sheet.


Ensure to clean the handles when you are wiping the paddle, they obtain dirt too from body oils, sweat and other substances from your hand.


Ping pong paddle is a very essential to your game, in fact it is the key to acquiring amazing results.

This equipment costed you a lot of money, it is valuable and it should be mandatory to take of it. I hope this article was quite helpful.