How To Clean Your Air Hockey Table


Air hockey is one of the most enjoyable game, it was found sometime in 1970s. Bob Lemieux who was an ice hockey fanatic, was one of the leading advocates of getting this sport started.

Air hockey is a sport that requires skill, it is not a physical active sport. It has some easy rules, anyone can play especially children to grown-ups.

If you are an Air Hockey junkie, you might ponder about possessing a table, it comes with lots of benefits if you conclude to own one.

  • This is a social game, meaning you can’t play alone. This is a pretty good way to socialize with others.
  • Playing Air Hockey might be a good way of losing a few kilos, it is also a perfect cardio game and can boost your heart rate.
  • It is an interactive activity for someone who is interested in some simple exercise.
  • More than 40% of families that possess Air hockey are living a happy life more than others simply because this sport is one source of enjoyment.
  • This sport brings about competition and everyone needs competition at one point in their lives.
  • Kids that exercise this sport are trained that at times they will lose, this activity gives them competitive edge, with this they are pretty much ready to take on life.
  • The fact that this activity is a fast-paced sport, it enhances reflexes and reaction time.
  • Study shows that players who practice this game on a regular basis, have a good eye-hand coordination.

How to maintain your Air Hockey Table

After you have purchased the Air Hockey table, it is your devoir duty to take care of it, after all it is a valuable asset that costed you some chunk of money and you know what they say, prevention is better than cure.


Below are some tips that will warranty your table to lasts for decades.


The importance of cleaning your Air Hockey table

There are gazillion of reasons why your Air Hockey Table requires to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Below are some reasons a dirty surface will conclude in outcome when you play Air Hockey

  • One consequence of a dirty and dusty table is that it will result in drag, this means that the puck will not glide smoothly or quickly.

This means that the game will be so much slower making the game not to be enjoyable.

  • A dirty surface will bring about the blockage of air holes which will result to blockage of the puck from perfectly gliding across the outside of the table.
  • The dusty playing area with bits on it will result in the puck bumping and bouncing up and down and at some cases it will even fly off the table.

For the Hockey lovers who play regularly, you are pretty much aware that if this keeps on happening over and over again, it destroys your game.


  • A dusty playing area with bits on it not only cause the puck to jump and bump but it will also result to chips in the playing area.

This can be such a huge problem if you desire to get a smooth area that the puck can easily glide across.


How To Clean Air Hockey Table Surface

Before cleaning the Air Hockey Table, you should be aware that:


Vacuum the table

In order to clean your Air Hockey Table, you should ensure that you remove the household vacuum and connect the flat-hose to it.

Therefore, you can run it over the whole top area of the Air Hockey Table.


It will require you to spend some additional time vacuuming over the air holes, so that dust particles are out.


It is also necessary to turn the vacuum down side towards the legs of the table in order to remove cobwebs and any dust.


Scrubbing the table

When you are done vacuuming the Air Hockey Table, you need to take some time scrubbing it.


For this: get a soft, dry cloth and clean the table to get off any dust particles that are still on the table.

The next step, you should wet the soft cloth using rubbing alcohol. It is advisable not to use any soap because it can cause the holes to turn out clogged.


Switch on the air and scrub the top of the table using the dampen cloth.


You need to scrub it hard enough in order to get off dirty particles that are on the table.

Keep in mind to use a soft, dry cloth when scrubbing. Don’t use any abrasive cloth, it might harm your valuable table.


And that will only add to more problems.


After you are done scrubbing, add some warm water with some dishwashing detergent to clean down the legs of the table together with the sides of the table.


To refrain from negative results on the play, don’t use the soapy water on the playing area, and don’t clean the inside rails using it either.



Cleaning The Air Hockey Tables Holes

Your air hockey table holes might be still have dust and dirt after scrubbing and vacuuming the table, you have options to either use toothpicks, cotton swabs or pipe cleaners to get the dust off the holes.


Take your time to insert them into every hole at a time.

This might seem like a lot of labor but if you don’t do this, the holes will still be clogged because of the dirt and dust, and this will cause the air not to come out freely.

To make the work easier, ensure you clean your air hockey table on a regular basis.



Polish Your Air Hockey Table

After you are done cleaning your air hockey table, you’ll need to polish it, if your table is wooden, ensure to use furniture polish.


Spray the polish directly on the cloth.


Then wipe the surface of table using the polished cloth.


Your air hockey table will have a smooth coat and with this the puck will slide smoothly.


You can use the rest of the polish to polish the sides and the legs, if your table is made of wood. This will give it a glossy shine.



Owning an air hockey table comes with a lot of benefits, however, maintenance is the key. With the above tips, your table can last for decades.