The Cue Stick Buying Guide

To many people buying stuff gets hard every day. Unlike in the past where you could trust the seller and the manufacturer to do a good job, it is very hard to get genuine products. The situation is not any different when buying a snooker cue stick and it could be worse to say the … Read more

Difference Between Pool Cue and Snooker Cue

If you are new in the billiards world, you may have a problem in differentiating between pool cues and snooker cues. As you get to learn the two games you will have a clear understanding of each cue and you will know which cue to use for which game. Simply put that a snooker cue … Read more

Slate vs Wood Pool Table

Making a decision on which pool table to buy for your games room for an upgrade or addition can be very hectic. You can go through different reviews on buying the best pool table but still have unanswered questions. Before making that final decision you need to know the difference between a wood and slate … Read more

QWKC Quick Clean Spray Can Review

When the table gets soiled, it becomes completely impossible to play the game. The dirt may come from the chalk in use or just a drink spill. You need to regularly clean the table with the quick clean spray can to ensure that the felt is well maintained and clean at all times. This is … Read more

How To Clean And Protect Your Pool Table

Owning a pool table is a long term investment, it can also be lucrative when installed as business, but only if the billiards table is maintained well. Treat your pool table with care, it is of a great value, so you ought to maintain it for it to last for a lifetime. Pool Table Both … Read more

How To Move a Pool Table Like an Expert

Pool table is one of the things that ought to be handled with care as it is of much value. Moving a pool table is a huge task, it is not light weighted and it is delicate too. A normal pool table weighs more than 350 kilos so it makes it a task moving it … Read more

How Much Room Do I Need For Pool Table?

Many people tend to ask this question, well, first of all you need to know the size of the room you have. Pool tables vary to a great extend in size from small sizes to extra-large sizes. When you think about setting up a pool table, space should be the first thing on your mind, … Read more

Best Pool Cue For The Money

Is it that time when you need a new cue stick? We have you covered as we did all the tests for you and identified some of the best billiard cues in terms of performance and value for money. We have an in depth review on the best for beginners, best for intermediate players, best … Read more

Best Re-Tipping Kit Reviewed

Every once in a while when you are enjoying your game, you will realize that your tip is unstable or shaky and it needs some maintenance for excellent performance. Don’t be like many people who wait until the tip falls off. Get the basic maintenance tips and do the fixing all by yourself when need … Read more

Billiard Shot Planning and Leave Placement

Billiard shot planning is an extremely important aspect of a billiard match if one desires to become a better player. After the break has been completed, the shooter should inspect the entire layout of the table, reevaluating the layout with each new shot taken. Look over the table for any sequences that will allow easier and … Read more