What is a Scratch in Pool?

What is a scratch in pool?

The easiest way to learn how to play pool is by learning all the mistakes that you can possibly make. This is not easy though as it can only be learnt by doing. The more you play the more you learn the game till you become a master. Every newbie will ask questions like, what … Read more

How To Rack Pool Balls Like a Pro

How to rack pool balls like a pro

The first lesson one needs before they can play pool is how to rack. Racking the balls is when you place all the balls on the pool table before starting the game. With regular practice you will learn the art of racking the balls in different styles depending on the pool game or billiards game … Read more

How To Play Cutthroat Pool

How to play cutthroat pool

Cutthroat is a game of pool, where more than two players’ play using a given number of playing balls. There are 15 object balls and a cue ball. Individual players are allocated a given figure of object balls. The sum total of balls, will depend on the number of players. The main aim is to … Read more

Best Pool Table and Snooker Cue Tip Glue

best pool cue tip glue

If you have been having a hard time trying to replace your cue tip, then you need try new tricks. If your tip keeps falling off or it does not stick on for long then this article is for you. My family and I felt like we had turned into career tip changers due to … Read more