Game Room Seating Options

pool table seating options

Once in a while you need to find time and relax your mind with a game or two. A pool table is a great investment for this and it can be installed at home or at the working place. Having some time out of the norm relaxes the mind and you excel in the tasks … Read more

Why Do Some Pool Tables Have No Pockets

carom billiards

Billiards is an amazing game because you have numerous games to choose from. You can decide to play the 9-Ball, Ten Ball, Straight Pool, Carom Billiards among others. One of the oldest and most exciting billiards variation is the game of Carom.  This game was developed in France and it has evolved to the many … Read more

Tips on How to Play Consistent Pool

Now, if you take a look at a prowess who is taking that shot, it so looks effortless, and he seems to be enjoying what he is doing right? Well, it takes a lot of consistent to make you a powerful pool player. Well, when you are new to the billiard game, you might be … Read more

Pool Table: Hardwood Floors or Carpets

Owning a pool table can be exciting but one question you should have in mind is whether your game room is going to be of quality, it is necessary to have a quality flooring area where the table will rest. It should be your first priority to pick out a floor that will keep the … Read more

Difference Between a Billiards Table, Pool Table and a Snooker Table

While to many people these three games seem to be the same, there are distinct differences between billiards, pool and snooker. The reason why many people confuse them is because they use the same concept. If you are very keen, you will clearly see major outstanding differences starting from the playing surface, the equipment’s and … Read more

How To Use a Mechanical Bridge in Pool.

The mechanical bridge is one of the accessories in the billiards sports table which is comprised of a stick similar to the one in the cue stick and has a bridge head fixed on its end. The purpose of the bridge head is to support the shaft of the cue stick which replaces the normal … Read more

Tips for Playing a Defensive Shot in a Pool

A defensive shot is where the shooter deliberately misses, so as to pass his turn at the table to his opponent. It is also a shot where there is no intent by a player to pocket a ball of his category. Examples of defensive shots are; Leaving your opponent with a long difficult shot. Forcing … Read more

Learn Cue Ball Control Skills: Play Snooker Like An Expert

There are many people out there who want to learn how to play the game of pool all over the world. The greatest motivation has been seen to be people looking for new hobbies and people who want to compete in other sports. This article has great cue ball control tips that are useful to … Read more

How Long Does a Cue Tip Last?

Is your old cue worn out? Or perhaps you are wondering when you should replace the existing cue tip? Maybe you are looking forward to trying out another promising tip in the market? whatever the case, we can help! While mastery in pool game requires hours of practice sessions and accuracy, your choice of game … Read more