Buying a New or Used Pool Table: Advantages and Disadvantages

With this economy, people are looking for the best deal, and every penny is worth saving. Pool tables can be an expensive ordeal, which may leave you wondering whether to buy a new one or a used one. This factor becomes imperative, depending on your budget and priorities. Continue reading to find out the advantages and disadvantages of new and used pool tables.

Used Pool Tables

The most significant advantage of buying used pool tables is saving lots of money. However, if you are not sure of what to look for, it might end up proving costly. So, do your calculations. Some aspects to consider when buying a used pool table include:

The Rails and Cushions

Ensure to check out how the cushions perform when you bank a ball from the rails, or you might end up with a “dead” cushion rubber. If the pool table is 7 to 15 years old, be sure to see that the cushion rubber rebounds well.

Condition of The Pool Table

It is vital to thoroughly inspect the property that you are buying. Get under the pool table and examine the four legs for any signs of cracking, damage, or loose screws. Please do not take a damaged pool table because it will require additional cash to fix it.

Is The Pool Disassembled?

While buying a disassembled pool table is great because you get the chance to inspect the parts one by one, you also have to physically check on the cushion rubber on all six rails and signs of hardness on the cushion nose.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Used Pool Table


  • Cheap and Negotiable

A used pool table is the way to go if you have a limited budget. You get a high-quality pool table with around $300-$800. It is further advantageous since you can bargain with the seller to cut down the price. This is where your negotiation skills come in handy.


  • Void Warranty

A pool table that is ten years old or more is likely to lack the manufacturer’s warranty, unless in case of a lifetime warranty. Getting a pool table with a void warranty means that you will have to pay for any costs from your pocket.

  • No Customer Service or Returns

Purchasing goods from stores come with a window period that you can return the product. However, you cannot return a used pool table to the seller because most of them don’t accept, nor do they pay to have them professionally moved to their homes.

Additionally, with a used pool, you won’t have a customer service representative to answer your questions.

  • Cost of Disassembling, Installation and Transportation

Moving a pool table to your home can be quite expensive, and most sellers don’t pay for it. Keep in mind about this additional cost before settling for the used one.

  • Unknown Manufacturer

While expensive pool table brands often have manufactures’ names somewhere on the pool table, it is common for lower-end brands to not show any name. Therefore, you might not find any reviews or information about the brand if you don’t know its name.

The seller may also be dishonest about the initial purchase price, material of wood, slate, felt, and many more.

  • Not Safe

Buying a used pool table is likely to happen at the residence of the seller. It is a good idea to bring a friend along or inform your loved ones about the location and time of the meeting. It goes a long way in ensuring your protection.

Purchasing A New Pool Table

Buying a new pool table comes with various benefits, including having peace of mind. There is no worry about the product being damaged or dented. You will also feel satisfied knowing that your table is flawless, and you are the first one to make memories with it. Besides, you can trust the information given to you about the material of the product.


  • Customer Service

When you buy a pool table from the billiard stores, you can call or email the store directly if you have any questions. Plus, customer service is knowledgeable to cater to your concerns adequately.

  • Delivery and Assembly

By purchasing a pool table from billiard stores, you will get accessories, delivery, and assembly services from them. All these costs are usually included in the purchasing price. Also, having professional movers is excellent since they have the appropriate tools and experience to handle your product with care.

  • Guarantee of Getting Money Back/ Warranty

You can also rest easy knowing that you can return the pool table if you don’t like it and have your money back. The new pool table also features a warranty that lasts at least five years. Therefore, if your product needs replacement or repair, the manufacturer covers the expenses.

  • Financing

With billiard companies or stores, you might get a financing plan option. This provides you with flexibility with the money. For example, if the purchasing price is $1,500, you can pay $ 150 monthly.


Although a new pool table is packed with many benefits, there are also some cos to know about

  • Expensive

One of the biggest and apparent challenges of buying a new pool is the price. Pool tables usually range from $1000 -$10,000 range and even more. High-quality antique pool tables are costly and typically non-negotiable. Therefore, the chances are that you will likely buy the pool table at a fixed price.

Final Remarks

If you are thinking of buying a new or a used pool table, there are certain factors to keep in mind. These factors include your budget, state of the product, additional costs, available room and many more. Be careful when purchasing used tables because instead of saving money as you initially wanted, you might end up using more in transportation, repairs, or replacements. You should also ensure that it comes with all its parts and screws.

Although a new pool table can be expensive, you don’t have to worry about any more additional costs since you can use the warranty. You can have a great time with your loved ones and make excellent memories.

We hope that our post on the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a new or a used pool table will help you make an informed decision.