5 Ways to Boost Your Power in Foosball

Foosball is a game that is loved by many people due to its fun concept. There are those who have taken it professionally such that they attend actual tournaments to compete with other professionals while the regular players find it cool to play it. There is so much thrill that one gets from watching professional players make their shot. Their speed is worth admiring and from a far, it looks as if it is the easiest thing to do such that you may at times want to emulate them.

However, if you are playing with another person who has enough knowledge on how to shoot the ball than you, you will try to use the skills you have mastered from the professionals only to realize that it is futile to do so. You will find that the professionals can tell from a far the shots that will be taken by those they are competing with such that they are quick to prevent them from making a shot. In order to become a successful player in foosball, you should pay attention to power you will acquire than anything else. The professional players have this as their theme. Power generation is key to their playing successfully. They also consider the force that they can generate when using their fast movements such that their opponents are not able to block their movements that easily. This is what makes them great players.


If you want to be like the advanced players, you should focus more on power generating techniques. These techniques are very effective. Nevertheless, there are other techniques you should look at. For example, consider the ball control, basic push or pull shots. These will come in handy when launching the foosball towards the goal.


The areas that you put more focus on as a regular player are those that deal with more power generation. Consider some of these vital power generating techniques and you will be surprised at how skilled you will be if you practice them.

Tips and Tricks To Boost Your Power in Foosball

  • Use of Open Stance

For any foosball game you play, you will have two options to focus on, that is the open as well as the closed stance. Don not put more focus on the closed one without considering the open stance. Both of them are essential though they don’t serve similar purposes. You should use the closed stance to control the ball. It is the best for that purpose. However, you will fail terribly if you use it to generate power. Use it only when you are defending the ball and controlling it. The open stance is the best for power generation. It boosts your power. This happens since more leverage as well as the strength are added to your core as well as your legs.

  • Closed Grip Power Shot

Do not use the same grip throughout as you play. It is important that you tighten your grip when you want to control the ball. This way, you can create the power needed to make your shot. Ensure your grip is not extremely tight neither should it be too loose. If you have ever played golf, then it will be easier for you to know that the grip for golf is what is required during the foosball game in order to make a power shot. If you are able to make the golf grip, it will be easier to get the recommended grip.

  • Consider the Open Grip

Ripping power shots are not as hard as it may seem. Most advanced players use the two grips, that is the open and closed because they enhance power shots. However, consider using open grip more. It is known to generate the most power. There are things you should know if you want to be able to use the open grip correctly. To start with, use it while you are preparing to make your shot and change to the closed grip while making a pass. If you practice this, it will not be hard when playing. In addition, you will have great skills to face the most advanced players in foosball game.

  • Ball Contact

Some of these things may seem obvious to the players. They are basics in foosball. However, many people don’t think that it is important that they know them. Here, the idea is to ensure that while practicing, your focus is more on the contact point than anything else. When you strike the ball, the right spot is what you should concentrate on. Strike with maximum contact. This way, you will get a great shot off. Some players don’t put this into consideration. You should focus on contact as much as you focus on working on your speed. These two things go hand in hand when playing foosball game. Every time you make a contact with the ball, watch how you do it. You should finish all the rotations at the dead center instead of any other place. This is the recommended spot. Ensure you have practiced more often since this will make you a better foosball player.

  • Consider a Full Rotation

It is possible to execute certain power shots in a quick manner. For example, using a closed grip is required in this case and therefore you should switch to it. Your rotations should be less than a half. Nonetheless, practicing more will help you enhance your skills. Every player is allowed to make a rotation of 360 degrees before being in contact with the ball. A similar rotation while shooting the ball is allowed. While playing, make as many rotations as possible. This way, you will acquire more momentum as well as control. Do not use the closed grip when making a full rotation because it is ineffective at that time. The open one should be used instead because it is powerful.


Each of these techniques are essential in foosball game. Give the practices your best during the generation of power needed as you play. For any type of player, all the ways listed are good for the game, however you need to consider the foosball rules that have been put in place. Don’t be in a rush because you want to master all the techniques as well as the control in the best way possible.


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