Best Soft Tip Dart Points to Up your Game

Have you always desired to make a go at the exact targeting scores, hit the bull’s eye of your dartboard or to be successful at all the games you partake by entering the next level? then worry no more. A solution has been found. You only need to make a decision on the set of darts that you are going to purchase for yourself.

We will show you how you can buy the best soft dart tips that will save you money and improve your overall gaming experience.

There are essential things that you should equip yourself with before getting a dart tip. For example, the steel and the soft tips are two categories of dart tips that have been availed in the market.

There is a major difference between the two. For instance, steel tips can only be used on dartboards that have hard surfaces or made from sisal fiber. However, soft tips are intended for use on bristle or electronic dartboards. None can be a substitute for the other. Make no mistake about it.

Our main focus is on the soft dart tips. This is because soft dart tips have redefined the best way to play the game. They are a great fit for hitting the bull’s eye or exact target scores that you have always been longing for. In addition, soft dart tips provide great flying in the air when the darts are directed towards the dartboard. Going to the next level has never been made this easier.

We will now go ahead to show you the best deals you will get for replacement tips and also do a thorough review of what is in the market today!


Best Soft Point Dart Tips for 2020

Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black Soft Tip Darts


These tips have a very unique grip that enables better handling as well as precision of the barrel.

Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black Soft Tip Darts

Their cuts are placed both horizontally and vertically. This allows for an outstanding grip. They are highly resistant to wear and tear. Target Carrera C11 soft dart tips are greatly designed therefore reducing dart drag. This in turn improves the shot on a dartboard.

Bi-directional grips are a top priority when you are looking for the great soft tip darts. Their grips provide you with extra strength during the throw.


Their spin during flight is exceptional. This is because of how greatly they are designed. They are very classy and uniquely styled in order to provide you with a functional flight that will wow you while playing.

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Harrows Black I.C.E Arctic Soft Tip Darts


The quality of Harrows Black I.C.E Arctic Soft Tip Darts is excellent. Their barrels are greatly designed with reverse edging bringing about tremendous grip. Their color scheme is great.


In addition, they are 90 percent tungsten and very light. These darts are only found in 18-gram weight and they are highly rated on Amazon. Try them, you will never regret.

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Viper Black Magic 6-Ringed Soft Tip Darts


Viper Black Magic 6-Ringed Soft Tip Darts are a top quality brand that have been availed in the market

Viper Black Magic Soft Tip Darts

for some time now.

They are very well balanced and strong. The brass barrel is light to allow an excellent grip. You can hold the dart any way you want but you will still have more grip to use.


That is not all, Viper Black Magic 6-Ringed Soft Tip Darts are pocket-friendly. They don’t bounce out and are very strong such that they can withstand any coarse treatment that they are subjected to.


If you need a soft dart tip to add to your collection, consider viper black magic.

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Cue soul Soft Tip Darts


Cue soul Soft Tip Darts are weighed at 16 grams. Their quality is excellent due to the high amount of tungsten present. The brass barrels have a great coating, a feature that makes them well balanced.

CUESOUL 16 Grams Soft Tip Darts Set with Dart Case

They are perfect for use by anyone. Though the points are sharp, they are also very strong and durable. Find the best price and more information.


Elkadart Turbo Soft Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case


These top-quality, well balanced soft dart tips are a great choice when looking for soft dart tips. The barrels have rings as well as knurled bands that have been tactically positioned in each of them for great gripping.Elkadart Turbo Soft Tip Darts

In addition, they are very sturdy and long-lasting. Their preferred weight is 14 grams. You can get more information about them here.

The Ultimate Soft Tip Darts Buyers Guide

Many people make wrong decisions when they are looking for the best dart tips. This makes it difficult to hit the bull’s eye or go to the next level when playing these games on their bristle or electronic dartboard.

Whether you are competing in the tournaments, competing amongst friends at home or practicing, soft tip dart points provide you with comfort as well as great feeling when throwing them on the dartboard.


Most people love tungsten because of how light it is and its darts are of great quality. On the other hand, brass and nickel-plating are comparatively heavier and prone to tear and wear. Customers are provided with a wide variety of soft darts to choose from. You should also note that the best weight that you should consider for a soft tip should be 16 or 18 grams.


If you have tried the different brands found in the market and you are still finding it difficult choosing the best soft dart tips, worry no more. The guidelines provided here will help you choose. You will be provided you with some of the best picks that have been hand-picked using a particular criterion. There are different weight benefits offered in every selection as well as ability to give resistance to the wear and tear when they are repeatedly used.


The soft dart tips provided on this article are some of the best that you can ever find. You can trust them to deliver with precision. When you test them against any type of dartboard, the experience is always breathtaking. These are some of the best products that have been availed in the market. If you want to be successful in every game you play, get them for yourself. You sure will enjoy playing or competing with friends.