Best Re-Tipping Kit Reviewed

Every once in a while when you are enjoying your game, you will realize that your tip is unstable or shaky and it needs some maintenance for excellent performance. Don’t be like many people who wait until the tip falls off. Get the basic maintenance tips and do the fixing all by yourself when need be. This is very beneficial to you and it will save you a lot of time, stress and money. To crown it all, you will be in a position to do it just as you like it done every other time.

What do I need to fix my cue tip?

You will need several items to do this job thoroughly. The best side of this is that there are kits already set for this task by different sellers. You just need to buy the kit and you will have all the items you need for the job.

The best pool cue tip repair kit should include;

  • Best cue tips for Replacement
  • Sanding disk
  • Cement glue
  • Tip clamp
  • Scuffer
  • Spots
  • Chalk
Our Pick on The Best Cue Repair Kit
The Tweetens kit is simply the best available in the market today! It includes all the items you need to do a basic tip replacement at home. It also come with a table spot and several patches to help you repair your table cloth. It also comes with chalk that will come in handy for you tips grip on the ball.

 What We Liked About The Kit 
Best Re-Tipping Kit
  • The tip holder is superb.
  • It works excellently on many cue brands and sizes.
  • Very easy to use with the guide provided
  • Very nice quality sanding wheel that keeps all the old glue giving you perfect flat surface for a new tip.


 What We Did Not Like 
  • The tips are very cheaply made, unlevelled and very hard. This means that you will need to buy tips that match with your cue sticks.

A Step To Step Guide On How To Re-Tip A Cue Stick

There are numerous reasons why you may require to change the tip of your best cue stick from time to time. A new cue stick at times comes with a cheap hard tip that requires a change, a good quality tip may require some repair after numerous games not to mention that a cue tip that misses on ball control needs a re-tipping. All these scenarios will need a skill that many do not have. It is however one of the easiest things to do if you follow the step to step guide that we outlined below.

Step 1 – Gather The Tools For the Task

Get all the items you will require for the re-tipping. If you have a kit with all the requirements then you should be good to go. The items you will need include a new tip, a sharp blade, glue, masking tip, a clamp to hold the tip in place and a sand paper.

Step 2 – Remove The Old Tip

For many, this step won’t be necessary if the tip has already fallen off. If it is still intact, secure the stick by clamping it and remove it with a sharp knife. Hold the knife right at the joint of the tip and the ferrule and cut off the tip away from your body. For the best results it is advisable to mask the ferrule with a tape to avoid possible scratches. Clear the surface gently until all glue is cleared and the surface is clean and flat with a sand paper.

Step 3 – Replacing the Tip

Clean the new tip on the flat part by rubbing it gently on the sand paper to allow for proper glue penetration. The result should be a clean, nice level surface. Apply glue on the surface of the tip, you can use the 10 minute cement or any other adhesive glue. The glue should let you move the tip to your preferred position. We recommend that you place it centrally ensuring that the tip overlaps the ferrule.

After fitting the tip perfectly, apply some pressure on the tip using a tip clamp or holding it on top of a good surface or a piece of wood for at least five minutes. For the best result, let the glue settle overnight.

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Step 4 – Shaping and Finishing

This is the final step in this process. Here you have an opportunity to shape the tip to your preferred shape depending on your mode of play. Cover the ferrule with a masking tape and use a sharp knife to trim off the extra portions of the tip perfectly to flush with the ferrule.

To smooth off the tip, use a sand paper or a tip shaper if you have one. To get the best shape, start shaping from the top of the tip and rotate the cue regularly then move gently towards the sides. This ensures that you have an even dome. Clear all the glue marks on the ferrule and you will love the final product.


There is no better feeling like having to enjoy your game without worrying about the tip coming off. This is the assurance you get when you have the right replacement kit in place. You know pretty well that you are in control of the game at all times. This is an awesome feeling!

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