Best Pool Table Review

Going to the club or bar to play pool is always fun, however, it can be monotonous and tiring especially when it is far away from home. The fact that your freedom is limited to some rules makes it even more difficult to learn and enjoy the game at your own pleasure. To keep off such small challenges you need to upgrade your home rec room with the best pool table in the market. We did a round up with the different sizes, costs and functions that you can choose from. First you will get a quick navigation table then a comparison table and later detailed reviews on specific tables that we handpicked for you.

Our top pick is the Fusion Pool Table and Dining Table since it comes with such a sleek design and great functionality. It saves on you space and serves as a dining table when not in use as a pool table. Give it a shot!

Best Mini Pool Table

If you want to introduce your kids to pool and billiards, then you need a mini pool table. You get a great time with your kids as well since they enjoy learning on a table that suits them in terms of height and playing surface. The tables are made to suit all ages and they provide a great surface to learn and practice your game.  You will enjoy playing irrespective of your age or skill level not to mention that you save on space and get to interact more with your table.

Before buying a mini pool table for your home, you need to consider the space you have in your home, the budget you have and if you need one to sit on a table top or one with legs to stand on. To many people any pool table that is less than 4ft in length is a mini pool. We will look at some of the best table top, folding and free standing mini pool tables that you can buy for your rec room.


The Best Kid Pool Table

Kids Club Fun Miniature Table Top Pool Table Review

This is a great new design that has been made of top notch quality materials for maximum durability. With this table, you have no reason why your kids should not enjoy the game of pool at home anytime they feel like.

Kids Club Fun Miniature Table Top Pool TableThe fact that it measures 20-3/8” x 36-1/8” x 7-3/4” Tall makes it very economical on space and you have no reason why you should not buy it.

When you order this table you will get 2 cue sticks, pool balls, 2 chalks and a triangle to start you off enjoying the game. This table can be enjoyed by kids and adults as well, you get maximum satisfaction when you play with the kids as the game tends to be more enjoyable. With this table you get the excitement and competition level you get with the full size pool table. The manufacturer puts an age limit that only kids above 13 years should be allowed to play.

  • Very sturdy and well made
  • Hard to find quality
  • Easy to store and move around.
  • The packaging leaves a lot to be desired.


Best Table Top Mini Pool Table

Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40  Inch Pool Table Review

Playcraft soft came up with an amazing table that is 40inches  and come in three colors, red, blue and green. The package comes ready for playing and it has all the accessories that you need.

Playcraft Sport Bank ShotYou will get a triangle, chalk, two cues and pool balls with the package. When you receive it, you just need to need to fix the four small legs or place it on a table top and start playing. It comes with a very nice netting in the pockets to hold as many balls as possible.

This board is perfect for children of the ages between 4 and 8 years. the fact that it can fit in the small space that is available at home makes it a must have for billiard  lovers.

The stylish cherry laminate exterior blends easily with any interior décor making this table a good complement for any room.

  • Has three colors to choose from
  • Easy to set up and play
  • Requires very little space to play and store
  • Built solidly giving you value for money
  • Can be played on the floor, on the counter or on a table
  • Older kids find larger models more enjoyable
Budget Mini Pool Table

Trademark Games Mini Pool Table Review 

This is one of the best budget mini pool table in the market today. The design fits young kids and older kids perfectly not to mention that adults can have fun playing it too. The package comes with the table,

two ball retrievers, two pool cues, and a set of balls, chalk and a racking triangle. Compared to other mini boards, this one is a really small model. If you are looking for a perfect for young kids, then this is a perfect choice.

You can easily set up this table on a table top and enjoy a quick game anywhere anytime. You just need a 20inch flat surface and you are good to go. You need very little space to store this table due to its size hence you should not worry about leaving it at the playing surface. You can store it in a cupboard or a closet when not in use.

The Trademark Games Mini Pool Table is a wonderful table for any family with small kids who want to learn and have fun playing pool. It is a perfect choice for anyone who is limited on space and budget.

  • Very easy to set up and play. No assembly needed, you just unpack and enjoy   the game
  • Great for beginners and wonderful game for kids
  • Stress free storage due to its small size
  • You require a small space to play since it measures 20 inches x 12 inches x 3.5 inches
  • Teenagers and older kids easily get bored hence they require a bigger table.
  • Not recommended for children under 3 years
Best Folding Mini Pool Table

CHH Games Mini Folding Pool Table Review

This is an awesome table for anybody with a limited storage space.

CHH Games Mini Folding Pool TableJust as the name suggests, it is made in such a way that you can fold it and store. If you like traveling with your playing items, then this is your table. You can easily move it from room to room or better still to a destination of your choice. This 44 inch table will arrive fully setup for you and the package comes with two 42 inch cues, a triangle, chalk and very nice quality pool balls.

This table is perfect for kids and adults alike. It is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn billiards. Kids older than 9 years and adults may benefit more from a larger table once their skills are developed.

  • Very enjoyable to play
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Very easy to store and move around due to the foldable legs.
  • Requires a small area to play.
  • The table has no markings to show the ball spot.
The Best For The Money

Voit Billiards Pool Table Review

The Voit Billiards Pool Table also features in the mini pool tables section. It is a 48 inches table that comes with professional rubber side bumpers which give perfect and realistic rebounds on the ball.

The Voit Billiards Pool Table also features in the mini pool tables section. It is a 48 inches table that comes with professional rubber side bumpers which give perfect and realistic rebounds on the ball.

Voit Billiards Pool TableThis table gives older kids a chance to enjoy pool and it can be used as a learning a training table too.  If you want to give an alternative to game consoles and PC games, then buy this table as a gift for your kids and they will enjoy it.

This free standing table is made of sturdy wood, metal and plastic making it very durable. It also comes with adjustable legs that help you set the table level when you play the game.

You don’t have to buy anything extra to enjoy your games as this table comes fully loaded with a full set of balls, a rack, a brush, 2 cue sticks, and  instructions on assembly and how to play. After buying this mini pool table  you have a great life enjoying your board game.

  • Made of high quality material making it very durable
  • Comes with adjustable legs to keep it level at all times
  • Very compact table that is very easy to assemble.
  • The packaging is not very friendly as some customers received their tables broken.


Best Folding Pool Table Reviews

Who said you can only enjoy a good game only in a game room? With a folding pool table, you get to experience a great game at home and later fold it away for storage and use the space for some other activities. What makes these tables pass the cut is their portability and ease of assembling. You can carry it along and set it up by yourself and enjoy a game anywhere at any time you feel like. We did a review on a mini folding table above and now we will focus on tables with a length of more than 4 ft.

The Best Folding Pool Table

Hathaway Fairmont 6ft. Portable Pool Table Review

If you are looking for a highly portable table that requires little or no assembling then this is your table. The Harthaway Fairmont 6ft table is made for home use with the features of the small foldable tables and the quality of the 6ft table. Though smaller than the regulation size, you soon forget about the size when you start playing.

Hathaway Fairmont 6ft Portable Pool Table ReviewThis table was made for family use as it fits kids perfectly as they learn, adults too feel that they are well accommodated on the table. Simply put, this table fits beginners, intermediate and experienced players. Though professional players claim that the cloth plays slower, it still does the job perfectly.

The table comes with foldable steel legs that allow for easy storage and transportation. They also come with leveling levers to help you set on an uneven surface and get the desired level playing surface. For easier storage and transportation this table comes with nylon carry bag.

With this table you just need to set it up and enjoy the game as it comes with all the accessories that you need. This is what you have been missing in your office, game room or that extra space in the gym. It measures 76inches by 43inches and 32inches high.

  • Foldable and adjustable legs
  • Very high quality workmanship and design
  • Very elegant and plays great.
  • Easy to transport
  • The pool cues that come with the table are fine for kids. Adults ought to buy longer cues
  • The balls look congested on the table, you may need to buy smaller balls for a better experience.
  • Heavy to be moved around by one person


Buyers Tip

This table features as the best when it comes to portability and performance. You will get the real value for your money if you are limited on space and budget. Buy it today and enjoy

Space Saver Pool Table

HLC Folding Space Saver Pool Table Review

Are you interested in learning and playing pool in your spare time but are limited on space and Budget? HLC Folding Space Saver Pool Table is the solution you have been looking for.  This table is slightly larger than the mini pool tables but fits in a smaller space than the 6ft tables like the Hathaway Fairmont above. This table is excellent for kids and beginners who are practicing to play on tournament tables. You will enjoy playing the game and learn so much in a short time.

HLC Folding Space Saver Pool TableWhen you get the package, you just need to screw on the legs and the pockets. In ten minutes or so you should be able to enjoy your game because it comes with the accessories you need too. You will get 2 cues, a triangle, balls, chalk and a cleaning brush. The table is 4 ½ feet long and it can be stored in a closet, flat against the wall or even under the bed.

  • Easy to foldaway and store
  • Built sturdy to withstand even adults
  • Great for kids and beginners
  • Poor quality cues


Best 7ft Pool Table

This is the most common size of pool tables that you will find in bars and pool halls. With this size, you get numerous options to choose from starting from the beds where you can opt for slate or MDF bed tables. You can also get a choice depending on the frame and the cushion not to mention the standard of the felt cloth on the table. We are going to review 3 types of 7ft pool tables for you.

MD Sports Pool Table

MD Sports 84” Arcade Pool Table Review

This medium table from MD Sports was built for 7ft table lovers. It plays well as a practice table and fits perfectly in a home game room. The table is made from MDF wood bed and the frame of the body and the rails are made with a scratch resistant PVC laminate cover. This gives it a long lasting effect even after numerous games.

MD Sports pool tableThe leg design of this table provides for a level and sturdy playing surface. The legs come with custom leg levelers to help you level it if the ground is unleveled. The bed is made of an 18mm thick bed that plays a key role in ensuring true ball roll not to mention that it is highly durable.

Though it does not play like slate, you will enjoy the feel and the ball control you will get on this table. It is a perfect buy for both starters and skilled pool players.  The price of this table makes it very affordable for many people out there. If you are on a budget and need an arcade design to compliment your game room then this is the table to go for. You will be happy to own this table.

  • Mordern Arcade design
  • Body is Sturdy and scratch resistant
  • Adjustable legs giving a level playing surface
  • It does not have an automatic ball return
  • Made of MDF in the place of slate

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Best 7.5 ft Pool Table

Barrington 7.5ft Pool Table Review

Every time you think of having fun as a family, the Barrington 7ft Pool Table should come into your mind. This table takes care of every family member ranging from the youngest kid in the family to the oldest grandmother. The beauty with billiards is that anybody can learn and enjoy it with time. This particular table is a great addition to the family game room or any man cave you may be thinking about.

BARRINGTON Billiard TableThis table comes with a very strong support deck that is made of professional grade wood and a high quality green felt surface. The pockets are well made to facilitate smooth removal of the balls for a new game. The shield leather pockets with a beautiful pattern design makes the table look more classical and attractive. You can easily save on the bucks you spend in the games arcade by installing this table in your game room.

This claw foot pool table comes in a complete vintage style with custom levelers to give you an even playing surface. You get 2 cue sticks to help you start off the game once the set-up is complete. You also get 2 chalk, cubes, 15 ball set and a cue ball and a triangle rack to help you set the balls on the table.  For a perfect game you will need a game room that comfortably accommodates the table that you choose from.

All in all we pick this table to be the best pick for a cheap pool table. You get a chance to own a pool table made by reputable manufacturers around the world at a budget friendly price.

  • Comes in different sizes starting from 7ft; 84 inches, 90 inches and 100 inches.
  • Very easy to install, requires only at least two people.
  • Great pricing for the quality.
  • The cue sticks are of low quality
  • Made of MDF board in place of slate.


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Best Classical Billiards Table

Fat Cat 7 ft. Frisco Billiard Table Review

This model right here gives your game room that traditional feel. The cherry/brown color and its well-made tassels on each pocket complete the old school look and feel. The French style drop pockets not only make it very easy to retrieve the balls but also gives the table a classical design that everybody admires.Fat Cat 7 ft

This is not a slate bed table and neither is it MDF. The bed is made of accuslate which is a blend of particle board with a cover of pvc material. This bed gives an awesome playing surface and to crown it all it comes with a 7years non warping warranty which tells you that you will get value for money. It may not play as good as slate does, but it plays well too though the balls are  a bit  slower  on it.

You can easily play this table on uneven grounds by simply adjusting the   legs which are fitted with hidden leveling pads. You may need up to four people to help you assemble set it up. You start playing immediately you set up as it comes with two 57’’ cues, a resin triangle, chalk and a set of balls.

  • Beautiful traditional look and style
  • Well hidden adjustable legs
  • 7 years non-warp guarantee on the accuslate bed
  • Rich and opulent touch from the tan cloth
  • Lacks automatic ball return
  • Poor quality cues
  • Expensive than other non-slate tables


Best 8ft Pool Table Reviews

This is the standard size of billiard table and you will get numerous slate options to choose from in this category. However, there are MDF tables too for those who like their budget friendly feature. We handpicked these three tables for you to choose from.

Best Cheap Pool Table

Hathaway Hustler 8ft Pool Table Review

This is our pick for the best non slate 8 ft table in the market today. It comes with the look of any other table you will find in a bar or arcade. The black-matte design makes it an attention grabber in any game room. Its budget friendliness can be attributed to the fact that it is non slate. The MDF bed is covered with a highly responsive felt not to mention the k-66 gum rubber cushions that give the balls the desired movement.

Hathaway Hustler 8ftYou do not have to worry about other accessories when you buy this table as it comes ready   for a game. You will get a rack, balls, chalk and two cues to get you started with the game. The table has a ball returner hence the balls will not be stuck in the pockets. The rigid pedestal style legs come with 6” stabilizing levelers to give you an even playing surface.

  • Automatic ball returner
  • Nice modern look
  • Quality responsive cushions
  • Leg levelers for level playing surface
  • Non slate bed
  • Light weight cues


Best Slate Pool Table

Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table Review

This is a pool table with a very   sleek and modern design that is captivating to look at. It comes with a shiny black cabinet that has chrome accents and a durable red felt. You can easily find this table in modern game rooms and at homes where there are billiard lovers.

The table bed is made of slate or slatron which gives it a very durable lifespan. The rails are 3  inch and are made of the K66 nose rubber that gives an ever consistent rebound on the balls. The rails are very durable and they do not lose their shape and wonderful capabilities. For game rooms with uneven floors, you can easily set up this table as the legs include levellers. The legs are very stable with a reinforced pedestal style that makes them look classic and very admirable.

After buying this table you will get the necessary accessories that you need. It comes with a set of balls, 2 cues, felt brush, a box of chalk and a triangle rack.

  • Very high quality billiards table.
  • Top quality slate
  • Very easy to assemble and clear installation directions.
  • It is heavy and requires up to 6 people to set it up or move it upstairs
  • The felt peels off after sometime. A better quality felt will do.

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Best Dining and Fusion Pool Table

Do you love playing pool but you are limited by the space in your house? Fusion had you in mind when they designed this table   as it combines your dining room requirement with your game room needs. This table has everything you need for a perfect pool game and a lid that snaps into place giving an excellent kitchen table or dining table.

Dining Fusion Pool TableWith this table you get a storage room too as it has a void in between the lid and the felt. The space is huge enough to safely store your cues, racks and balls. Surprisingly when you close the lid, no one will ever know what you have kept inside it nor will they tell it is a pool table.

This table comes with nylon pockets at each corner. The pockets are designed to flush with the table and expand slightly when holding the balls. They retreat to their position when you remove the balls. It comes with a Simonis Table cloth which is top quality and highly durable.

This pool and dining table is suitable for any type of home. Its clean lines and sleek European design makes it a perfect fit for any décor. You can complement it with customized benches or chairs and make it a complete set.

Pool Table Buying Guide

Before you order your table, you need to look at a few considerations that make each slate different. Here is a list of things that we highly recommend that you consider.


Most tables in the market today are designed to either cater for commercial use or home use. Most commercial designs come with a locking system that requires some money to unlock the balls. For a home design, you rarely find such features as they are made to provide a seamless playing field. The home design are smaller in size and in most cases made to complement the interior design and furniture in the house.

Measurements / Available Space

Before buying any table first measure your game room or the point at which you want to keep your table. There is a wide range of tables to choose from ranging from the 10×5 foot carom billiard tables to the special 3 foot pool tables designed for kids.

For competitive pool games, the approved World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) dimension are the 8by4 foot and 9by4.5foot and they are  mostly found in clubs and bars.

Most commercial tables are nine feet long and they require more space to fit comfortably and leave enough room for the players to enjoy their game. For a home set up you need a smaller model that measures seven feet or eight feet long depending on your game room size. You can get even small tables to fit in a very small space.

Combo Model

If you are limited in terms of space, then you need this model. It simply combines different functions and it can be placed in different positions in the house ranging from the kitchen to the dining room meaning that they can covert to dining tables or kitchen tops. There are others that combine different games on the same table like poker and table hockey meaning that you will need less space for different games. You can also consider bumper pool tables

 Felt Color 

Are you sensitive to colors and your interior design? Then you need to watch out on the color of the felt cloth. Most felt cloths come in a deep green shade but you can get one that matches with your interior design. You can also get a custom made pool table felt that features your logo if you are a club or bar.

Pool Cues

The cues you have directly affects the table that you will buy due to their sizes among other factors. You can check our detailed review of the best pool cues.

Felt Strength

It is important to get a strong felt that does not wear down easily as it is very expensive to repair one. The material should however be made to suit the game you will be playing as some can be very tough and affect the play by deflecting the balls. Just ensure the table you buy has a durable felt that has been made to a great standard.

Wood or Metal slate tables

Always go for a table that comes with a slate under the felt as it gives you a smooth and level surface where your balls roll easily. There are however cheaper options with models that come with wooden or metallic slates.  However the performance of such tables is not guaranteed.

Top Rails

These are the rails that surround the table and their work is to hold the balls and keep them from jumping over the side. You need strong rails that will provide adequate support to your table. Go for tables with two pieces of rails as opposed to the less expensive laminated rails.

Table Legs

Ensure that the legs of the table are sturdy and well-built to support the weight of the pool table. Slate tables are particularly heavy and they require professionally constructed table legs.

Natural Cushions vs Synthetic Cushions

These are the cushions that surround the table and they provide a surface on which the balls will bounce off. They come in two types; synthetic material and natural gum rubber. The natural cushions are better because they retain their elasticity for a long time giving you value for money.

Ball retrieval

You can choose from two types of ball retrieval

Drop Pockets

This is a model where the balls will remain in the pockets. The balls  are held in place by a string netting or a cup making it a cheap option. One challenge with it is that with time the string netting breaks. Another challenge is that if the balls get into one pocket, you will need to empty it to avoid future shots from bouncing out of the pocket. Advanced and expensive drop pocket tables have a leather pouch or metal runners to catch and hold the balls once they have been potted.

Ball returner 

This model works with a mechanism where after you pot the ball it moves to the end of the table or to the middle of the table. All the balls are collected in a small box area where you pick them up when you want to start a new game. This model is mainly used with the coin operated tables and most commercial tables.

Installation/Set up

This generally depends on the size and shape of the table you will buy. For a fold away table or a mini table you will require less expertise and time to set it up. However, for larger bumper tables  you will require more than 2 people to set it up and install. In some cases you will need a professional installer to do it for you. This is a key point to consider if you will do it by yourself.