How To Move a Pool Table Like an Expert

Pool table is one of the things that ought to be handled with care as it is of much value. Moving a pool table is a huge task, it is not light weighted and it is delicate too. A normal pool table weighs more than 350 kilos so it makes it a task moving it from one place to another, moving a pool table is not a joke.


When moving a pool table across the room  proper planning and co-ordination is required, you need an extra help! Don’t even think of DIY approach in fact you should consider hiring professional pool table movers which will cost you an extra coin.

How To Move A Pool Table Successfully

After deciding that you want to move your pool table either by yourself or through a moving company,  follow  the key tips below.

Preparations before moving

  1. Measurements; Confirm the doorways and driveway before the moving, to ensure the pool table will go through the walls and the doors without tampering with them.
  2. Ensure the Truck is ready; It is advisable to have a truck ready, you will need not at least 4 Tons removals truck for this move.
  3. Get Enough Protection sheets; It is advisable to arrange cover, blankets or sheets to protect the timber flooring.
  4. Surface protection; The surface is very well polished, to maintain it…you ought the cover the table with sheets or blankets.
  5. Get enough Restraining straps; They help in preventing the slate in transit.

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Steps to follow when moving the table.

  1. Getting the right materials and supplies

 If you are planning on moving the table without experienced movers then getting the right materials should be your first priority. You will need a toolbox, power drill, screwdriver, socket wrench, moving blankets for protection and finally you need a staple remover for helping to remove pool table’s felt.

For carrying the pool table parts, it is advisable to have many labelled bags or boxes with you, you do not want to confuse some parts

  1. Taking it apart

While as there are many people who are interested on how to move a pool table without taking it apart, it is only possible when moving it in short distances and huge manpower. For heavy and large tables, you simply need to take it apart.

Before tearing everything apart make sure you have labelled a systematic list so that when putting every part back together will be simple. It is not good news to go running to the hardware to look for perfect hex bolt to attach the pockets. I can assure you, you won’t find it.

Moving a pool table while you have not disassemble it will only cause damage and it can also endanger you and your buddies.  In this process make sure you have screwdriver, socket wrench, goggles and power drill, you will also need 3 or more of your friends. You need to take it apart. Removing the staples to unfasten the six side pockets using a screwdriver. Unscrew the bolts using a socket wrench for holding each rail. Your friend should help you in flipping them to take them apart. Remember, labeling them is the key so that when reassembling it will be quicker.  You can get a tutorial on how to dismantle a slate pool table if you are finding it difficult.

  1. Removing the felt.

I’d say this is the trickiest part, removing the felt will decrease chances of it been damaged while transporting. The only option you have is to carefully remove staples from the felt. Once removed packed it away.

  1. The slate

Slates are pretty heavy, you will need some strong arms in your team, you will also need to be very careful and gentle. Any dent on the slate can make you kiss the game goodbye. Power drill will get off screws from the slate, when you have removed the screws…with the help of your team carefully remove the slate.

You have removed pockets, rails, and slates, the main body and the legs are next, get off each pool table leg from the main structure, to make it simple turn the main body of the pool table upside-down.

  1. Protect every piece and load the track

Now that you have remove every part from the main structure, you need to wrap every part of the pool table with a moving cover or a blanket. Ensure to protect the slates when loading the truck, since they are heavy and more delicate. Once you are done with loading, drive carefully to avoid breakage of some parts.

  1. Make room.

 Now, make sure your new game room can fit your pool table. Plenty of room where by the player can take the shots very comfortably is paramount. Don’t carpet the area where the pool table will stand, it is pretty difficult to level a pool on any form of carpet. Make sure to choose a non- carpeted room or you can just remove the carpet when setting the table in its place.

  1. Get it together

Begin by reassembling the frame and the legs, make sure to turn the table upside-down while doing this…having somebody to help you flip it over is a must. Once you are done, place the slate back to the frame, then add the felt. Once you’ve put on the felt, you will need a razor blade to cut holes and attach bolts. This process will take some time so do not be in a hurry otherwise you might mess up. Once done with the felt, put on the rail and make sure you have tighten them…to make sure the felt is not wrinkled and ensure the surface is smooth.


Pool table is one of the heaviest item one can own. When moving out it can be a pretty hard task, that’s why it recommended to hire experienced movers, you can get the billiards table moving cost quotation online.  Most movers will move it from one place to the other carefully with the help of friends, however, it needs patience and gentleness. You do not want to break some parts of the pool table or miss out some parts while loading. Moving a pool table is a hard task but it achievable.

Should you feel that this is too much of a hassle, there are plenty of experienced movers who can sought you out without you been worried of any breakage or lost parts. Well, best of luck, you will badly need it.