Best Pool Table Covers (Top Pick for Outdoors and Indoors)

To many people, life is better played outdoors. This makes them go a long way in ensuring that there is adequate entertainment for them and their families. If you are like such people, you have an outdoor pool table as it is a must have for outdoor entertainment. The pool table plays better and lasts longer when it is well protected with a top quality outdoor pool table cover. The main elements to protect your pool table from are dirt, dust, rain, drink spills, animal hair and direct sunlight. This keeps the table in the danger of getting bruises and bumps at all times.

best pool table cover

Top 10 Pool Table Covers 

Best Billiard Table Cover

CueStix International Fitted Heavy Naugahyde Pool Table Cover For 8-Feet Table Review

This cover comes at the top of the list and we will look at all the details that makes it one of the leading covers in the market.  The cover is fitted with heavy duty naugahyde making it very durable.

best out door billiard table cover

This cover from Cuestix international fits most 8 feet tables. You get to choose your favorite color ranging from; green, black, tan, brown and wine. Get a color that compliments your game room or the color of your table.

This fitted style cover is very long lasting as it is made from very high quality naugahyde. It measures 100 inches by 56 inches which gives your table a perfect cover from all kinds of liquid spills, animal hair, dirt and any other damaging substance that you can think of.

  • Available in a variety of 5 colors to match your preferences
  • Made of highly durable, heavy duty naugahyde.
  • Keeps off any liquid spills from staining the felt.
  • Does not come with a storage box to keep when not in use.
  • Takes some time to clear the creases after unfolding the package
  • Will not fit extra large tables


Custom Pool Table Cover

Imperial Officially Licenced NFL Billiard Cover Review

Do you love football? Then there is no better way to pay loyalty to your team than getting this NFL billiard table naugahyde from Imperial. This cover is highly durable and it gives you years of protection and style in your game room. This is the officially licensed cover that gives you the real deal outdoors. With it you are covered from dirt, sunlight, rain, drink spills, dust and any other outdoor damaging elements like pests.

NFL billiard table cover

The cover measures 100 inches in length and 56 inches wide and it covers most 8 feet pool tables perfectly. It comes in a fitted design that gives you that additional security you need on your table. If you don’t like the NFL logo that is displayed prominently at the center you can get one without the logo.

  • Fitted design for better secure covering
  • Prominent silk screened NFL logo at the center
  • Made of top quality and highly durable naugahyde
  • Some NFL teams are missing


Best Snooker Table Cover

Iszy Billiards 8 foot Heavy Duty Poll Table Billiard Cover Review

This is one of the best outdoor covers we have in the market today simply because it has been made specially for this purpose. The numerous heavy duty materials used in its production gives it a long life. It perfectly fits any style of a game room be it ancient or the modern and trendy game room. This is made possible by its amazing design and snooker table cover

This cover measures 115 inches by 71 inches which covers the table entirely. This is a perfect cover for extra-large tables due to it extra size. You have an easy time covering the table as this cover is super lightweight. Soon after unboxing you will get an unpleasant chemical smell that fades away in two to five days.

This is your best bet for an outdoor cover since it comes with a spill protection feature that keeps even rain away from your table. It also fits pet lovers as it has an anti-scratch property that will keep you less worried about your cat or dog.

  • Available in 4 different colors to allow for preferential choices
  • Comes with fitted corners for a perfect secure fit
  • Made of heavy duty vinyl and cotton backing which gives additional protection
  • Has a pet protection feature
  • The color fades out when left out in the sun for several months to years
  • The creases take long to flatten out.


Best Indoor Pool Table Cover

Billiard Depot Black 8′ Heavy Duty Leatherette Pool Table Cover Review

If you like classy items, then this is your perfect choice. Billiards Depot Pool Table CoverThis cover from Billiard Depot is mad from very high quality vinyl and it is made perfect with a leatherette finish giving it a sparkling outlook. This cover perfectly fits any 8 foot pool table as it is based on the outside measurements of the table as opposed to the playing area.

To make it even more durable and resilient, the cover is double stitched which reinforces the seams. The thickness of the material says it all about its protective properties. You are sure that your table is safe once you cover it with this cover.

  • Very well made to fit any 8 foot pool table
  • Very sturdy and thick material for protection
  • You can use it to cover your air hockey table
  • The wrinkles take some time to flatten after unboxing.


Best Outdoor Cover

Felson Billiard Supplies Heavy Leatherette Billiard Table Cover Review

Every serious pool owner who wants to keep their table safe will definitely consider this cover. Felson Billiard Supplies have gone out of their way to ensure that this 8 foot brown heavy leatherette cover meets all specifications for an outdoor cover. It offers a great cover against dirt, sunlight and dust around your pool table. It is also made from to quality materials making it strong and longer lasting than any other cover you can think of.Best Outdoor Pool Table Cover

If you are thinking of giving your game room a face lift, then this is what you were missing. The brown color will give your room a cozy touch not to mention that it will light up the room. It fits any 8 foot pool table perfectly.

  • Made with protective plastic which s resistant to tearing
  • Very cozy look on the table
  • Made for the 8 foot table only.
  • Comes in one color

Best Pool Table Cover

Imperial Billiards/Pool Table Fitted Naugahyde Cover Review

This is the perfect heavy duty naugahyde billiards cover. It comes with a fitted design which ensures that your table is fully protected. best 8 foot pool table coverThe top surface of the table is well catered for and the sides are well covered by the side aprons. The make offers the best protection against spills, dust, dirt  and pets keeping your table safe from any external damage.

You will use this cover for many years after buying it simply because it is made of high quality naugahyde material. It is a perfect outdoor cover as it can withstand any strong pressure or extreme weather.  You will get different sizes to fit your 7 feet, 8 feet and 9 feet tables perfectly.


 Buying Guide

Once you buy your pool table, you simply start looking for accessories that will compliment your new asset. Getting a cover that matches with your table gives you and your playing partners an easy time before starting the game. Before buying this important product, consider the points listed below and get real value for your cash.

Get a waterproof pool table cover

The fact that your table lives outside means that it is exposed to different weather conditions including rain. Getting a cloth that is waterproof takes away all your worries during the rainy season. It is important to cover your outdoor  table at all time when not in use as it protects it from the morning and night dew and any other spillages that may happen.

Check the material

You will get many covers that are made from naugahyde or vinyl also known as artificial leather, others are made of pure leather, silk, nylon or plastic. Basically they are made to do the same jobs which is to protect your table from wear and tear and keep the playing surface free from dirt and external damage.

You may ask, why buy leather or heavy duty vinyl and not any other material? Leather is known to be longer lasting than any other materials in the market. It is also very easy to treat and maintain the leather material. We recommend that you buy a leatherette cloth at all times, however if your budget does not allow, go for other materials that fit your budget.

Get a Color that Compliments Your Table or Game Room

While as it is important to get a color that rhymes with your billiards table cloth, it is equally important to get that cover that complements your man cave. For outdoor tables, get a cover that matches with your porch or rhymes with your patio or lawn. This makes the area look better with the table covered. The common colors are black, maroon and dark brown.

Measure Your Pool Table Before Buying

This is a key point that many buyers forget and they end up buying the wrong table cloth. Always take your time and physically measure your snooker table before shopping for the cover. Remember to add a few centimeters on the length and width of the table to allow for a perfect fit. This is very important when delivering the measurements for a customized pool table cover.

Pick  A Design That You Like

Always consider the design of the cover before making a purchase. A design with elastic corners will give you an easy time when putting the cover on and off. The design should also cater for different types of protections like dirt and dust protection, playing surface protection, spillages and water protection, sunlight guard and wear and tear protection. All these factors will give better protection levels to your pool table.


So here we went over products that can potentially save your great investment from extreme weather conditions and other harmful aspects. Any pool table cover from this list will remind you of your best game or your best player. At the same time, it will be available to protect your investment when you are away till you need to enjoy the next game.

Let us face it, it can be hard to predict the weather or the conditions to which your table will be exposed to when you are not in your game room. To get off all the worries, get the best pool table cover and be at peace. You not only protect your investment but also ensure that it serves you for a longer time. This means that you have more days to enjoy your favorite game.

After interrogating the products thoroughly, we can easily see that each cover has its own uniqueness based on design, material used and the different functions it is made for. It is our believe that you will have an easy time when choosing one that perfectly fits your budget and one that fully protects your cherished outdoor pool table. Once you identify one, shop when the stock is still available for online buying.