Best Pool Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

There is a thing about billiards that movie creators like and they seem to utilize it really well. This is evident as there are more than 70 films that prominently feature billiards as protagonists. The outcome has always been great and some films have gone ahead to conquer the screens and even became great cinematic classics. The color of Money or The Hustler are two great examples.
Though some movies have created a biased image of pool, they have contributed to the growth in popularity. Every time a movie featuring billiards trends, there is a new wave of thousands of new players that come up. This article features some billiards movies that you can enjoy in your leisure time.

  • The Hustler – 1961

Having received 2 Oscars, the Hustler has been regarded as the best pool movie ever made and it is definitely a masterpiece that is worth your time.

The movie is based on a novel by Walter Tevis in 1959 named The Hustler. The featured story has numerous ups and downs of the Talented Felson (Paul Newman) and his tackles with the legendary (Jackie Gleason) Minnesota Fat.

Throughout the movie, the game of pool is surrounded by many instances of gambling, alcohol and tobacco which painted the game of billiards in bad light to date. That notwithstanding, the movie contributed greatly to the resurgence of the game after its great decline after World War 1.

The movie uses straight pool as their game of choice. It is also known as continuous pool and the shot-making by Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason is phenomenal. This movie is definitely heavy stuff.
For the record this is one of the few American Movies in which the hero wins by surrendering, the star accepted to go with reality instead of chasing after his dreams.

  • The Color of Money -1986

The color of Money can be scored as the second greatest billiard film ever after the hustler. The main protagonist in the movie is Paul Newman(This film won his first Oscar). The movie is a follow up to the Hustler only that it comes 25 years later.

The plot features a former champion Eddie Felson (Paul Newman) discovering a new player Vincent (Tom Cruise) with whom he travels with. In the film, the game is played in a dark environment full of bets and substance. Generally, pool is taken to be an alibi for a stage to get in to the business and make money.
Most of the shots featured in this movie are the real deal and this film has been linked to the rise of popularity of the nine-ball pool to date.

  • The Baltimore Bullet – 1980

This Movie featured Nick Casey who is referred to as The Baltimore Bullet. He is a veteran Billiards hustler who was scouring the bar halls for his prey. Nick meets a young Billie Joe Robbins and trains him for months after which they both plan to face the legendary gambler The Deacon. The Deacon only plays if there is at least $5,000 on the table making it a nice dare.

Though not rated highly as the first two, this movie is definitely worth a watch. It also features mythical players like Lou Butera, Willie Mosconi, Irving Crane, Steve Mizerak, Richard Florence,Michael Sigel and Jimmy Mataya.

  • Pool Hall Junkies – 2002

This movie by Mars Cunningham (Johnny) gives a view to some of the most difficult shots throughout the movie. It is Christopher Walken who steals the show in this film with his wonderful monologues and meticulous styles. He takes the game naturally and gives Mars Cunningham who also features greatly a run for his money.

This movie features the eight ball kick in the side game and has nice shots that you can learn from. Johnny who could be one of the best billiards players in the world lived all his life under Joe who is a dark hustler. Joe trains Johnny and he dictates how he should play and with whom.
The main lesson in the movie is to show you how imposition and obligation does not always lead to success.

  • Turn the River -2007

Kailey a star pool player wants to win the Title of the Best pool player so as to take her son away from her drunkard ex-husband. She is forced to win and move away to Canada to get a better life.
Clearly the movies with pool seem to like some alcohol in them. They also pull along unrealistic topics and dissect some stereotypes. You definitely want to get some more atleast for the shots and great moves.

Have you watched any pool movies that you would love featured? Feel free to contact us and we will get it listed.