Best Pool Cue For The Money (2020 Buying Guide)

Is it that time when you need a new cue stick? We have you covered as we did all the tests for you and identified some of the best billiard cues in terms of performance and value for money. We have an in depth review on the best for beginners, best for intermediate players, best for kids and the best for professionals. This simply means that we’ve got you covered irrespective of your age or level of the game.

Best Pool Cues Reviews



Best For Intermediate and Professional Players

Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece  Review

Over the years players have produced top quality and reliable cue sticks. Professionals around the world prefer the players cues as they give them the desired stroke and perfect hit. The shaft is made  of 100%  American hard rock maple that is hand selected and treated with Nelsonite that protects it from climatical changes.

The stick has a perfect finishing made of Epoxy to protect it from wrapping which is caused by moisture.

The fact that the stick has a classy impression makes it a choice among the many in the market. The outer look comprises of a  solid black Irish linen wrap that has been double pressed to make it last longer on the cue.

The main reason why any player should invest in this cue stick is the fact that it comes with the highly recommended Kamui black tip. This tip is made of 10 layers which gives it a long durability not to mention the superior grip and perfect spin.

  • Pre-installed top quality and durable tip
  • Comes with a steel joint and a   butt cap made of  a Slimline   White Implex
  • Affordable
  • Irish linen wrap
  • Stainless steel joint
  • Many clients have raised concerns that the stick does not have the players name inscribed on it.

Go for this cue if you participate in any competitions. It gives you class and the performance that you expect. The tip is perfect for long term use and it withstands the pressure. A good buy for the money.

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Cuesoul SOOCOO Series Maple Pool Cue Review

If you are excited by new products in the market and you want to try them out, then this cue is for you. This is the Best Rated stick as per our reviews.

It feels like a new breath of life to any player who has had a troublesome cue. It is made of a special Canadian maple shaft and fitted with a 12.75mm leather tip which comes in 7 layers.   A notable addition to this buy is the cue towel that plays a huge role in the maintenance of the cue stick.

  • Top quality cue made from hand picked Canadian maple wood
  • Excellent energy transfer from the butt to other areas of the cue facilitated by the rocket pin and the stainless steel collar.
  • Has a crystal joint   and a shaft protector making it impact resistant
  • You get a cue towel which keeps it clean and dry at all times.
  • Comes with a 7 layered leather tip which is highly durable and very consistent in shape
  • Quite light for newbies as it weighs 19 ounces hence not recommended for beginners.
  • Does not give a perfect grip

If you want a change in your game, this is the cue for you. Its excellent performance and durability is worth paying for. You should however have some skills before trying to use this cue.

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Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Pool Cue with Upgraded Shaft

This is a perfect cue that has been made with all impressive features that are perfect for the game. It gives a feel of class and it gives a super performance. The design displays top notch art work and it blends well to give a quality touch  ensuring high performance. The design also adopts modern technology not to mention the well selected premium exotic woods that gives a custom touch that any player desires.

If you have some extra bucks to spend on a cue stick, then Lucasi is the way to go. You get value for every cent you spend on it not to mention that it takes your game to a whole new level.  The cue is very durable and you have an opportunity to upgrade to the next advancement at a low cost.

  • Excellent wood to wood joint with an Uni-loc pin giving it a perfect transfer of power.
  • Easy to break down
  • Wrapless maple with a lifetime warranty
  • It is expensive compared to other cues in the market

Many people bought this as their practice cue only for them to turn it into their money cue. The quality of this cue stick gives you an edge even in major competitions and tournaments. Buy it and start your winning ways. We Vote this as the Best Cue for the Money.

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We have recommended  the top cue stick for intermediate players, best cue stick for kids and young youths, the Best for Beginners and Lucasi Custom as the Best for professional players and the Best overall.

With this guide you will simply enjoy your game.