Best Pool Cues For Kids

Many parents like engaging their kids in the games they are playing and pool is not an exception. If you want your children to enjoy the game as much as you are, then you need to get the best cue stick for their size and age. Luckily we have several that have been made specifically for youths. We tried these four and came up with the following reviews that you can read and buy one that best fits your kids.

In a hurry? We recommend the Viper Junior cue stick for your young tucks.

Best Pool Cues for Children and Youth

Action Kids Series Pool Cue Review

This special 48 inch, 2 piece cue stick is made for young adults who love playing the game of pool or snooker. The 2 pieces are joint by a wood to wood joint powered by a stainless steel pin. It has everything you would look for in a standard cue stick and it plays really well. I  would recommend it for anyone who is playing in a small room as it simply does the job.

best poolcue for kids

The 13mm proprietary boar skin tip gives this cue a unique edge over the others as it holds chalk so well. You simply have very little miscues and very accurate shots. You can choose from different colors and styles. If you want something longer, you can opt for the 52 inch option which is made with the same quality of materials. If you have a pool table, this is a must have cue as you do not know who will come by and request for a game or two.

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CUESOUL 48 Inch Junior Kid Billiard Cue Stick with Colorful Design Review

Cuesoul knows that kids love colorful items and they made just that for them. This amazing kid’s cue stick keeps your kids in the game room for longer than you can think. best junior kid cuesI bought several for my kids and each of them can’t let go off theirs. The price is very friendly hence you can buy several for a kid’s game room.

The cue is painted fully with a colorful firework forearm and butt sleeve. It is made of kiln dried eucalyptus making it longer lasting. However the cue is not as strong as most kids would assume, care needs to be taken not to use it as any other toy as it can cause breakages or warpage.

The tip is made of leather and it lasts long and holds chalk fairly well. This is an awesome gift for kids who love the game of billiards. It can also be a nice starting point for parents who want to teach their kids how to play.

The only downside of this cue is that the painting tends to come off too easily with regular use, it however does the job considering the price.

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Cuetec Recreational Series 1-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue Review

Cuetec has specialized the art of marking billiard cues for over 20 years. Surprisingly they come up with products that are of very high quality at a price that is easily affordable by most casual players. The main idea behind it is eliminating all the major problems like dents and warping while keeping the cost short cue stick

This is a one piece cue that is made to look like it is a two piece. It is however very high quality. From the outside composite coating it feels like fiberglass though the manufacturer says it is made of Canadian Maple. To me the grip is just fine and it feels like a premium cue. You can choose the length of the cue you want to buy depending on your age. For young children go for the 36  inch cue, for young youths go for 42 inch and 48inch for teenagers.

With this cue you can enjoy the game in a small game room or in a squeezed edge where the wall is close. This cue is easy to clean and it does not scratch making it an excellent choice for kids. Kids can enjoy the game without having to worry about bending or scratching the cue. We highly recommend this cue to any parent looking for one.

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Viper Junior 48″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue Review

Do you have youthful girls and don’t know what kind of cue to buy for them? Viper junior has an awesome design with a pink lady finish that every girl loves. This billiard stick is made of top quality Canadian maple wood and finished with edgy tattoo style graphics that are very appealing to young tucks.

best youth pool stick

Every time you buy the 2 piece pink lady cue, the profits are donated to do breast cancer research to support the ladies. This cue comes with a 13 mm Le Pro leather tip   for awesome shots and a traditional rubber bumper.

The Viper is a perfect cue for small game rooms and young teenagers. Get different styles ranging from dragon, Rock&Roll, Realtree Hardwoods HD  Camo and the options for ladies the Pink Lady and Pink Bones. There is no reason why your daughter or lady friend should not enjoy pool, buy them this cue stick and make their day. We recommend this stick for learners too as it is light enough to make learning bearable.

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Now you have no reason why should not let you children enjoy the game. Pick the cue that fits them and get them learning the game. We will keep you updated when new products hits the market.