Best Pool Chalk Selection

Do you want to buy a new pack of chalk to use on your cue stick? We have a quick review on some of the best brands in the market. This buying guide was written after a thorough inspection and numerous testing over the years. We keep updating it every time we get a new experience with the different chalk brands.

Playing the game of pool, snooker or any billiards games comes with a lot of learning to do for both beginners and veterans. We can for example zero in on chalk and its uses in the board games. You will be surprised to hear questions like; what is pool chalk made of? Coming for veterans.

Chalk plays a central part in the game of pool or snooker and it is made up of a combination of an abrasive substance known as corundum or aluminum oxide and silica. The two substances are crushed together into powder otherwise known as chalk.

Top 10 Billiards Chalk Comparison Table 

The main purpose of pool stick chalk is to add friction between the tip and the cue ball. The result is a perfect shot with all the energy from the stick being transferred to the ball. When you play without chalking the tip, you will end up having a miscue. This is a situation where the cue slides off the cue ball prematurely resulting into a ruined shot.  A new tip will provide the much needed friction to hit the ball but as it ages the tip becomes smoother making it necessary to have chalk and to chalk it before taking a shot.

If you are wondering about how often you should chalk your cue stick, then you do not need to worry. You can chalk it before every shot to make your gaming experience better. For a shot that needs some special spin make sure you chalk before taking the shot because you will be using a small surface area of the tip to hit the cue ball and it requires some extra friction to give perfect results.  The beauty with taking that moment to chalk your tip is that it gives you some time to think between the shots. You get enough time to make decisions and you get to concentrate more translating to huge wins.

We reviewed 10 pool chalks in the market today. We are going to present them from the best in terms of quality. Go through them and make your decision.

What Pool Chalk is Best?

 We have reviewed the best chalk to have in your game room base on; easy application, consistent excellent results and of course a smooth formula.  Browse through and pick one that suits you.

Luxurious Kamui Chalk

Kamui 0.98 Chalk Review

If you like paying for the quality of the products you will use in your game room, then this chalk is for you. It comes with finer particles and more improved technology to make it the leading chalk in the market. You will get 1 cube for every pack in different colors depending on your choice. This chalk is made in Japan and it does not compromise on quality.

You will meet people asking why Kamui chalk is so expensive, you could also be one of them. The main reason is because Kamui keeps improving their technology from time to time giving the users a new and better experience every time they use their chalk. The products are also kept at the right climate that is controlled all through production and shipping.

By touch the chalk feels very fine just like fine clay and it is more adhesive. For most players chalking once is enough for the whole game. It sticks on the Kamui tip all through and gives a very high performance. It improves the English and it gives you a confident shot when you play the game. It is well worth the price tag after all!


  • Expensive compared to other chalks
  • You will chalk less
  • Consistent hits without miscue


  • A bit dusty
  • Cakes up when applied on old chalk

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Best Quality Chalk

Kamui 1.21 Chalk Review

This chalk is similar to the one discussed earlier. This was the first product from Kamui and it was designed to give the best feel on the tip. The 1.21 model is coarse than the 0.98 and it greatly resembles the normal chalk.

This chalk is less sticky hence you need to apply more times compared to the 0.98 version. A great advantage of this chalk is that it is very easy to clear off the hands and on the cue since it is less sticky. This also results to more chalk falling on the felt which means you will need your brush more often.

Since the two chalks go for the same price, you will need genuine reasons to buy the 1.21 instead of the 0.98 and they are as follows.

You are tired of having sticky chalk on your hands and on the cue. The Kamui1.21 chalk is very easy to clean off.

You have adapted the habit of chalking after every shot and you can hardly break the habit. This chalk has been made for people like you as it lasts longer than the 0.98 with re-chalkers.


  • You get an excellent spin
  • Very hard to miscue
  • Very minimal dirt  as it does not stain your hands or cue.


  • Does not stick on the tip longer like the 0.98



Best Quality Cheap Cue Chalk

Blue Diamond Billiard Chalk Review

This is one of the most loved product by Longoni! It comes in a box with 2 cubes that are blue in color. Most players make this chalk a preference because of its moisture retention capability. The moisture retention gives the tip a longer playing time with less miscues and less chalking.

If you like getting value for your money, then this is your pick. Many people make the mistake of referring to it as cheap pool chalk. The quality of the chalk has proved over the years that it is indeed a top choice. Players participating in competitive games prefer this chalk as it stays on the tip   on an average of 3 strokes meaning they don’t have to chalk before every other stroke.

If you like your pool felt tidy, then consider the blue diamond billiard chalk. This chalk has a great moisture retention meaning that it sticks on the tip longer. This results into less chalking and it is not as messy on the felt like other chalks. The chalk has a finer grain and can be a bit messy on your hands if you chalk frequently with less care.

You can try everything else in the market, but absolutely nothing will beat this chalk in terms of quality and price. Try it today and give your remarks for others to make a sound decision.


  • Best pool chalk for the money
  • Adheres to the tip better hence less chalking
  • Less miscues and less messy
  • Very consistent over the years and durable


  • Gets your hands chalky due to the fine grains


The Best Master Chalk

Master Cue Chalk Review

This is the most common pool, billiards and snooker chalk as most game rooms stock it. There are numerous tournaments that prefer the masters chalk and provide them to all the players participating in the tournament.The WPA recommends this chalk for their tournaments.

This chalk comes in a box made specifically for chalk storage. You will get 12 cubes in the box which means you will stay longer before making your next purchase. You can choose between the different colors, however, the quality however remains the same. You can choose the color depending on the felt of your table. Your billiards table will not look messy with a blending chalk color.

Most professional players prefer this chalk on their leather tips because it gives them a smooth coating all through without flaking. This results in a more centered stroke with less miscues.

You can trust the quality of this chalk as it is made in the USA. Most Patrons in game rooms like it and they prefer it over all other brands. When playing with a softer tip, there is a higher chalk retention rate as it adheres better on the tip.


  • Comes in different colors to match your felt cover
  • Softer chalk and works great on soft tips.


  • Comes in a box of 12 which are too many for irregular users
  • The different colors may vary with your exact felt color.


Best For the Money

Predator Cue Chalk Review

Predator chalk is a state of the art chalk that is reviewed regularly by its producer to ensure that it delivers top notch quality to the users. With constant research a product that gives the desired accuracy greater consistency and has a longer adherence on the tip was developed. Most players like it because of the increased spins they  get after using it not to mention the longer playing time. It is normally packaged in a tube that contains 5 cubes.

Pool owners like predator because it does not stain the felt as it sticks on the tip. You do not end up with a messy table since you do not have to chalk so often. The chalk lasts on the tip for multiple shots making it durable and worth the money pay.

The octagonal shape of the chalk cube makes it very easy to apply on the tip. It gives the leather tip a nice and smooth layer that lasts all through the game. The cube withstands constant use due to the fact that it is densely packed. After applying it, most players said they had a better grip on the ball and they recommended it as the perfect chalk for a spin.


  • Stays longer on the tip
  • Fairly priced
  • Top quality chalk
  • Does not stain the felt.


  • Available in blue color only


Best Quality Cheap Cue Chalk

Balabushka Cue Chalk Review

If you are a lover of quality chalk   but find Kamui to be too expensive for you, then this is your chalk.

The Balabushka chalk has a gritty texture which maximizes the friction between your tip and the cue ball. This gives very easy positional shots. Though not as fine as Kamui this chalk meets all the qualities of a premium package.

A minor disadvantage with this chalk is that it is coarser hence it does not have that grip on the tip like the finer products. This means that you will have to chalk every two or three shots. You will also get more marks on the ball since the chalk does not stick on the tip. These marks are however very easy to wipe off. You can minimize these marks and dust on hands with careful chalking.

Considering the price of Balabushka chalk, it sticks fairly well on the tip. Comparing it to the like of Kamui in terms of performance is unfair since this is pretty cheap chalk.

If you are a color lover, then you might be a bit unlucky as this chalk comes only in traditional blue color.


  • Great friction with low chances of miscues. Excellent English.
  • Great value for money.
  • Adheres decently – No need to reapply after one shot


  • Marks the cue ball, however, it can be cleaned easily.



Professional Cue Chalk

Silver Cup Chalk Review

This chalk come in a box packed with a dozen cubes. This chalk has been designed for home and commercial use and it comes in different colors. Professional players love the silver chalk for its smooth coating and its special characteristic that it does not cake or flake. Generally this chalk comes in two colors blue and green which matches with most boards.

The chalk dust on the table is conspicuous hence it is easy to know when to clean up the pool table. This however should not be taken to say that the chalk is messy, far from it this chalk is very compact and it adheres on the tip securely and rarely will you find the residue on the table. When it is there however, it is easy to note and do a thorough cleaning from time to time.

This chalk is dry and it holds on well without crumbling like most chalks do. With quality tips, you will rarely get a miscue after applying it. This product is priced fairly and it is affordable to anybody. You can never regret buying it as it gives you value for your money.


  • Great value for money.
  • Compact and sticks on the tip.


  • Comes in two colors only limiting the choice for many.



Top Quality Cheap Chalk

Magic Billiards Chalk Review

For players who like chalking once or twice per frame, this is your chalk. Magic chalk is made in Russia and it is designed to have magical adhesive properties.

Pundits say that with this chalk you can play three or four games without having to reapply it. Going by the many positive reviews we have no reason to doubt the magical effect of this chalk and the reputation it has built over the years.

Though a bit expensive, the magic cubes will last you a long time meaning that you get real value for your money.  For starters you can grab a two pack and try it out. You do not want to be stuck with a heap of chalk in case you don’t like it.

With magic chalk you get good English and you will rarely have miscues.  This chalk will get on your hands and on the cue, however, you cannot consider it to be a messy chalk.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Pros 

  • Lasts for a long time
  • Very good English with no miscues
  • Value for money


  • Come in blue color only.


New Top Quality Chalk


While as to many this is a new chalk brand, professionals seem to like and adapt it very fast. The main reason being that with it you have zero kicks in your game. This coupled with the fact that it leaves no marks on the cue ball and the table makes it a tidier chalk.

If you have sweaty hands during the game, this is definitely the chalk you should get. You will be amazed at how clean you will be at the end of the game. It will take time to get used to using it as it is gritty and not in the common cube shape.

Overall this is a great chalk and you get value for every cent you spend on it. Unless you are playing in tournament that have conditions and restrictions get it and enjoy the excellent results.


  • Gritty chalk with zero kicks
  • Very tidy on the hands, cloth and balls
  • Zero miss-cues


  • Requires a good budget to buy – It is however worth the cost




Learn how to chalk a cue tip

First things first, you should know the anatomy of your cue stick and know its qualities before making any move. There are different levels in cue tip hardness and you will find some soft and others hard. Harder tips last longer while softer tips hold more chalk and the chalk lasts on the tip longer hence they may not require regular chalking.

Knowing the best way to apply the chalk will determine how often you will need to re-tip. A good way to chalk the tip is to apply it lightly and evenly just like you would do to lip stick but ensure that all areas are covered. A wrong way of chalking is grinding the chalk on the tip. It wears down the tip hence shortening its lifespan.

Chalking in the right way will give you awesome results not to mention that you will use your tip and chalk for a longer period. Doing it the wrong way means that you will buy sooner not to mention that you will end up in a messy situation. Chalk will be all over your clothes and the game room will be dusty from time to time.

The only disadvantage of regular chalking even when done in the right way is that you will have excessive chalk on the balls and on the table. A good remedy for this is to tap the jump cue stick once or twice after chalking to shake off the loose chalk on the tip.

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Pool Chalk Buyers Guide

We took our time to put up a guide that will help you know what to consider before buying that packet of chalk. This is very useful for first time buyers and veterans too.

How Do They Make The Billiard Chalk?

Far from what many of us think, the cue tip chalk we use in not actually chalk. It is a combination of Silica that has been crushed to be very fine and aluminum oxide. To give the chalk color, a specific colored dye is added in the mixture. Different manufacturers use water in the mixture too to keep the chalk moist. The combination is then pushed by a machine through circular and square holes to produce very long strips of chalk.

Each strip is pushed through a slicing machine that produces nice cubes of chalk that are transferred to the oven for drying. Soon after another machine cuts the circular gap that allows you to chalk the cue. After this process the chalk is ready for packaging and shipping for different players to use.

Storing Your Pool Chalk

To get the best from your chalk, you ought to store it carefully. Always ensure that the chalk is away from moist areas. Where possible store your chalk indoors as it avoids caking when chalking the cue. If you have a floor cue rack that holds your accessory or a drawer in your game room, then that’s a perfect place to store the chalk.

Identifying The Different Billiard Chalk Colors

Over the years, the pool table felt was made in green. However, the modern tables tend to use the blue felt while others are more dynamic and they use varying colors. To keep off the chalk marks on the table, the chalk color should always match the felt color. Blue is recommended in most tournaments as it allows the referee and players to see marks on the cue ball. The marks can be cleaned off easily.

You can easily get chalk in different colors ranging from blue, green, yellow, pink, orange and red among others.

We recommend you to buy a chalk color that is similar to your felt color. This will give you an easy time as it will not leave marks on the surface after the game. However, you are the last man who can make that decision on the color that you like and nothing can stop you as the chalk plays just as great as the other colors.

Should You Buy Expensive Pool Chalk?

As you may have realized, there are some expensive chalks in the market today. So, what is different with this chalk? What makes it a preference over the numerous cheap chalk options?

  1. It is longer Lasting – This means that once you apply is, you can play several shots. Simply put that your cube will last longer as the chalk adheres very well on the tip.
  2. Minimal Caking – With expensive chalk, you get very few cases of caking. This means that you will rarely get a miscue as you play the game.
  3. Tidier  – This is high quality chalk that ensures that you are very clean. Rarely will you get chalk dust on your hands and on the  cue as it sticks firmly on the tip. This however means that is harder to clean off.

Compared to your table, or your cue stick, chalk is pretty cheap stuff hence you have an opportunity to try different brands to get a feel of each. You can finally settle on the brand you like the most.


How To Clean Pool Chalk Off The Pool Balls/ Felt

Even when playing with the most expensive chalk, you will get marks on the balls especially the cue ball.

To keep the chalk off the table felt, you need a billiard. Sweep the dust towards the pockets. For better cleaning, you need a vacuum cleaner at least once after some time.

To get the chalk off the balls, you need a billiards ball cleaner and a microfiber cloth to  wipe each ball clean. We did an excellent review on a perfect table and ball cleaner known as qwkc

Fine vs  Coarse Pool Chalk.

In most cases the finer the chalk particles the more expensive it will be. It has been proven that finer particles stick on the tip better. However, they are very hard to clean off your hands and off the cue stick and the cue ball too.

Most traditional chalks are cheaper and they tend to have a coarser texture with larger chalk particles. This type of chalks easily falls off the tip. It however helps in giving the tip the extra friction when it hits the cue ball. This gives more spin on the shots owing to the extra grip. If by chance you get poorly made chalk, the large particles clump up and fall off the tip giving you miscues. This can be frustrating to any player.


After thoroughly reviewing the top chalks, we can confidently say that Kamui Chalk is the best chalk in the market at the moment. You get real value for your money with this chalk not to mention that you will enjoy your  game more.



TAOM 2.0 Chalk Review. By user;

I saw a post not long ago someone pushing the TAOM 2.0 chalk and I figured I’ve wasted more money in better places so picked up a piece out of curiosity.

1st impression,… it looks great. Round, unique font, nice color… Until I chalked my cue with it. It’s very “Gritty” like chalking with fine sand. It doesn’t adhere to the tip very will and clumps up when it does. I used it for about 3 hours today and never mis-cued, which I rarely do anyway. Chalk didn’t leave marks in the white or the cloth.

The more I used it the less I liked it. It leaves splotches on the tip and is very clumpy… makes you want to wipe it off the edge of the tip.

In my opinion it’s a complete waste of money. The Triangle Pro Chalk I normally use is much better. It’s finer and coats the tip with a nice thin layer of chalk that’s easy to apply. The TAOM seems to take a lot of work just to over the tip surface and when you do it’s caked up on the edges.