Best Jump Cue Reviews

Have you  ever  watched pros play and admire how they take their pool table trick shots? You can also do the same with the right dedicated jump cue and some practice. You got me right, you can get that trick shot even if your cue ball is launched between several balls.

Many people will ask you what a jump cue is and how different it is from the other cues. This is the best cue that is dedicated to jump shots in pool . You can learn to take your jump shots with your regular stick, however, for the best results during the game it is advisable to have a specialized jump stick. You will have a better success rate and more wins so you definitely need one in your arsenal.

We tried and tested a good number of jump cues and came up with these reviews that will give you an oversight of what you can expect from each before you buy it. Keep reading and tell us what you think as well after using the jump cues.  We recommend the McDermott NG01 Stinger Jump Pool Cue as the best jump cue stick.

10 Best Jump Cue Comparison Table

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Jump Cue Buying Guide

Many players have shifted and they no longer use the general purpose house cues  to break and jump. The moment the phenolic tip found its way on the break stick, everything in pool changed and rarely will you see any player using the hard leather tip to break.

Just all other good things that people like to buy, there are numerous jump break cues in the market today that are worth the money. Just about every company that produces cues also produces jump and break cues. We came up with some factors that will help you buy one that will feel great in your hands. Keep reading and gain some insights before making that important decision.

  • Look at the General Outlook Of the Cue

As much as this is the least of the points to consider, it is important to ensure that you are comfortable with the appearance of what you are buying. Experts will tell you that decorations will bot add anything to the playability of the cue, however, this is a lifetime investment and you do not want to live and play with something you do not like. You should however take note that the extra decorations come at a price.

  • Consider the Joint Structure

If you like playing fast-paced games, you need a joint with a quick release pin, however if you want a very reliable and durable cue, go for the radial joints. The least in reliability are the uni–lock quick release joints.

  • What is the shaft made of?

Just like any other cue, the jump cue shaft can be made from different materials. You have an opportunity to choose between wood which is highly recommended due to its high flexibility and graphite or fiberglass which are modern alternatives. With good maintenance, wood cues last the longest and they keep their quality shots, however, they can easily bend out of sharp and chip.

  • How Hard is the Tip?

You need a hard tip that will allow for high energy transfers from the stick to the cue ball. A hard tip also gives high levels of spin and greatly helps in the execution of the shot. A good jump cue tip will be made from phenolic resin or other harder materials. Though these materials do not hold chalk as leather tips do, they have the highest impact when it comes to jump shots and break shots.

  • Consider the Length and Weight 

The minimum length allowed for a tournament play jump cue is 40 inches, this has guided most manufacturers. An average jump cue is 40-41 inches and it is lighter and shorter than the regular sticks. They come with two joints with one above the wrap line to allow you detach the bottom part. This reduces the weight drastically to up to 50% which increases the swing speed and force which facilitates easier jump shot execution.

  • Other Functions

Most jump cues are used as break cues since they are light and easy to swing at a higher speed. For experienced players, the break cue is always different from the playing cue. The moment you buy a jump cue, you will have added a break cue in your arsenal and it will save you money.

  • Budget

The final stage of the buying process is looking at the budget you have. To most people this is usually the first stage which is not advisable as it limits your choice options. It is better to first consider all other features then think around the price at the end. Rarely will you get a jump cue that goes below $100 due to their superior quality and durability.

  • Other Accessories

Always try and figure out the accessories you need before you go spending. The most important thing that you will need for this investment is a good cue case to help you carry your cues around and protect the sticks. Other accessories can  follow as you can manage without them.


A quick walk through in a pool bar or a game room will reveal that the times have changed. The jump and break cues you  will get will give you a sneak peak of how technology can change things for the better. Today most jump stick manufactures have embraced technology and they advance it every other day. New materials like phenolic tip, carbon fiber and metal reinforcements have been embraced to produce amazing pieces of art. You will simply enjoy using them and they are incomparable with the traditional jump sticks.