Best Cue Rack Reviews

When you start playing any game of your choice, you ought to ensure that you are taking caution when handling and storing the gaming equipment. Most billiards players have in one instance stepped on a cue stick that was left lying on the floor. This is just a simple case that keeps repeating itself in most game rooms. This leads to great losses both physically and mentally. If you are like me you will find it hard to play with another cue stick when your favorite one breaks.

The good thing is that such incidents can be avoided with an elaborate plan to store the gaming equipment. This article will outline several cue stick holders to help you not only protect your cue sticks  when you remove them from the cue case, and keep your gaming room organized.

Pool Cue Rack Reviews

Best Corner-Style Rack

Corner-Style Pool Cue and Ball Stand Review

Do you want to give your game room a new look? This corner rack from Fairview game rooms will do just that. It comes in five different colors that include honey, mahogany, oak, chest nut, and black all made to match with different interior decors. You can choose a color that compliments your table and contrasts with your cue sticks.

This rack has enough room for up to 10 ten cues, a table brush, a set of balls and two racks. Corner Styled pool cue and ball standIt simply holds almost everything you need for the game. With this rack you have zero worries of broken cues or wrapped ones.



  • Comes in different colors to match different tastes
  • The design is sleek and classic giving your room an awesome look
  • Opens up the games room as it fits snugly in a corner.
  • Made from solid hardwood with a fin finish
  • Very easy to assemble
  • The cues must be removed from the top hence you need enough head room else you will have problems getting the cues


Best Rack With Drawer

Billiard Cue and Ball Stand with Accessory Drawer Review

Just like many game lovers, I like enjoying my drink as I enjoy the game. This comes with its challenges considering that you do not want to soil the felt with the drink. I had numerous challenges with this until my wife gifted me with this amazing stand that comes with drink coasters. Since then I enjoy my game till late without worrying of any spills, surprisingly all my friends who visit like it and buy one for themselves.

Billiard cue and ball stand

This cue rack stand holds up to eight break cues and it has an accompanying accessories drawer. I store two sets of balls in my drawer, chalk, cue tip glue and a towel. The racks do not fit in the drawer but there are nice hooks just under the drawer that holds the racks perfectly.

  • Perfect design with elegant carved ball and claw legs.
  • Comes with drink coasters to hold your drink
  • There are very limited color options to choose from.




Best Traditional Rack

Traditional, Floor-Style Pool Cue Holder Review

We all love tradition and that’s why Fairview game rooms thought of this cue floor styled Pool cue rest. It is made to capture your attention and give the room some ambience at the same time. Traditional, Floor-Style Pool Cue HolderThe rack comes with one drink coaster that will hold your drink as you play that shot. You can easily retrieve and return a cue in the rack due to its convenient height.

With this holder you are good to go  as it holds up to ten cues, 2 ball racks, a set of balls and your drink!

  • It comes in a classic design that uplifts the game room
  • Very easy to assemble as it comes with all tools
  • It does not have a place for small accessories like chalk and a tip shaper



Best Floor Rack

Hathaway Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack Review

If you have been looking for a classic hardwood rack, then this is your perfect pick. Hathaway Classic floor cue rackIt gives your room a new feel with just its presence.

This rack not only gives comfort to your billiard accessories, it as well gives you the luxury of taking your drinks leisury as you enjoy  the game.


This rack holds 10 cues and a set of balls. It has a hook to hang the ball rack and four drink holders. You have two finishes to choose from either antique walnut or the amazing rich mahogany.


  • Made from solid hardwood that is very durable.
  • Comes with nice wooded notches that cover the screw holes perfectly
  • Very easy to set up
  • Limited in color options
  • Drink holders small for standard glass



Best Corner Rack

Brunswick Corner Cue Rack Review

Brunswick has been surprising the billiards world over the years with the quality of products they produce. This is no exception and as expected it meets every players needs for a rack. You have a space for eight cues, two ball racks and a set of balls.

This rack is perfect for any game room. It fits perfectly in small rooms. If your room’s height is short, then you need this rack as you can easily remove the cues without having to pull them all the way to the top.

  • Fits in a corner saving up on space
  • Very easy to remove the cues even in small rooms
  • Very elegant and complements any game room with an executive look
  • You get a manufacturers warrant and guarantee of a high quality product.
  • Requires a handsome budget



Best Wall Rack

6 Pool Cue – Billiard Stick Wall Rack  Review

This is a wooden rack that holds 6 cue sticks and up to 15 pool balls. This makes it a perfect fit for either pool or snooker players. After shipping, you will do some basic assembly with the mounting hardware provided in the package. It is an easy to do activity that requires zero expertise. To make it stable you will need to mount it on the wall. The design shape and the oak, mahogany and black finishes are perfect to match with your pool table of choice.


 The downside  with this rack is that it is designed to hang on the wall which makes it unstable. You will need to get a bracket at the bottom to hold it firmly on the wall. Otherwise you will keep collecting the balls all over the room every time someone shakes the rack.






7  things to consider before buying a pool cue floor rack

A Pool table is a great investment that gives you a chance to enjoy the game. It can last for decades but only if it is maintained well.  As a pool table player or if you own one you can opt to keep all the accessories on the table or besides but that will make the table to look so messy and untidy. To ensure that the table is tidy always, you need to purchase a good pool cue floor rack.

A pool cue floor rack allows you to keep all the accessories in one place, and it also minimizes the risk of any damage. It will keep balls, cues, chalk, brush and ball racks in a better and safer place and also it will keep your game room more organized. Prevention is better than cure, this is one way of protecting your pool table.

However, there are varieties of pool cue rack and it can be pretty confusing choosing one that suits you. Not all cue floor racks that you see are best for keeping your accessories.  Buying a break cue rack needs some research before coming to your final decision. Below are some of the things to ponder on before the purchase.

  1. Budget

When purchasing anything it’s good to set your budget. With a good you can get the most expensive cue floor rack, they have something special that’s why they are highly priced but then again if your budget is a bit low you don’t need to rob a bank to acquire it, there are good quality cue racks at a medium budget. Buy what fit’s your pocket!

  1. Size

This is one of the factor you need to check, choose a cue floor rack according to the size of your room. You do not want to choose a large cue floor rack if your room is small, or a small pool cue floor rack and the room is big, it won’t look good, if the room is bigger then a bigger pool cue floor rack would look great on it. Since you know the amount of space that you have, go for the size that will fit your game room perfectly. Size is an essential factor while picking out a pool cue floor rack as it also affects the playing area. Make all considerations before making that final decision.

  1. Storage

While shopping for a pool cue floor rack, you need to check which product has enough space for you keep all your accessories. If you have a number of accessories and end up with  a smaller pool cue rack, it means that some of the accessories will be kept either on the floor or besides the table, leaving the pool table to look disorganized, am pretty sure you don’t want that for your game room. Some pool cue floor racks are made with drawers inside, this can be very helpful and you can have enough space to keep your accessories.

  1. Quality

This is a vital factor to consider when purchasing a cue rack, quality depends with the materials used to make the rack, wood is mostly used, racks that are made of wood are the best as they are more durable. A hand selected wood floor rack with good quality and finishing is the best for you. You also want to choose something that is worth and will last for decades to come. However there are other materials that are equally good and less costly, you can opt for them if your budget is limited.

  1. Design

They are some very awesome styles, others come with drawers, others come with drink holders, this can be attractive to the players and enjoyable too to know that there is somewhere they can put their drinks without anyone breaking the glasses or pouring the drink.  Now that is what style and design is all about, I bet most people want that kind of comfort. Everyone has his/her own taste you may not like what the other person likes, so it’s best to choose according to your taste and also the taste of your players.

  1. Weight/Flexibility

There you have your favorite pool cue floor rack but have you checked on the weight and the right balance and whether it’s movable. You don’t want to pick a product that is too heavy for you carry, the cue rack should be light weighted to move from one place to the other whenever it is necessary without you using much energy. However, you can opt for one that will be permanent or inbuilt on the wall that will require little or no movement. This will be determined by the size of your game room and your financial muscle.

  1. Ashtray

Not all players smoke but it is advisable to have an ashtray in the game room. Well, some cue racks are built with an ashtray. This is pretty good news for your pool table, cigarette ash can burn the pool table cloth, if you want it less messy and even avoid some damages, it is wise to have a cue floor rack that has an ashtray. Your game room will look more organized. If you are running a pool table business, this can be one way of attracting more customers (players), people love comfort and class, they will be at your place every now and then because they know your game room presents nothing less but a level of comfort, and you know what that means, more customers more money.

Common Questions about Cue Racks

Why Buy Cue Racks?

There are more than enough reasons why you ought to buy or build your own pool cue rack. The rack complements the cue sticks that you invested highly on making them look classier. The sticks last longer as they are kept in a clean and orderly environment.

A good rack will act as a room organizer. Most racks come with extra spaces to handle balls, chalk, brushes and any other thing you see in a game room. You can get one that comes with a drawer to provide even more space. One great tip to use is ensure you get one that fits in your room perfectly. Don’t buy a tiny one neither should you buy one that limits your playing space.

If your game room looks plain and empty, then you have more reasons to invest in a rack. Get one that complements the décor in your game room. You can get customized colors from the supplier. Actually you can get your institutions logo engraved as well if you are buying it for your club or bar. This will make an immediate impact on the people playing in the room as they will get to see the image every other time.

If you are limited on space and you do not want to eat up on the playing space, you can buy the pool stick holder clips. This clips are mounted on the wall and they work perfectly. Since all you need is a place to store your billiard cues when they are not in use, the clips provide cheap and workable solutions. You have no reason to leave your sticks lying everywhere in the billiards room.

What are cue racks made of?

Most racks in the market are wooden. The difference in quality and price sets in when you decide the type of wood you want your rack made of. The best racks are made of oak or mahogany. Other excellent woods include red pine, and cypress. The finishing can be mahogany, black classic finishing or oak.

You are not limited to wooden racks though, there are some stores stocking metal racks and plastic racks. There are vintage pool cue racks too to think of. They are generally made of old used materials and they normally make spectacular views with vivid memories.

Cue Tip Glue


Playing pool table can be fun but it is more fun when you know how to maintain it and keep everything in its place, which is why it is advisable to have a pool cue floor rack. Purchasing a pool cue floor rack is essential to your game room, it will keep all the accessories in one place and the room will be more organized. After all that it cost you, you ought to maintain it in one way or another. However you might be a newbie on this, it can be pretty confusing picking the right cue rack. With the factors listed above you will pick out the best pool cue floor rack out there.