Best Break Cue Reviews

While as a break cue is optional to many, it is a necessity to all serious pool players. By having a separate cue for breaking, you increase the lifespan of your shooting cue not to mention that it will reduce the chances of your cue having a mushroom tip. In most game rooms players use one cue to break and individual shooting cue sticks. This however does not mean that you do not need one for yourself. You can only improve your game by doing regular practice and this means having all it takes for a complete game.

To be successful in any pool game, you ought to start strong. You need to prepare for the break and maximize on it every time you start the game and give no chance to your rival. You can only achieve this by investing in a good break cue that will guarantee you an excellent first shot. The stick ought to have a low deflection shaft, a hard top and a balanced weight to swiftly transmit the power and speed of your shot to the triangle. To be a top breaker however, you will need several hours of practice every day and one of the cues we will review.


Best Break Cue Reveiws

Best Worldwide

Predator BK3 Review

Many professional player all over the world have rated this cue as the best you can get in the market. It is an improvement from the BK2 version which gives it a better design and performance. You will get a 4 piece butt construction in the set and it is easy to set up. After joining it, you will appreciate the good workmanship which will definitely show up when you start playing. The BK Phenolic tip simply completes the set.

best break cue

The shaft is constructed and reinforced with carbon fiber where the weight is distributed evenly to give a break balanced shaft. This allows for a seamless energy transfer and it gives it a unique feel and great levels of accuracy. The complete cue weighs 18.0 ounces which is adequate for great speed and accuracy.


Cheap Break Cue

Elite Break Cue Heavy Review

Elite has every reason to make you smile as they ensure that your first shot counts. This cue has been made from AAA grade Canadian maple and it comes with a shorter taper which includes a wooden billiards pin. The forearm is black stained with a stainless steel color that gives it an elegant sophistication.

This heavy hitter comes with a 13.5 mm phenolic tip that is hard enough for a break. You just need to chalk it to minimize the miscues. It is named heavy simply because it weighs 27 ounces. The finishing is made from black Irish linen wrap that has some white specks giving it a unique feel and look. If you love heavy cues then this is for you.

cheap break cue


Best Cuetec Cue

Cuetec CT296 Bullet Break Review

Many American pool players love this break cue due to its very soft touch that allows for faster and more powerful strokes.

With this cue you get the best possible break and you get an edge over your opponent. Surprisingly it is much cheaper than most high rated sticks. The performance however matches them.

This cue has a veltex grip that keeps your hands dry by pulling the moisture away giving you the best feel and control.  With this cue you get a true strikes every time you break the balls. It has a stainless steel joint that gives an added strength and seamless energy transfer.


Best Professional Break Cue


Longoni is in a league of its own when it comes to billiard products and this cue stick is a true representation of this. professional break cueThis is the ultimate choice for Neils Feijin the Dutch terminator who has vowed to continue using it many years to come.

With this cue you get both a break and jump cue hence you can use it to make jumps. It comes with one  butt and 2 shafts. One shaft is a S2- BKR and it comes with a hard Kamui tip. The other shaft is a pro jump shaft made of maple and a phenolic tip.

Overall this Longoni cue is of professional quality and it offers three positions of play depending on the shot: a break, jump shot or an extended shot. You get a joint Longoni VP2 and a synthetic grip.


Best Budget Cue

Players Pure X Billiard Pool Cue Stick – HXTP2 – Jump/Break Review

Players promises you that your opponent will not know what hit them when you use this cue. This new cue gives you an overall control of the game. It comes with 3 interchangeable quick release joints giving you an opportunity to select your best shot.budget cue stick

For short vertical shots, the forward air flight portion does the magic with its ergonomic flared handle to give you excellent grips. For longer shots, just add the jump extender and you will be good to go. To get more torque and leverage put the air flight together with the power driver and for explosive breaks have it in the full length. You will simply make all the impossible shots look very easy.

You get six possible combinations with the four block of four pieces. You simply get real value for money with this option not to mention the lifetime warranty that it comes with. If you are on a budget and want something worth your while then buy this break cue.


Best Under $100

Rage Heavy Hitter Break Cue – Review

Rage came up with an 100% maple stealth jump cue which doubles up as a break cue. It comes with a stealth matte finish that is very classy. The sleek wrap-less handle is fitted with a 14mm phenolic tip.

This cue is a heavy hitter as it weighs 25 oz making suitable for players who love that little heft behind their shots. With this stick you get a great upgraded traditional style at an exceptional price.

Many players who used this stick recommend it for breaking. They say the weight helps you get a more solid feel which helps you to relax and focus before breaking giving awesome results.


Break Pool Cues in 2019 Comparison Table

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Break Cue Buying Guide

There are numerous pool cues in the market today and it is really hard to tell what makes each of them different. The following are the key attributes to look out for, and a few tests you can do to identify the best cue to help you get the best timing and the right power for the most critical shot.

Weight: Heavy or Light

To get a solid break shot, it is important to consider Isaac Newton’s second law of motion.  It translates that if you want to increase the force of the break shot, you can either increase the mass/ weight of your cue or increase its acceleration.

There are guys who love a heavier cue because it picks up a lot of momentum giving a thunderous break. Heavy cue give you a chance to use the normal firm stroke as you concentrate on the accuracy. It is a perfect fit for players who cannot get a fast and accurate stroke at the same time.

If you are accurate on your shots and you love speed, then go for a light cue. There are professional players who love light cue while others love heavier ones. You can only test and know which weight works best for you as everyone is different.

Best Cue Tip: Leather vs Phenolic

With recent developments in the game, phenolic tips have become very popular and they are replacing the hard leather tips. Many players love the phenolic resin tips because the transfer maximum power from the cue to the ball. The only disadvantage with the phenolic tip is that it cannot be scuffed and you ought to apply chalk thoroughly before every shot to reduce the chances of miscues.

Hard leather tips have been around for a longer time and they come with their advantages. Since leather is scuffable it takes chalk very well and you do not have to keep chalking. The tips also play a huge role in control and accuracy.

Since every player is different, it is good to experience both tips before making that final decision on the one to buy.


When I comes to breaking, there is more than just power and speed. Accuracy plays a vital role in every shot. A well-aimed shot will yield more and it can be the difference between winning and losing the game. Since the break shot is the only guaranteed shot, it is important to take time and think through the shot. The best results will be realized by using the right break cue that has been designed and engineered to do break shots.


There are numerous designs, brands, shapes, sizes and weights when it comes to break cues. We recommend the Predator BK3 as the best break cue in the market today. It has the latest technology and kicks in the power when you need it for a break. You can test it and let us know of your experience.

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