Best Billiard Gloves Reviews

When you start enjoying the game of pool or snooker you will have numerous experiences with the table, the cue sticks and the balls. You will however have a cordial relationship with the cue stick as it will always be in your hands. If you have sweaty hands or playing in a humid room, the cue stick will be slippery and this will affect your shooting and end up ruining your game. To be on the safe side you need to invest in the best billiard gloves and carry them to the game   room always. These gloves improve the overall handling of the pool stick giving it more balance and power.

The most common design of pool gloves cover the thumb and the first two fingers which is unlike the traditional glove. In some cases the gloves have open fingertips while others are closed. The three finger concept was adapted as most players said they were more comfortable and it gave them a secure grip on the jump cue stick. The open fingertips as well provide an excellent tactile grip on the table for players who opt for the open bridge as opposed to the closed bride. The ultimate choice is however left to the individual player to pick the glove of their taste and preference.

After three months of research and study we came up with a list of top pool gloves in the market basing on different players experiences and online ratings and reviews. This list has different glove designs and styles which have variant prices. You will find some that are custom made for women and those for men.We strongly recommend the Molinari glove as the best among the many that we tested.

Enjoy the Reviews;

Top 10 Best Billiard Gloves For Pool And Snooker

Longoni gloves

Longoni Black Fire 2.0 Billiard Pool CUE Glove (Left/Right)

Longoni Billiard Glove

Longoni has been in the industry since 1945 and they have mastered the art of making gloves over the years. They have been trusted world over for their top quality gloves and they have been endorsed by top players as the best pool glove manufacturer. The gloves are 100%  lycra making them very stretchable and breathable to give comfort and flexibility. It comes with a vecro closure that allows you to adjust it from time to time for a perfect and comfortable fit.

If you love unique items that are blended with creativity, then this is your choice. You will get designs ranging from the normal two colors to fancy skull and fancy Leonardo designs. You simply cannot miss one design that rocks your world during the games.

The beauty with Longoni is that they make both left hand gloves and right hand gloves for men and women ensuring that every person is catered for. You will get a warranty after buying the glove which a vote towards the quality of slides that they make. In short you can never go wrong with this gloves that are made in Italy.


  • Custom made gloves for either had players
  • Trusted brand and quality
  • One year warranty
  • Numerous designs to choose from


  • You pay a higher price for the higher quality
The Best The Money

Predator Pool Glove

Predator has made a name in the billiards gear marketplace as the leading manufacturer of high quality products. The full fingered glove they make is among the most popular today due to its user friendliness.

This glove is made using the Sleek Lycra design that allows for maximum shaft movement through the bridge. The material used is of the highest quality and it absorbs all the sweet keep your hands dry and perfectly molds on the hand to fit perfectly during the game. The adjustable Velcro holds it securely around the wrist at all times.

The gloves are available in different sizes ranging from small/medium to Large/Extra Large. You can choose either the right hand or left hand depending on your preference and type of play. They come in two colors black and yellow gold.


  • Absorbs all sweat and room moisture keeping the cue stick dry.
  • Available in different sizes
  • Fits perfectly with the adjustable wrist band


  • The small size does not fit kids
  • Wears out easily when wrong size is used


Poison Gloves

Poison Billiard Glove

If you love the quality of predator gloves but don’t like the yellow gold and black color, then the Poison billiard glove is what you have been missing. It comes in red and black colors giving you a wide range of choice in terms of color but made of the same level of quality. The design leaves the fingertips open giving you a better grip on the table.

The moment you start playing with the poison logo pool glove, you will never buy any other type of glove neither will you play again without it. This glove comes with a large fit so you do not have to worry if you have large hands and tall fingers. Players who shoot with their right hand and use their left as the bridge were the main consideration when making the glove, you can also fit it on your right hand though it does not fit perfectly. To avoid crimping and bunching the wrist is made of elastic and it serves that purpose perfectly.



  • Available and fits extra-large hands perfectly
  • Comes with orange accent combined with black color design making it very unique.
  • Has a padding at the bridge to give extra stability
  • Available on Amazon Prime


  • Made for the left hand only



Lycra Billiard Glove

This is a high quality glove made to fit both the right and left hand. If you need a women glove that fits perfectly, then this should be your choice as it has been made to fit both men and women perfectly. The designer uses high quality breathable and strechy lycra material that allows for maximum dry shaft movement.  This glove fits nicely allowing the cue stick to glide smoothly on the fingers giving you maximum control.

The design leaves the middle finger tip exposed with the index finger and the thumb enclosed giving it some uniqueness. The glove comes in a variety of colors that include Black gray, black blue, black red pink, black sky blue, silica-gel blue and silica-gel black. This gives you a wide array to choose from depending on the color of your table or cue stick. The different colors can be identified on the adjustable Velcro wrist.  You can choose from the medium or large sizes depending on the size of your hands.


  • Glove fits on both hands
  • Made for both men and women
  • Best price for top notch quality making it feature as the best billiard glove for the money.
  • Unique design with a wide variety of colors to choose from


  • Large size does not fit extra-large hands well. Glove rips off



Unglove Fingerwrap Billiards Glove

The unglove finger wrap glove from Unglove does the trick when it comes finding that constant smooth stroke throughout the game. It produces minimal friction on the cue stick giving it a perfect slide.

This is a perfect glove for players who are struggling with finding a perfect stroke as it provides the smoothness that is required for a perfect stroke.


This glove has been made using the open palm design making it perfect for people with very sweaty hands. The material absorbs all the sweet and it remains dry and smooth. This makes it a perfect glove for regular players. It comes in color Beige that camouflages with most skin tones and at times you cannot think of it as a glove.


  • Made of light material that perfectly fits the fingers
  • Feels very natural on the fingers
  • Available in multiple colors which you can choose from
  • Easily hand washed and left to air dry


  • Does not fit extra large hands
Cuesol Gloves

Cuesol Billiard Gloves


There is a reason you will find cuesol gloves in most clubs and community game rooms. The reason is because they are cheap and of great quality! You get a packet of ten gloves at the price of one. This is by far the most economical pool glove.

The gloves are made of a flexible and breathable fabric giving it a comfortable and smooth surface to allow you enjoy your game. It is made for both men and women and designed to fit both the right and left hand.  The wrist is made of an elastic stretch that gives it a good fit and also gives it an easy in and out entrance without the bulge or hassle of the Velcro strap.

The design provides for three closed fingers, however if you like your fingers exposed, you can rip it off with a scissors without having to worry about the material unraveling.  You have ten in the box hence you do not have to worry when one wears out, you just pick another and continue with the game. It comes in four colors red, black, green and blue.


  • Cheap pool gloves made of high quality material
  • Comes in a pack of ten
  • Can be worn on both hands by both men and women
  • Best billiard gloves for kids


  • Comes in one size that fits all which is not comfortable with people on both extremes


Kamui Gloves

Kamui Billiard Glove

Kamui is known for high quality products and this one is not any different. The glove is best suited for right hand people to be worn on the left hand. It has been made with the current game technology and improvements in mind to give maximum performance.


The slides are made of stretchable and quick drying material to give you a comfortable feel even in long games. It has been enriched with anti-slip pads to give extra support to the bridge giving you more confidence during the game.


The open fingertips gives the player a better feel of the table during the game. The Velcro latch closure makes it a perfect fit with swift on and off during the game breaks. It is available in different colors and sizes to fit different players.


  • Made of high quality fabric
  • Available in different sizes


  • Expensive for players on a budget


Scorpion Gloves

Scorpion Billiard Glove

Are you a no nonsense player? Then is glove is made for you. The moment you wear it your opponent knows that you mean business. It is made to provide the best solutions to sweaty and sticky hands or playing in hot environments that are highly humid.



This is a left hand glove that is made to fit all hand sizes. It can be worn by both men and women and it works perfectly with the scorpion pool cue  to give that scorpion look.



  • Fits perfectly on medium hands
  • Made of washable fabric


  • Comes in just one size to fit all


Best For The Champions

Champion Sport Pool Glove

This is an awesome pool glove that was made with the player in mind. It provides the comfort and luxury that any top player would like to have during a stressing game.

The high performance gloves allows the stick to slide easily with minimal friction.

This glove is made of a highly flexible thicker nylon material that is breathable and highly durable. You will no longer have to worry about the chalk dust or sweaty hands with this glove.

We recommend it for regular players as it has been proven to last longer than other gloves in the market.


  • High performance gloves
  • Made of strong durable nylon fabric
  • You get one free when you buy three


  • Made only for the left hand



Best Overall Glove

Molinari Glove

This is a top choice glove made by predator. The main feature is that the glove is fingerless and amazingly it fits all sizes. You do not have to worry of the color as this glove comes in nine different colors to choose from.

This glove was designed for both left hand and right hand players. You will however need to choose before buying to ensure that you get your perfect fit. If you have had problems taking your shot in the past, then that should not worry you as this glove comes with a tacky pad that gives an excellent grip on the cloth.


  • Made of top quality material leading to a long life
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Very luxurious and comfortable when playing with a tight table grip
  • Comes with both left and right hand options


  • The one size fits  all does not fit well for hands that are extremely small or large



There are numerous designs   of billiard gloves that you will find in the market today. Irrespective of the different designs and looks, they all serve the same purpose which is to improve the game wholesomely.  We strongly recommend you to buy the Molinari Glove as it has impressed our team in all parameters. However, user preference and taste is what determines which glove they will buy among the many. An expert advice is to buy gloves that match with the felt of your custom pool table  and have a good grip on your pool cue.  It is advisable to do some research however like you did before making that important decision.