Best Darts for Beginners

One of the most common mistakes that many people do when they start playing darts is going for the cheapest pack they can find in the nearest store. Many beginners can hardly tell any differences in the darts hence they any that comes their way. This is a wrong approach and you should not fall in the same trap.
The darts you pick determines how fast your skills will develop as a beginner. You will enjoy the game from the start and have an easy time learning the ropes. With nice darts, you will find yourself creating more time to learn.
Cheap darts will give you a hell of time trying to learn. You will try throwing them at the board and they will bounce off. Some will even break when you try to pull them out. If you do not want to have such an experience, you need to get things right.
This guide has everything you ought to know before buying your darts; you get to know,

  • The types of darts
  • The parts of a dart
  • How to choose the right one
  • Best darts for beginners that we recommend

The types of darts

There are two broad categories of darts, soft tips and the steel tips. The many brands you will see in the market will simply get down to these 2 categories. The main identifying factor is the type of tip used in the construction. We shall look at each category to help you understand it better.

Steel tip darts

These are darts that are designed to play on the bristle dartboards. They have a sharpened steel tip that helps it penetrate the board with ease. The tip can be replaced once it wears out, some people also sharpen the tip. This makes it an affordable as you do not have to replace the entire dart.

Soft tip darts

These darts are made for use on electronic boards. They weigh between 14 and 16 grams. The design used to make them gives them the light weight. They are made from high quality plastic that makes the tip very durable.